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Discover the top content mistakes you might be doing.


Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

WebsiteSprout.comLack of Consistency

Most blogs lack post consistency. They can write one post a way for several days in a row and then they are posting only 1 post a week or a month. Establishing a periodicity than you can meet is essential.WebsiteSprout.comSEO Abuse

Its important to have a good SEO on your website. But its far more important that your readers like your content. By achieving this, your visitors will continue to come to your blog and this will help you rank higher on search engines.WebsiteSprout.comNot Knowing Who You Are Writing For

If you dont know your audience, how can you write something theyll like. Generic posts are good from time to time, but people search for a specific need they have, and they want to satisfy their need. If your writing is too genera, they wont visit your website again.WebsiteSprout.comNot Focusing On The Right Things

Many content marketers are only focused on how many articles they can write, how many posts they can publish, how many words they should have. Instead, you should focus on other metrics to evaluate your content marketing efforts. Metrics like tracking the visitors, the rank of the keywords used , etc.