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To create a proiftable Asia Pacific campaign, you must avoid 3 very basic mistakes that can cost you MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in failed deals, partnerships and prospective lucrative opportunities. You MUST learn how to avoid them .


  • 1. S 3 Costly Mistakes To Avoid To Create a Profitable Asia Campaign AS FEATURED IN THE WALL STREET JOURNAL With David Clive Price

2. Which One Are You? S I already have business in Asia and want expert tips S All I see are people talking about launching business in Asia, whats this all about and can it work for me? S I already know I want to start business in Asia - so lets get started! 3. What Youll Learn Today 1. Why Business in Asia is Thought So Difficult 2. Three Costly Mistakes to Avoid in 2014 & Beyond! 3. How to Turn Potential Mistakes Into a Profitable Asia Campaign 4. How to Get Started 5. How to Get my Personal Help for Free! 4. For Those Who Dont Know Me S Coach-Consultant, Author, Speaker on Asia Business S 25 Years in Asia and UK advising Asian and Western companies S Writer on Asian cultures, speechwriter to East-West companies like HSBC & Standard Chartered S Passionate about introducing businesses to Asia 5. The Master Key to Asia S To support your business plans in Asia, Ive written The Master Key to Asia S Of course I recommend it! S You can buy it on Amazon as Paperback or Kindle or at www.davidcliveprice.com/master-key-asia S More support is on its way - The Master Key to China! 6. Please Share on Social Media S You are welcome to Tweet questions and Ill show you how to get answers in my special BONUS S Twitter handle: @DavidClivePrice #asiabusinesslive S Like & Share on Facebook: www.facebook.com/davidcliveprice S Lets get started 7. Left out or confused? S Go deeper into one market but feel youre scratching away? S Have a partner but its not working as it should be? S Deals gone nowhere, or emails unanswered? S Low trust of new markets/partners/countries? 8. In an Asia market already but S Lack confidence and trust S Not performing as well as youd like S Find the culture off-putting and oblique S Cannot get a straight yes or no 9. MISTAKE #1: SHOWING IMPATIENCE S Wanting to wrap up everything quickly S Aiming for decisions, signed & sealed contracts S Thinking you can sign off and leave the rest to the team or partner S Forgetting that business in Asia is PERSONAL 10. What do all Asia markets have in common? S More communal & less individualist than West S Collectivist: harmony, family, teamwork, hierarchy S Not losing face but saving face S Preserving the surface of things 11. The million dollar question for Asia clients is: S Can I do business with you? S Can I introduce you to my network as a credible business partner? S Are you someone that understands our rules and ways of doing things? S Will you stick out or come over as excessively pushy? 12. So how can you fulfill these requirements? S Be present and show patience S Build business relationships over time S Build networks of obligations, trust and respect S Watch the doors open when you adapt to the local customs & cultures 13. Free Strategy Session Bonus S Please save up questions S For answers on individual markets and to discuss one-on- one with me: S http://www.davidcliveprice.com/strategy S Spots are limited, so apply now to avoid disappointment 14. MISTAKE #2: FOCUSING ON PROCESS S Silence is not golden for Western ears S Emails silence, presentations silence, yes-or-no silence S Why are we so insistent on a rapid response? S We want a deal as quickly as possible in globalized world 15. Treating Asia business as based on transactions alone S Indirect and relationships-based in most Asia markets S Only very international cities like HK and Singapore are exceptions S Primary significance of long-term business relationship S Guanxi (Chinese version) is at heart of Asia business deals 16. What is a guanxi network? S Tea-drinking and non-business topics are part of guanxi S Chinese are not the only ones in Asia to use this assessment process S Much entertaining, drinking & karaoke also involved S This makes results-driven Westerners even more impatient! 17. Whats the difference with Western networking? S We build up organic relationships usually AFTER contract is signed S Contract is first stage in completion of other contracts S In Asia, guanxi & network building come FIRST S Strong personal relationships and obligations lead to deals 18. How can foreigners get guanxi? S You dont have college, local or family networks S So the best you can hope for is foreign friend S To become more than a friend, you must get the key to the informal system S The key is acknowledging obligations and building your own networks 19. MISTAKE #3: BEING GLOBAL NOT LOCAL S Many foreign companies forget to localize their brand and operations S We live in a globalized world, we have great brand DNA S Problem is Asia markets are all different S Countries like China have many different markets (as Tesco and others have found out) 20. The example of Ruritania S Whats special about the country that might affect your business? S What makes Ruritanians tick? S Among their characteristics are a belief in Optimism and no supermarkets S They cannot say no and sign their contracts in invisible ink 21. Asia is full of Ruritanias S High growth markets with many cultures & traditions S Some are related but many are dramatically different S Hong Kong is not Singapore, Tokyo is not Seoul S Kuala Lumpur is not Manila, Beijing is not Taipei 22. The Key to Success in Asia markets? S Competitive intelligence S Local knowledge S Who are your main competitors in Asia? S No longer global multinationals or companies 23. Competitors are local & regional players S Have their own competitive intelligence S Understand local consumer behavior S Have lower cost bases and more customer feedback S Have long experience of targeting to local Asia tastes 24. How can you compete with local Asian companies? S Find out everything you can about the market S Partner with strong local partners S Leverage their knowledge of local tastes and of medium-tier and lower-tier growing cities S Immerse yourself in customs, etiquette & culture of your target market (s) 25. Make partnerships for inbound investment S Think globally but start locally S Glocalization means global solutions S Global solutions must have Total Relevance to local markets S Glocalization will produce lucrative opportunities for both Western & Asia companies 26. Its all related! S Avoid these 3 COSTLY MISTAKES to build success S Focus instead on relationships, networking and long-term value S Build glocalization and competitive intelligence into all your plans S Create a successful business strategy for Asia 27. Special Gift for You S Free 30-Min Strategy Consultation With Me S Just apply here at http://davidcliveprice.com/strategy S Spots are limited, so make sure to reserve yours now More resources and info on coaching for your Asia business at: http://www.davidcliveprice.com


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