the verb tener group 3. conjugation the verb tener

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  • The verb TENER Group 3

  • ConjugationThe verb TENER

  • Tengo

  • Yo

  • I have

  • Tienes

  • T

  • You have

  • Tiene

  • Ud.

  • l

  • Ella

  • He

    She have

    You all

  • Tenemos

  • Nosotros

  • Nosotras

  • We have

  • Tenis

  • Vosotros

  • Vosotras

  • You have(Spain)

  • Tienen

  • Uds.

  • Ellos

  • Ellas

  • They have

  • Examples:

  • Tener with age:Mi hermano tiene diecisis aos.My brother is sixteen years old.

  • Tener with hungry and thirsty:Tengo hambre y sed.I am hungry and thirsty.

  • Tener with afraid: Mi primo tiene miedo de la oscuridad.My cousin is afraid of the dark.

  • Tener with cold:Mi madre tiene fro.My mother is cold.

  • Tener with hot:Mi ta tiene calor.My aunt is hot

  • Tener que, to have to:Tengo que jugar al golf.I have to play golf.

  • The verb tener is used to show relationship or possessionTengo un hermano mayor.

    I have an older brother.Tenemos un regalo para Tere.

    We have a gift for Tere.

  • Some expressions in Spanish use tener where English use to be.Mi primo tiene diecisis aos.

    My cousin is sixteen years old.Tengo hambre y sed.

    I am hungry and thirsty.