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Call for Entries Season 5 2014 After the great success of Avexcieters Collectif and Julien Colombier rooms, we decided to keep them for another year. Artists you make us dream, AVP gives you the opportunity to invest one of its three rooms!


<ul><li><p>SAISON VA U V I E U X P A N I E R</p><p>- CALL FOR ENTRIES -</p></li><li><p>Spirit, LifeStyLeThe building puts together Art and Decadence in a cre-ative and open atmosphere, synonym of freedom of expression and lifestyle.This Mansion is first of all dedicated to artistic creativi-ty. However at the same time it must stay warm and com-fortable for its guests who will live a singular experience.</p><p>- AVp WHAt iS it?</p><p> Wake-up ina Work of Art ! </p><p>A positive and constructive step.Ephemeral showroom : its an evolving place, it also turns into an Art gallery, thanks to the temporary work of Artintended for sale. Design : furnitures that underlines artistic installation. Comfortable &amp; Cheerful: in this homely shelter, our ambition is to create a moment in ones life that one will want to keep in memory.</p><p>Concept</p><p>ideally situated in the historical center of Mar-seilles, AVP is an Urban Maison dHtes. This 17th century old Mansion invites its artists to create their own space, in-situ work of art, all temporary.</p></li><li><p>A place of artistic inspirationwith an ongoing history.</p><p>2013 SAISON IV</p><p>Milne GuermontEngineer &amp; ArtistLa Dame noirLabel MusicAvexcitersArchitects &amp; designersJulien ColombierSurface Pattern DesignerOhidoStreet ArtistMistGraffiti</p><p>Commons parts:Hyperline StudioDesignersCheyenneIllustratorToma LPainter</p><p>- AVp HiStOry SAiSON iV</p><p>Milne GuermontPolysensual</p><p>AVexCITerSSk</p></li><li><p>2012SAISON III</p><p>Matthias OlmetaPhotographTiltGraffitiMourad MessoubeurPlasticien TechnicienMass ConfusionSurface Pattern Designereugnie BergeonGraphic DesignerPhilippe BaudelcoquePainter</p><p>Commons parts:The WizardPlastics TechnicienToma LPainter</p><p>TiltPanic room</p><p>Mass ConfusionPurgatory Palace</p><p>SAiSON iii</p><p>PHILIPPeBAUDeLOCQUe</p><p>FUSION</p></li><li><p>2011SAISON II</p><p>Clment JolinPhotographJustin BlythPlastics TechnicienGalle VilledaryPlastics TechnicienMothi LimbuGraphic IllustratorAlex Orvane&amp; Oliver LerougeIllustrator and ModelMaquer</p><p>Parties Communes :Guillaume ChamahianPhotographVronique SarafianPlastics TechnicienToma L.Painter</p><p>SAiSON ii</p><p>CLMeNT JOLINMUr - MUr</p><p>Galle Villedaryrminiscence</p><p>Mothi Limbu69</p></li><li><p>2010SAISON I</p><p>Stphane ManelIllustratorTous des KGraphic StudioFred CalmetsPainterLArtmadaGraffiti CrewClaire LeinaSurface Pattern Designer</p><p>Parties Communes :Jrome romainPainterToma L.Painter</p><p>SAiSON i</p><p>TOUS DeS K3D</p><p>Claire LeinaChildhood Fantasy</p><p>Stphane ManelWhite lines</p></li><li><p>Whilst awaiting the opening, AVP invited Artists to come and express themselves on the building site during the renovation.</p><p>Since septembre 2009 came : Laurence Vuag-noux LO-VX - Guillaume Lebourg - Max Coubes aka Lamoniack - Jrme Romain - Cedric Viollet - Guillaume Jolly - James Reeve - John Carriere - RVCA - ED the WhiteMan - Valerie Saelen - SofiSki (Sketch City) - Magicien Deuz - Rezine - AcetOne - Ohido - PQ Family - Remi Faure - Spazm - a. - Baze - Cross2 - Seize Galerie - Carhartt - La Dame Noir - Claire Leina - Alix de Moussac - Underten - Guillaume Legoff (Clark) - Rimek - Goner - Tony Conti - Mr.Pimpall - Eric Foucher - Jos Lamali (Kulte Team) - Mothi Limbu (Kulte Team) - Venar - Pedro - Anthoni Dettori - Revert - Gerry Johnson (Cultcrusher) - Florian Fusy (Tous des K) - Half a Rainbow - Consum - Elzo - Virgo Music - Caro-line Hanny - Bunny &amp; Claude - Matt Gamet (Kulte Team) - Thophile Pillault - Claire Dantzer - Freak Fabric - 5M ...</p><p>For the curious</p><p>DeMOLitiON Arty prOJeCt</p><p>2009</p><p>Photo Kultorama</p></li><li><p>1. You will have to invest and design one of the rooms of the Maison dhtes.2. Your artistic support is a bedroom. Thus it is import-ant not to neglect the guest access, welcome and comfort.3. We impose virtually no limit to creativity. However all removable works of art are potentially for sale.4. respect the technical facilities of the room (elec-tricity, plumbing).5. Give priority to originality and diversity of the artistic project and used material.6. Mutually agreed bud-get for implementing your project (furnitures will we an external partnership)7. Agree terms and condi-tions of sale of each work of Art.</p><p>- AVp iNViteS yOu</p><p>You will imagineand propose to AVP an </p><p>artistic project for a room, taking into account the</p><p>following points.</p><p>tO DeSigN AND iNVeStONe Of tHe beDrOOMS.</p><p>[Game rules and scope of work]</p><p>In order to spread your work around, we canwork together on projects outside the walls.The whole idea is to create a dynamic partnership with regional arts venues (gallery, institution,music label, clothing line) in order to presentand promot your work outside the walls ofthe Maison dhtes.</p><p>fiNANCe:1. Travel costs incurred by Art-ists to come to the Maison dhte.2. Lodging and meals during the implementation of the Art project.3. Costs of small supplies.4. room furniture/decora-tion budget, except artist creation.</p><p>Provide maximum exposure to the artists by integrating them in all communication media of the Maison dhte: Internet site, press releases, catalogue, mailing list, as well as the social networks on which the Maison dhte is present.</p><p>When they talk about US, they talk about YOU!</p><p>Outsidethe</p><p>walls</p><p>Au Vieux Paniercommits to :</p><p>AND COMMitS tO : </p></li><li><p>1. 29th of NOVeMBer 2013receipt of pre-projects(trend book) *</p><p>2. 10th of DeCeMBer 2013Confirmation of retained project.</p><p>3. 20th DeCeMBer 2013Validate Definite Projects**</p><p>4. 13th of JANUArY 2014 3th of FeBUrArY 2014Implementation(maximum 10 days).</p><p>5. MArCH or APrILPrivate View</p><p>- retrO pLANNiNg</p><p>- NOVEMBRE 2012 -</p><p>lun. mar. mer. jeu. ven. sam. dim.</p><p>0131 02 03</p><p>0504 06 07 08 09 10</p><p>11 12 13 14 15 16 17</p><p>18 19 20 21 22 23 24</p><p>25 26 27 28 30</p><p>0302 04 05 06 07 08</p><p>121109 13 14 15</p><p>1716 18 19 21 22</p><p>24 2523 26 27 28 29</p><p>- DCEMBRE 2012 -</p><p>lun. mar. mer. jeu. ven. sam. dim.</p><p>28 29 30</p><p>01</p><p>25 26 27 28 29 30 01</p><p>- JANVIER 2013 - </p><p>lun. mar. mer. jeu. ven. sam. dim.</p><p>0706 08 09 10 11 12</p><p>1817 19 20 21 22 23</p><p>2524 26 27 28 01 02</p><p>16</p><p>0201 03 04 053130</p><p>01 02</p><p>2827 29 30 31</p><p>04 05 06 07 08 09</p><p>1110 12 13 14 15</p><p>29</p><p>10</p><p>20</p><p>13 14 15 16 1817 19</p><p>2120 22 23 24 25 26</p><p>2827 29 30 31</p><p>03</p><p>01 02</p><p>- FVRIER 2013 -</p><p>lun. mar. mer. jeu. ven. sam. dim.</p><p>20132014</p><p>Ms.</p><p>*trend book:As a resident, you will need first to pro-vide a general overview of your project with a letter of intent accompanied by drawings, sketches or photos of your work. Do not pick and choose a room, before your project is validated. Identify the different materials and media used (painting, video, drawings on walls, hanging, installation ...).Preferably in PDF format sent at: If you want to send your application by mail box, please enclose a pre-stamped return envelope.</p><p>**STEP 3 Additive Infos :Plans - Photos - providing measure and possibility to visit the place.</p><p>- fOr + iNfOrMAtiON</p><p>JeSSICAVeNeDIGer FounderCommunication ManagerArt Director</p><p> </p><p>[please contact]</p></li><li><p>2013Blog</p><p>2013Guide</p><p>IDeATMADAMe FIGArOFINANCIAL TIMeSArT &amp; DeCOrATIONCOTe SUDCTeTeLerAMAeLLe DeCOADGrAZIASTYLISTGrAFFITI ArT MAGAZINeAIr FrANCe MAGAZINeCara magazine, the inflight publication of Aer LingusLA MArSeILLAISeLA PrOVeNCeVeNTILOCULTe MAGAZINeMAISON A PArTTrAVeL AGeNTCosmopolitanTrAVeL + LeISUre | American express Publishing HYUNDAU Credit Card Co The Modern TimesVantage Shanghai MagazineMoney WeekL-INK MagazineCond Nast , Mercedes Benz MagazinConde Nast Traveller ArtConde Nast Travller russia n16 &amp; 17Conde Nast DeTAILS magazineGeo-SaisonGetlostmagazineGioiaLe SoirNew York Magazine Online / nymag.comArTMAPP MAGAZINOptions / The edge Malaysia business and financial weeklySunday TimesMagazine Putovanja za dvoje -French edition is Horizons MondeBT experienceJoy Magazinerendez-vous en France / Atout FranceDeMarkt</p><p>- preSS reLeASe2013</p><p>Magazines</p><p>Tlmatin, France 2Midi en France, France 3echappes Belle, France 5</p><p>360 New York Time BookStreet Art Mode demploi</p><p>MUTUAL ArTgawlittadigitaleFlair MagazineDeco Design + ModePerspective e-Magazine / ArchiexpoCosmopolitandes-ordres.comStuff HunterStadtzauber.deleuchtend-grau.blogspot.depixandmix.frradio Nova</p><p>2013Books </p><p>rOUGH GUIDeGUIDe MICHeLINGUIDe DU rOUTArD</p><p>2013TV</p></li><li><p>Le FIGArOLexPreSSeLexPreSSe STYLeLA PrOVeNCeCOTe MArSeILLeCONDe NAST TrAVeLLer (russie / UK)TrAVeL + LeISUre (Mexique / Turquie / UK / USA)eSCAPe 360AIr France MAGAZINerYANAIr MAGAZINeeMIrATeS HOMeAeroflot in-flight magazines (russia)eL PAISVolta ao MundoGrAFFITIArT MAGAZINeQUALITY MAGAZINeTHe INDePeNDANTNYTIMeSMONOCLeTHe DAILY MAILQVeST MAGAZINePLASTIK MAGAZINeArT UKrAINeD-CODeSUNDAY TIMeSDear Magazine (Italie)Perspective Magazine (Hong Kong)Getaway! 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A U V I E U X P A N I E R . C O M13 R U E D U P A N I E R 13 0 0 2 M A R S E I L L E</p></li></ul>