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With advancements in cloud technology and infrastructure coupled with various benefits such as enterprise-wide collaboration, higher employee productivity, better analytics and shorter development cycle, businesses are actively embracing cloud computing. But implementation and maintenance is not easy and mistakes are common occurrence when done for the first time. This presentation highlights the common cloud Implementation mistakes that have to be avoided. Invensis provides Cloud Application Development Outsourcing Services to help you take advantage of big data analytics and mobility and set your company on the path to glory and transformation. Discover how you can fulfill your cloud computing requirements by partnering with Invensis Technologies ( Invensis Technologies is an ISO certified and a leading IT Outsourcing company that can help your organization overcome the challenges of data storage constraints, infrastructure cost, legacy hardware and sw


  • The benefits that cloud computing bestows upon businesses are numerous.

  • The Benefits Include:

    Enterprise-Wide CollaborationsHigher Employee Productivity Shorter development cycles Lower Costs Better Analytics.

  • Businesses are adopting cloud computing due to advancements in cloud technology and infrastructure.

  • But there are lot of risks involved in maintaining an efficient cloud infrastructure.

  • Implementing cloud services for the first time can be quite cumbersome and may involve a lot of mistakes.

  • Here are 6 Common Cloud Planning Mistakes:1. Implementation Without Objectives

  • Mismatch between service provider capabilities and business requirement can lead to a lot of hassles.

  • The implementation plan must include execution methodology that must be in line with your business goals.

  • 2. Poor Requirement Analysis

  • The type of services that can be delivered will be largely dependent upon the available bandwidth.

  • Cloud implementation will be hampered if there is high latency and the application performance is sluggish.

  • 3. Hiring the Wrong Team

  • A team with the requisite experience and skill set to implement cloud services must be hired.

  • Team members must get along well and most importantly complement each others work.

  • 4. False Assumption of Data Security

  • Cloud hacking and internet piracy has ensured that no business enterprise takes security lightly.

  • Even if cloud vendor is PCI DSS compliant, it does not guarantee PCI compliance for you.

  • Cloud security must be ensured by using a 256-bit encryption that is further safeguarded by proper key management.

  • 5. Underestimating the Complexity ofCloud Implementation

  • For successful cloud implementation, a realistic expectation is integral irrespective of your team or cloud vendor.

  • Technology plays an important role and the old should be reconfigured with the new where necessary.

  • 6. Poor Communication System

  • Poor enterprise-wide communication is another error that is encountered when planning cloud implementation for the first time.

  • The communication must clearly put forward business goals, user expectation, expected outcomes, Return on Investment (ROI) and implementation methodology.

  • Each potential problem must be anticipated and planning must be carried out around such issues which will be beneficial in the future.

  • Invensis provides a wide range of Cloud Application Development Outsourcing Services that will help your business reduce costs and propel it forward and the services include:

    Assessment for Cloud PreparednessMigration of Cloud Application

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