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By avoiding these classic negotiation mistakes you will be able to strike the best deal possible in both complex and simple situations.


  • 1. Negotiation Mistakes

2. 1912 U.S. Presidential election 3 million Roosevelt photograph have been printed and the permission has not been granted. No time to reprint brochure and it is critical for the campaign Copyright law: owner can demand $1 per copy 3. Campaign manager sends telegram to the copyright owner: 4. fmill ion copies oprint three"Planning to ent togr aphs. Excell ech with phocampaign spe.or p hotographerspublicity o pportunity f uro p ay to use yo y ou willing t How much are photographs? 5. Photographers responds: 6. bu t can onlyopportunity, Appreciate afford t o pay $250 7. negotiation[ noun ]A process we used to satisfy our needs whensomeone else controls what we want 8. Strategy & methods are key to successful negotiation 9. Intelligent solve problems; genius prevent 10. How can I avoid making classic mistakes? What self-knowledge do I need? What do I need to know about my client and the situation? How do I prepare foran I avoid making How csuccess? do sI sneedmismakeeat?the table? What movescla ic to tak s 11. i stakes4 classic m1 Not being clear about the type of negotiation2 Failing to set parameters prior to the negotiation3 Failing to identify interests4 Adopting a narrow and inexible range of value or options 12. Not being clear about the type of negotiation 13. Know the Type of NegotiationBalanced ConcernsRelationship BasedResults Based 14. The items being negotiated are the main concern;the relationship is of little or no concern Results Based 15. The relationship is the main concern; the itemsbeing negotiated are important but secondaryRelationship Based 16. The results and the relationship are roughly equal concerns Balanced Concerns 17. Failing to set parameters prior to the negotiation 18. Set Negotiation Parameter1 Desired Outcome2 Walk-Away3 BATNA: Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement 19. c omesd OutDesire The "best case" for how the negotiation will turn out for you or your business 20. Walk AwayYour walk-away is the least favorable deal you will accept YourDesired Walk-Away Outcome Range of Acceptable Agreement5,00,000 7,00,000 21. B ATNA1 Your BATNA is your best course of action in the event you cantreach an agreement2 A weak BATNA3 A strong BATNA 22. Failing to identify interests 23. Identify InterestsPositions:The concrete things you and the client each say you want (dollarsand cents; terms and conditionsInterests:The motivations that lead you and the client to take specicpositions in a negotiation 24. Adopting a narrow/ inexible range of options 25. Think Broadly About ValueFixed Options Expand Options 26. Common sources of ValueTermsLogisticsTimeResource 27. Avoid mistakes forsuccessful negotiation 28. get +91- 44- 4356 0077GreenBooks Learning Solutions, 2013. All rights reserved.