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<ul><li><p>8/12/2019 AOS2014- Call for Entries</p><p> 1/2</p><p>ART OF SCIENCE 2014: CALL FOR ENTRIES</p><p>APPLICATION DEADLINE: April 2, 2014EXHIBITION OPENING: September 27, 2014</p><p>Exhibition Synopsis:</p><p>Art of Science 2014 is proud to pair the finest local artists with a dynamic team of research scientists</p><p>at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital for the 4th year running. Our hope is that together,scientists and artists will create work that introduces new audiences to the principals that are savingchildren's lives every day at St. Jude. St. Judes researchers not only strive to prevent and curechildhood cancer, but are daily making discoveries that can improve the health and wellbeing of allMemphians. Inspired by the research, artists create unique portholes that enable viewers to peerinside the laboratories of this renowned facility. The AOS2014 exhibit will open September 23rd at alocal gallery.</p><p>Application Requirements:</p><p>All artists currently living and working in the Memphis area are eligible to apply for consideration.</p><p>Please include all application materials in a single PDF or PowerPoint document and email no later than April 2nd, 2014. Please keep in mind that allapplicants must be able to comply with the schedule of deadlines outlined below. Failure to meet adeadline may result in disqualification.</p><p>Any questions may be directed to</p><p>Materials Needed:</p><p>1. 5 to 10 Images of previous work. If your work deals with science, technology, medicine, orbiology, please show us. If not, don't worry. Just send us images of what you consider to be</p><p>your best recent work. Label each image with the media used and approximate size of thepiece. Please set resolution at 300 dpi or greater.</p><p>2. A completed application form.Complete the attached form with your current contactinformation. The form includes a list of 5 short answer questions. Please choose only oneofthese questions and answer in as much detail or as little as you see fit. Keep your answersunder a single page in length.</p><p>Schedule of Deadlines and Events</p><p> April 2nd- Application Deadline</p><p> April 26th-29th</p><p>- Visit St. Jude- This will be your opportunity to connect with the researchscientists at St. Jude. This is an important part of the process. Dont miss out!</p><p> May 31st-Each artist will be paired with a scientist.</p><p> September 1st-Artist Statement for Completed work Due</p><p> September 16th-Deadline for delivery of completed work</p><p> September 26th-Reception!</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 AOS2014- Call for Entries</p><p> 2/2</p><p>ART OF SCIENCE 2014</p><p>APPLICATION DEADLINE: April 2, 2014APPLICATION FORM</p><p>Please provide the following contact information:</p><p>Name:</p><p>Email Address:</p><p>Phone number:</p><p>Website url (if applicable):</p><p>Choose and answer ONEof the five questions listed below. Your answer may be as long or as shortas you see fit. Please keep your answer within one page in length.</p><p>1. Has work done by a medical research scientist affected you personally? Tell us about it.</p><p>2. Have you dealt with scientific themes or imagery in your past work? If so, describe this workand its significance.</p><p>3. What significance do you see in a partnership between the fields of art and science? Do theyhave greater capacity to achieve their goals together than either does alone? As an artist, howdo you see yourself contributing to this dialogue?</p><p>4. In what ways have you incorporated technology into your previous work?</p><p>5. What are your thoughts on the local significance of this project? In what ways do you think Artof Science could benefit the Greater Memphis community?</p></li></ul>