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  • The benefits that cloud computing bestows upon businesses are numerous.

  • The Benefits Include:

    Enterprise-Wide CollaborationsHigher Employee Productivity Shorter development cycles Lower Costs Better Analytics.

  • Businesses are adopting cloud computing due to advancements in cloud technology and infrastructure.

  • But there are lot of risks involved in maintaining an efficient cloud infrastructure.

  • Implementing cloud services for the first time can be quite cumbersome and may involve a lot of mistakes.

  • Here are 6 Common Cloud Planning Mistakes:1. Implementation Without Objectives

  • Mismatch between service provider capabilities and business requirement can lead to a lot of hassles.

  • The implementation plan must include execution methodology that must be in line with your business goals.

  • 2. Poor Requirement Analysis

  • The type of services that can be delivered will be largely dependent upon the available bandwidth.

  • Cloud implementation will be hampered if there is high latency and the application performance is sluggish.

  • 3. Hiring the Wrong Team

  • A team with the requisite experience and skill set to implement cloud services must be hired.

  • Team members must get along well and most importantly complement each others work.

  • 4. False Assumption of Data Security

  • Cloud hacking and internet piracy has ensured that no business enterprise takes security lightly.

  • Even if cloud vendor is PCI DSS compliant, it does not guarantee PCI compliance for you.

  • Cloud security must be ensured by using a 256-bit encryption that is further safeguarded by proper key management.

  • 5. Underestimating the Complexity ofCloud Implementation

  • For successful cloud implementation, a realistic expectation is integral irrespective of your team or cloud vendor.

  • Technology plays an important role and the old should be reconfigured with the new where necessary.

  • 6. Poor Communication System

  • Poor enterprise-wide communication is another error that is encountered when planning cloud implementation for the first time.

  • The communication must clearly put forward business goals, user expectation, expected outcomes, Return on Investment (ROI) and implementation methodology.

  • Each potential problem must be anticipated and planning must be carried out around such issues which will be beneficial in the future.

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