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Should it be restricted and if so how?

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  1. 1. Should it be restricted and if so how?
  2. 2. Social networking sites are used to keep people in touch with each other. People, especially celebrities have used this to their advantage. Endorsing products and increasing their popularity.
  3. 3. Enjoy publicrecognition by alarge group ofpeople or massaudience.With a high degree of public awareness, one of their main roles iskeeping in the public eye through social events and through socialnetworking sites
  4. 4. With the likes of Ashton Kutcher and OprahWinfrey promoting Twitter as a socialnetworking site, its no surprise theyve takenthe accessibility of communicating with all theirfans at the same time and used it to theiradvantage.They have over18 million followers between them.
  5. 5. According to Friedman and Friedman, acelebrity endorser is an individual who isknown by the public()for his or herachievements in areas other than that of theproduct being endorsed. (1979, p. 63)
  6. 6. So, should endorsements via Twitter and othersocial networking sites be restricted?
  7. 7. Restrictions on endorsing products via social networking sites have already been set up by the Office of Fair Trading. The OFT enforces consumer protection law and competition law.It has confirmed that onlineadvertising and marketingpractices that do not disclose theyinclude paid for promotions aredeceptive under fair trading laws.(Office of Fair Trading [online] 2010)
  8. 8. With the U.S. a lot more relaxed about celebrities promoting products onTwitter, a Tweet from Khloe Kardashian can reputedly be bought for$8,000 or 5,000. She has Tweeted: Hi Dolls! Want 2 look fab in a pinch? Whiten w/(at)Crest 3D White 2 HR Express for a gorg smile in 2 Hrs! CHARLIE SHEEN (U.S. TELEVISION ANDFILM STAR) - 6.3MILLION FOLLOWERS The market rate for a Tweet from Charlie Sheen is around $8,500 perTweet - or 6,000, according to the PR industry. He has Tweeted: Im looking to hire a (hash)winning INTERN with(hash)TigerBlood. Apply here.
  9. 9. Heather Clayton, Senior Director of OFTs Consumer Group says Theinternet plays a key role in how people purchase products and servicesand the importance of online advertising continues to grow. The OFT hasbolstered its expertise in this area and is taking targeted actions toensure that the law is clear, increase business compliance and empowerconsumers.
  10. 10. Twitter users were angered byRio Ferdinands tweets,endorsing the chocolate brandsnickers.rioferdy5: Youre not you when yourehungry @snickersUk#hungry#sponHis random promotional postsignored OFT advice aboutcelebrities making it clear whenthey promote or endorse aproduct.These kinds of endorsements are seen asdeceptive advertising.
  11. 11. There are already regulations in force to protect consumers beingmisled, but is this affecting the way celebrities communicate with theirfollowers on Twitter?
  12. 12. Restrictions are being enforced due to tweets via the social networking site promoting violent behaviour such as during the London riots of August 2011.Celebrities claim byusing Twitter theysimply want to keep intouch with their fansand keep them up todate.
  13. 13. July 25: Got a really white smile fromceleb dentist, Druian & Spektor yay!July 29: Thank you @zaratayloruk forthe gorgeous jewellery!Aug 4: This weather calls for [email protected] spray tan!!Millie Mackintosh and BinkyFelsteads spokeswoman said thatthey were not paid for any of thepromotions and they are simplyshowing good manners andthanking people for the nicethings they receive. It is not a caseof getting a straightforwardfreebie; it is mutually beneficial, itis good brand positioning.
  14. 14. YouTube has hundreds ofbeauty gurus now, withcompanies sending themproducts for free in the hopethat theyll be advertised intheir videos.In order tocomply withOFT guidelinesmany of thesegurus putdisclaimers inthe informationbox.Tanya Berr attractsover 2 million visitorsevery month to hertutorials
  15. 15. AdvertisingStandardsAuthorityGuidelines(Crone 2002: 264/265)
  16. 16. There has clearly been some thought into restricting the use oftwitter and other social networking endorsements, with the OFT andthe ASA. However, celebrities are still managing to get away withthese endorsements with little consequences.
  17. 17. A spokesperson confirmed that the celebrities including Rio Ferdinand andThe emergence ofCher Lloyd had been paidcelebrity tweets has to post the twitter adverts.raised a number ofissues for the ASA whose role it is to ensure all adverts are legal, decent, honest and truthful. These include how we determine whether or not a tweet is an ad in the(Barnett 2012: The Telegraph [online]) first place.
  18. 18. This shows that restrictions are somethingthat the ASA and OFT need to think aboutmore. On Twitter, you are only allowed to post140 characters at a time, making a disclaimerdifficult at times. Restrictions on Twitter need to be tightened as many celebrities and brands are getting away with misleading the public, although restrictions will have to consider the freedom of speech of the celebrity.
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