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  2. 2. PEPSI COMMERCIAL - WE WILL ROCK YOU (FEAT. BRITNEY SPEARS, BEYONC, PINK & ENRIQUE IGLESIAS) The advert was aired in 2004 to promote `Pepsi`. The song we will rock you was officially by Queen and for the advert pop stars Beyonc, Pink, Britany Spears and Enrique Iglesias made a cover of the song for the promotion of the drink `Pepsi`. Pepsi (stylized in lowercase as Pepsi, formerly stylized in uppercase as PEPSI) is a carbonated soft drink that is produced and manufactured by PepsiCo. Created and developed in 1893 and introduced as Brad's Drink, it was renamed as Pepsi-Cola on August 28, 1898, then to Pepsi in 1961, and in select areas of North America, "Pepsi-Cola Made with Real Sugar" as of 2014. The advert is in the style of an Ancient Roman battle ground run by an emperor (Enrique) and the gladiators are Beyonc, Pink and Britany. They refuse to fight each other in the arena and they start singing we will rock you and the crowd join in with them. They are so loud that they knock the emperor of his chair and into the arena with his Pepsi cooler and then the lion starts to come for him as the gladiators go for his Pepsi and start drinking it. The advertisement is Ancient Rome meets stylish sassy American gladiators with glitz. The Roman theme is still prominent in the advert but the female gladiators make it more stylish in their little short fierce outfits with their aggressive armour and weapons. These celebrities have been chosen for this advert because they are really famous and have very strong vocals and will attract a wide audience range to buy Pepsi. Beyonc has a massive target audience both male and female from the age of 9-late 40`s. Beyonc is a very iconic woman who inspires many people and her alone will bring in people who like R&B music and her lifestyle.
  3. 3. PREMIER INN TV ADVERT 2014 The `Premier Inn` advert was aired in 2014. it was advertising that they could grantee a goodnights sleep in their hotel. The adverts shows surrealism of having a bed travel around with `Lenny Henry` having a good sleep and waking up in the comfy bed in different locations such as a busy train station, aquarium, polo game and more locations. This shows the audience that wherever they are a `Premier Inn` will always be there for them. `Lenny Henry` is a very suitable celebrity for this advert because he is a very popular comedian who will be most recognisable by adults which re the target audience for the hotel because they are the ones who will be spending the money to book a room. The main message of the advert is that `Premier Inn` can always guarantee you a goodnights sleep in any location at anytime. The message might be different if a normal person had done the advert because the audience may feel as though they can trust someone they dont know. This is because they might have prior knowledge about celebrities being used in adverts to persuade them to use or buy a certain product. Lenny Henry is not as famous as many Hollywood celebrities for example Beyonc so the audience will know to trust him more because he is almost like them and they can relate to him. The status of the celebrity would have an influence on the sales and this is because
  4. 4. VANESSA HUDGENS NEUTROGENA PINK GRAPEFRUIT CLEANSER The `Neutrogena` advert was aired in 2009 and they were selling the `pink grapefruit cleanser` which was shown in the advert to smell better and stop breakouts. In the advert we see `Vanessa Hudgens` using the cleanser and saying how great it is. `Vanessa Hudgens` is a great celebrity for this advert because she is the target audiences age which are females in their late teens to early twenties and she has great skin which is what the target audience is trying to achieve with this product and going to use it to get great skin like her. The initial message is that if you use `Neutrogena pink grapefruit` your skin will look and feel just like `Vanessa Hudgens` face and this is believable because her skin is always clear and soft as ever. The celebrity in this advert would have a major effect on the sales because more people would want to buy the product just because she is using it. Also because Vanessa Hudgens was in the movie High School Musical fans would buy the product because she uses it.
  5. 5. KATE MOSS RIMMEL LONDON LIPSTICK COLLECTION The `Rimmel London Lipstick Collection` was aired in 2011. In the advert we see `Kate Moss`s` first lipstick line and the whole photo- shoot scene makes the audience feel included in the promotion of her first lipstick line. The celebrity that has been chosen for the advert would appeal to the target audience which are women as Kate Moss is a model and for her to use a product would make other woman want to buy it as they may feel more beautiful with it on as it is a product models use. The overall message of this advert is that if you use this lipstick you would get the London look and it would make your lips look enriched and magnetic. The celebrity would fit into the message of the advert because it would show the audience that you would be catwalk ready if you where this lipstick. The message would be very different if Kate Moss was replaced by a real person as the audience may not feel as inspired to buy it as the real person would not have the same effect and make people feel like a model while wearing the product. The status of the celebrity would have to influence on the sales because Kate Moss is promoting a ?v=yvl1jhlbPqU