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Appendicular Skeleton. Pectoral Girdle. Clavicles. Slender, curved, S-shaped. Upper Arm. Humerus. Lower Arm. Radius Interosseous Membrane Ulna. Wrist and Hand. 8 carpals Scaphoid Lunate Triquetreum Pisiform Trapezium Trapezoid Capitate Hamate 5 metacarpal 14 phalangeal Pollex. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Appendicular Skeleton

  • Pectoral Girdle

  • ClaviclesSlender, curved, S-shapedAcromial EndSternal end

  • Upper ArmHumerus

  • Lower ArmRadiusInterosseous MembraneUlna

  • Wrist and Hand8 carpalsScaphoidLunateTriquetreumPisiformTrapeziumTrapezoidCapitateHamate5 metacarpal14 phalangealPollex

  • Pelvic GirdleCoxal boneIliumIliac crestIschiumSittingAcetabulumPubisPubic symphysis

  • Pelvis2 coxal bones, sacrum, coccyxFemale pelvisSmootherLighterLarger outletBroader pubic angleChildbirth advantages

  • Female vs. Male Pelvis

  • Pelvis Differences

    CharacteristicFemaleMaleBone thicknessLighter, thinner, and smootherHeavier, thicker, and more prominent markingsPubic arch/angle80905060AcetabulaSmall; farther apartLarge; closer togetherSacrumWider, shorter; sacral curvature is accentuatedNarrow, longer; sacral promontory more ventralCoccyxMore movable; straighterLess movable; curves ventrally

  • Upper LegFemur

  • TibiaInterosseous MembraneFibulaLower Leg

  • Ankle and FootTarsalTalusCalcaneusNavicularCuboidCuneiform (3)MetatarsalsPhalangesHallux