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  • 8/12/2019 Call for entries LampedusaInFestival 2014


    The Collective Askavusa presents

    LampedusaInFestival - VI EditionLittle festival about communities, migration, struggles, sustainable tourism and storiesA competition for filmmakers in Lampedusa from the 25th to the 30th of September 2014


    1. IntroductionEuropean societies are undergoing a radical transformation determined by governments whichresemble more and more to oligarchies and technocracies, with a relentless increase in the powerof banks that support this change. The EU institutions - almost exclusive expression of theinterests of big financial capital - are cast in a political and social project aimed at bringing the rateof exploitation at a level compatible with the rate of profit required by international capital. Banksand corporates force our society to the limit of endurance to capitalise and maximise their profits.This leads to the cutting of wages, the decentralisation of industries , privatisation of health care,pensions, education etc. with these conditions, the highest price is paid by the most vulnerableindividuals such as workers and migrants - who undergo policies that reduce the exercise of theirrights and powers.Within such a framework , the social repression and militarisation of our territories are becomingmore frequents. Phenomena such as Val di Susa and its No TAV movement, Niscemi and the NoMUOS movement, or the Anti Tar Sand protests in Canada are some examples of criminalisationand repression of social movements which witness what it could be labeled as a 'laboratories ofrepressive governance'.Lampedusa is no exception. In the last thirty years, we have witnessed to a process ofmilitarisation of the island, due to its strategic location in the Mediterranean. The proximity to Libya- oil-rich and politically aligned with NATO since 2011 - has encouraged and justified the creation ofa USA. territorial occupation . In the last decade , the region has acquired the function of ' bridge toEurope' for the migrants from Central Africa . This phenomenon has transformed the state in themilitary outpost of border control for the European Union.

    Furthermore, the establishment of some European military agencies such as Frontex , Eurosur, -and the funding allocated to them - has been justified by the events of October 2013 inLampedusa: the tragedy of which killed more than 300 Eritrean people. The first consequence wasthe increased of the military presence on the island and in the surrounding waters with theoperation Mare Nostrum, a military manoeuvre disguising in a humanitarian operation. It's crucialto say that the 'irregular' migrants coming by sea it's a very small fraction, therefore we could saythat the militarisation of the Mediterranean for humanitarian purposes is a mere pretext forcontrolling, preventing and stopping the arrivals. Despite this, the deployment of human resourcesand the allocation of funds are enormous.In order to maintain the control over certain areas of the word, EU and USA use the army.Therefore, the militarisation becomes a crucial element of the post-colonialist and imperialistpolicies perpetuated today by the parties over other nations. The wars for humanitarian purposesmade by the above mentioned subjects to export democracy, are an integral of the capitalistsystem that aims to destabilise, weaken, and divide individuals. The community of Lampedusa ,which has been suffering all the consequences of these global policies: on the one hand sees

    LampedusaInFestival / From the 25th to the 30th of September 2014, Lampedusa

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  • 8/12/2019 Call for entries LampedusaInFestival 2014


    denied the basic rights enshrined in the Italian Constitution and the other is awarded the " NobelPrize for Peace." We continue to receive awards and honours that do not concretely improve thelives of the inhabitants, on the contrary contribute to mask the reality through the spectacleperformed by the mass media.

    2. Guidelines of the Competition

    We invite all filmmakers, video enthusiasts, to collectives who deal with cinema, and all theorganisations that produce videos, to contribute to the 6 thedition of the LampedusaInFestival.The theme of this edition is militarisation including war industry insights, stories related to theexploitation, control of the territory by the imperialist powers, multinational corporations andfinancial powers. Tales of militarisation as a mean of control, colonialism, slavery, and imperialism.The event will take place from the 25thto 30th of September 2014.

    2a. Submission Process and Conditions of Entry

    The entry to the competition is free. We cannot pay for courier/shipping costs incurred if youchoose to send screening copies. The festival accepts films of any kind and duration. We acceptonly films on DVD. Other media can not be selected for the final round of the competition. It will not

    be accepted the submission of multiple movies on the same DVD. We will not accept moviesdelivered on the evening of the screening.

    The films must be submitted together with the application form and the agreement on personaldata by letter / parcel post or by courier, not later than August 10th 2014 to:Collettivo Askavusac/o Giacomo SferlazzoVia Cala Pisa, 6692010 Lampedusa (AG)Italy

    Entry form and agreement on personal data are available online on the official website of thefestival:

    The works in Italian must be subtitled in English. Movies in languages other than Italian must besubtitled in Italian or in English or French. The authors must send a picture of the scene with adefinition of 300 dpi via email to:

    The movies will not be returned to the authors and will remain in the archive of the Festival.The authors authorise the LampedusaInFestival to project the works for promotional reasons,study, and for non-profit events, that can be organise in the future.

    2b. Selection Process and Award

    The selection of the works which will be admitted to the contest is made by the jury in agreementwith the artistic director of the festival.At the end of the pre-selection, the authors will be notified by phone or email. The works and thenames of the selected authors will also appear on the official website of the event. During the fiveevenings, the documentaries which have passed the pre-selection of the competition, will bescreened . The winners will be announced and awarded during the last evening.

    Prizes are awarded to the first two works selected by the jury. The members of the jury will beannounced on the website before the start of the event.The awards will be divided as follows:- 1st prize: "650.00- 2nd prize: "350.00

    LampedusaInFestival / 25-30 Settembre 2014, Lampedusa

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  • 8/12/2019 Call for entries LampedusaInFestival 2014


    The event is organised in collaboration with:

    Re.Co.Sol. - Rete dei comuni solidali

    BSA - Brigata di solidariet attiva

    eGlob web agency

    Associazione culturale Archivio Storico Lampedusa

    Assoimprenditori Isole Pelagie 8per Mille Tavola Valdese Roma

    Legambiente Onlus

    Rete del Caff Sospeso - Rete di festival, rassegne e associazioni culturali in mutuo soccorso

    The LampedusaInFestival is organised with the support of Lampedusa and Linosa Council.In 2012 the event was awarded by the Ufficio Nazionale Antidiscriminazioni Raziali (UNAR, Anti-

    discrimination National Bureau) as 'engaging event against racism'.

    LampedusaInFestival / From the 25th to the 30th of September 2014, Lampedusa

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