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  • 7/22/2019 Altec - Catalog 1964


  • 7/22/2019 Altec - Catalog 1964


    the bass reflex enclosure

    The loudspeaker enclosure is an important part of your home musicsystem and should be given as much consideration as any otherpart of your system. In the last few years many different typesof enclosures have become available. Few of these represent

    anything new in the art of enclosure design. The majority are variousforms of the folded horn type enclosure and have achievedconsiderable popularity because of their excellent bass response.However, this good bass response is usually accomplished at theexpense of reproduction in the mid-range. Folded horns wereused in theatrical speaker systems for many years but wereobsoleted and discarded in favor of speaker systems using a

    combination of a straight horn and the bass reflex principle.

    ^ S \ ^ ' X \ \

    Altec Lansing has made detailed and exhaustive measurements inits acoustic laboratory on all types of enclosures, and thesemeasurements disclose that no type can equal a carefully designedenclosure using the bass reflex principle for smoothness infrequency response and over-all listening fidelity. The reason for thisis the freedom from phasing difficulties in the bass reflexenclosure as compared to other types.

    \ \ 1 I I IAll Altec Lansing loudspeaker enclosures are designed around thebass reflex principle and have been carefully engineered to take thefullest advantage of the potentials of your Altec Lansing loudspeaker.

    A L T E C L A N S I N G C O R P O R A T I O N : 9 3 5 6 S A N T A M O N I C A B L V D . B E V E R L Y H I L L S , C A L I F .1 6 1 6 T H AV E . N E W Y O R K 1 3 , N E W Y O R K


  • 7/22/2019 Altec - Catalog 1964


    A-440A control preamplifier A - 3 AO A power ampli fier

    The A-MOA is designed for your home. Willi the door shut it is simple

    and will blend perfectly with your furnishings. Open there are controlsto satisfy the most particular. 25 crossover selections make it possibleto choose the correct recording characteristic for every record. Fiveinputs are provided, three high level for ceramic or crystal phonos,tape machines, tuner or television and two low level inputs for microphones or equalized for magnetic phono cartridges. A special circuitpermits monitoring from the tape playback head while recording. Fullrange tone controls and selection ol either loudness or volume completethe facility.

    s p e c i f i c a t i o n s


    Thrt":.- Inqh level, Iwo low ! ."I t.-quahzfij or . Twoone main arnplificr. out; recorder.

    gain at 1 he lonecontrols flat

    low level, equalized(phono):

    low level, Hat (mic ) :high level (tv, tapo,


    GO db63.5 db

    . 1, .!!

    frequency response: S> -if---. .

    noise level: High level inputsvolume max.. belter than 95 db,i- I , l . ii.ri.i.l. i ' l ' i 'i: I'liut. ln -',;>-i I t , in llt>.

    controls: S ' " ' n ; Switch lot choice ol inputs and low Irequencycrossover. H.f. equalization switch. Total combinations.25. Phono selector switch. Volumeloudness conlrolwith power swi tch. Vol ume loudness-tape monitorswitch. Bass and Ireble controls. Five independentlevel controls on bach.

    power supply: Seif-conlamed. Three AC receptacles conlrolip* byOn-OH switch. 117V.. 60 cycles.

    lube complement: Two- l2AY 7, One- l2A U7.dimensions: 4-3/4" H. x 6-7 A3- D. x 14-3/8" W.finish: M-il Q.] II V :( 1' .jrnl,shipping weight: 15 pounds.Hi Ice: $139.00 {Available without furniture cabinet lor custom

    installation. $126.00)

    An audio engineer's dream, the A-340A uses premium power tubes of

    100 watt capacity rated at a conservative 35 watts in a simple class A lcircuit for long-lived performance stability.

    s p e c i f i c a t i o n s

    output power anddistortion:*

    35 watts, loss than 0.5% tola! harmonic distorti on.

    gain:* 66.5 db.

    input sensitivity:' 1.3 volts RMS lor 35 watts output.

    input imped ance: ' 200.000 ohms.

    Irequency response: * With in I db. 5 c.p.s. to 100.000 c.p.s .

    noise level:* 95 db below full output.

    load impedance: 8. 16 Ohms.

    output impedance: Adjustable from 4 to +4.5 ohms on 8 ohm tap. Lessthan .52 ohms on 16 ohm tap.

    damping factor: Greater than 35 on 16 ohm lap. + 1. 8 through inlin ity to-2 .0 on 8 ohm tap.

    controls: Gain Adjustment. RQ Adjustment.

    power supply: 117V.. 60 cycles.

    tubes: Ono-12AY7. One-12AU7. Two-6550. One-5U4GB.One-OA3/VR75.

    shipping weight: 30 pounds.

    price; $159.00.

    Normal setting of R c I pt

    A440A preamplifierphono equalizer curves

    liequcru. In

    IO*C XK toxc nunc



    I;... in , In cycle* p*iharmonic distortion vs. frequency

  • 7/22/2019 Altec - Catalog 1964


    Here is a 10 watt amplifier an d control preamplifier in one compactfurniture unit fo r smaller systems, apartments an d dormitor ies .Its circuitry an d performance fully represent th e professionalaudio quality that is the criterion of all Altec products . The useof th e finest components is your assurance of years of perfectlistening pleasure. Its controls are simple yet sufficientlycomprehensive to assure proper listening quality from al l typesof records. There is a choice of four recording curves, facilitiesfor microphone, and two inputs fo r tape or radio tuner. Fullyvariable tone controls provide a wide range of selection fo rindividual taste.

    loudness contro l charac teristics

    frequency -in cycles per second

    range of bass and treble controls

    frequencyin cycles per second

    record crossovers

    s p e c i f i c a t i o n s

    dimensions: 13" wide, 4-7/8" high, 9-3/4" deep.finish: Mahogany or blond.frequency range: 20-22,000 cycles.power output: 10 watts. Less than 2% total harmonic distor tion under

    critical measurement.

    output impedance: 4, 8 or 16 ohms.system gain : 132 db maximum.power requirements: 75 watts, 110V. 60 cycles.inputs: 1 low level for magnetic phono pickup or microphone.

    2 high level for ceramic or crystal phone pickup, tapereproducer, radio tuner or tv audio.

    equalization: 4 compensation curves: European, LP, new AES(NARTB, RIAA, RCA, orthophonic), old RCA.

    tone control: Treble, 15 db boost, or droop at 10,000 cycles. Bass,13 db boost or droop at 50 cycles.

    volume control: Individual volume adjustments for all three inputs.loudness cont rol : Compensated loudness control, flat at maximum posi

    tion, approaches Fletcher-Munson curves at lowersettings.

    facilities: 2 110V, 60 cycle outlets controlled by amplifier powerswitch.

    shipping weight: 17 pounds.

    price: $129.00

    I 4 6 8 1 2 4 ( 1 1 I ! * < I J in io more

    frequency in cycles per second

  • 7/22/2019 Altec - Catalog 1964


    For inexpensive high fidelity with the utmost simplicity thisbeautiful reproducer matched with any of the Altec speakersystems is truly a dream come true. The 901A containsa world renowned Collaro three speed record changer,

    a G.E. variable reluctance cartridge with separate sapphireneedles for 78 and 33-1 /3 or 45 rpm records, and the superbquality of the Altec A-339A Melodist amplifier and controlpreamplifier. You'll enjoy the quality an d simplicityof this system, either fo r yourself or as the perfect gift.

    s p e c i f i c a t i o n s

    dimensions: 20-3/8 'W; 15-3/4 'D: 11-1JT H.

    finish: Mahogany or blond.

    frequency range: 20-22.000 cycle s.

    power output: 10 wails. Less than 2% lota! harmonic distortion under critical measurement.

    output impedance: 4. 8 or 16 ohms.

    system gain: 132 db maximum.

    power requirement s: 75 watts. 110V. 60 cycles.

    inputs: 1 low level tor magnetic phono pic*up crmicrophone. 2 high level for ceramic orcrystal phone pickup, tape reproducer, radiotuner or tv audio.

    equalization: 4 compensation curves: European. LP, newAES (NARTB. RIAA. RCA. orthophonies OldRCA.

    tone control: Treble. 15 Ob boost or droop at 10.000 cycles.Bass. 13 db boost or droop at 50 cycles.

    volume contro l: Individual volume adjustments for all Threeinpuls.

    loudness contro l: Compensated loudness control, Mat at maximum position, approaches Fletcher-Munsoncurves at lower settings.

    facil itie s: 2 110V, 60 cycle outlets controlled by amplifierpower switch.

    shipping wolght: 55 pounds.

    price: $225.00 (without legs. The t6' modern ironlogs arc available as an accessory for $4.05


  • 7/22/2019 Altec - Catalog 1964


    82 0C speaker sys tem . 826A iconic speaker syst em

    Ask any audio engineer, he will confirm that the 820C is thefinest speaker system in existence, for the home, regardlessof price. Its smooth frequency response is guaranteed from30 to 22,000 cycles, is wi thout false bass or other mis leadingfrequency accentuations. Internally the 820C consists oftwo 15" 803A low frequency speakers in an exclusive direc tradiating exponential horn using a modified bass reflexprinciple with the additional advantages of a corner enclosure. From 800 cycles to 22,000 cycles tones are reproduced by the 802C driver speaker mounted on the H-811Bhorn. Individual specifications on these units will be foundelsewhere in this book. Truly the 820C is the finest speakersystem for your Altec home music system.

    price: $525.00

    This wonderful new speaker system incorporates one 15" 803A low frequencyspeaker, an N-800D dividing network andan 802C high frequency driver mountedon the H-811B horn. These professionalcomponents combined with the acoustically engineered bass reflex enclosureprovide exceptional performance. Thelow chairside cabinet is an outstandingexampleof the cabinetmaker's art, reflecting the finest taste in furniture design.Guaranteed f requency range, 35 to 22,000cycles.

    price: $324.00

    Altec "Voice of the Theatre" loudspeakersystems are used in more than 12,000

    motion picture theatres throughout theworld. Because of their superior quality

    they are used by all major motion picturestudios as a performance standard

    for reproduction. This same engineeringexcellence is reflected in the design and

    construction of these Altec speaker systemsfor the home. They represent the finest

    product of years of development andresearch in one of the world's finest

    acoustical laboratories. From the massive820C to the compact 700 each of these

    systems is the finest available.

  • 7/22/2019 Altec - Catalog 1964



    A-7 v o i c e o f t h e t h e a t r e

    The A-7 which uses one 15" 803A,an N-800D network and an 802Con the H-811B horn is the smallestof Altec's famous theatrical soundsystems, The industrial finish enclosure uses Alt ec' s exclusivedirect radiating exponential horncombined with a modified bassrellex principle for smooth realisticbass. This system is of particularinterest to those who wish to achievethe perfection of an Altec engineered system in a custom installation. Guaranteed frequency range,35 to 22,000 cycles.price: $260.00

    824A iconicspeaker system

    This little iconic system utilizingthe Altec developed phase computed reflex enclosure providesexceptional performance fo rsmaller installations. Using thenew 412A 12 " s peaker, t h eN-3000A network and the famous3000A high frequency speaker,this amazing system is guaranteed to have a range from 50 to22,000 cycles.

    pr ice : $180.00

    s p e c i f i c a t i o n s

    700A melodistspeaker syster

    The smallest of Altec's engineeredspeaker systems, the 700A uses aspecial 10" speaker coupled withthe N-3000B network and the 3000Ahigh frequency speaker to obtainamazing performance. With i t sphase computed reflex enclosure ithas a guaranteed range from 70 to22,000 cycles and is ideal for use inapartments, as a second speakersystem in large installations or asan exceptional part of an economical Altec home music system.

    pr ice : $99.00


    Power Impedance FinishDimensions

    WeightRating Impedance Finish w D H Weight

    820C 30 watts 16 ohms MahoganyBlond

    42-1 14" 29" 47-3/8" 230 pounds

    826A 25 watts 16 ohms MahoganyBlond

    37-1 12" 20-1 12" 28" 164 pounds

    A-7 25 watts 16 ohms Gray 30" 24" 54" 180 pounds

    824 A 20 watts 8 ohms MahoganyBlond

    19-1 12" 16" 28" 55 pounds

    700A 20 watts 8 ohms MahoganyBlond

    22-3 /4" 10-1/8" 11-1/4" 30 pounds

  • 7/22/2019 Altec - Catalog 1964


    " bif lex " speakers

    Th ese Al tec BIFLEX sp eak e r s a re th e l ate s t d ev e lo p men t f ro m Al tec ' s f amo u s aco u s t i clab o ra t o r ie s . Th ey a re co mp le te ly n ew in d e s ig n co n cep t an d e ff i c ien t ly r ep ro d u ce asmoo th frequ ency ran ge that has never before been achieved in any s ingle conelo u d sp eak e r. Th e d ev e lo p men t an d u se o f mu l t ip le co n cen t r i c co mp l ian ces in th e se 'speakers is but another example of Altec 's engineering leadership . Like a l l Altec speakersth e n ew BIFLEX u n i t s h av e f r eq u en cy ran g es g u a ran teed b y Al te c Lan s in g Co rp o ra t io n .

    4 0 8 A a"

    The ideal speaker for smaller criticaluses where the benefits of a larger unitare prohibited by space, weight or otherfactors. This economical new unit istruly amazing. Through the use of alarge magnet and a carefully designedm a g n e t i c s t r u c t u r e t h i s s p e a k e rachieves an efficiency that is outstanding for such a small unit. Using thenewly developed BIFLEX principle thiscompact 408A speaker has a guaranteed freque ncy range fro m 60 to 13,000cycles.

    price: $24.00

    Thi s new 12" speaker, emp loyi ngthe multiple concentric compliances, is truly outstanding in efficiency, quality ot reproduction,smoothness and breadth of frequency response. It is guaranteed by Altec to have a range ofat least 40 to 13,000 cycles whenmounted In a proper enclosure.For design , performance andcraftsmanship the 412A BIFLEXis a speaker that will please themost critical.

    price: $45.00

    The quality of a loudspeaker is determined byits frequency response, its efficiency and its lack of

    distort ion.. . by its ability to reproduce accurately insounds 'he electrical energy presented to it by the amplifier

    Altec Lansing speakers are unsurpassed. Years ofexperience in the field and research in one of the

    most comprehensive private acoustical laboratoriesin the world combine with the highest standards

    of precision engineering and craftsmanship to makeAltec Lansing speakers the very finest procurable.

  • 7/22/2019 Altec - Catalog 1964


    "duplex" speakers

    Altec "Duplex" speakers ar e mechanically a n d electrically independent high a n dlow frequency loudspeakers mounted within th e physical size of a single frame.

    They are, without exception, th e finest speakers in th e world. Every "Duplex"speaker carries th e unconditional quality guarantee that it will reproduce smoothly

    and efficiently t h e entire frequency range from 30 cycles to 22,000 cycles per secondwhen mounted in a proper cabinet. No other speaker or combination of

    speakers carries such a guarantee.

    601A 12This speaker combines in onesuperlative unit an efficient 12 'low frequency speaker with the3000A high frequency driver unitand horn and a 3000 cycle crossover network. Unconditionally

    guaranteed frequency response:30 cycles 22,000 cycles.

    price: $99.00including network

    A companion piece to th e 601Aand identical in every way withthe exception that it is mountedon a 15" frame an d uses a 15"cone with a larger low frequencymagnet for more efficient reproduction of very low frequencybass.

    price: $114.00including network

    e 604C is th e newest model ol theus professional type Altec 604 "Duplex"

    ker which has long been th e qualityndard of th e audio industry. An im-

    ed 15 ' cone an d newly designed ex -nsntial multicellular horn and 1600 cycle

    ork make it possible fo r th e 604Cuplex" to now have a guaranteed fre-

    ency response from 30 cycles to 22,000les . Fur ther des ign improvements

    able this speaker t o handle 50 wattspeak power without distortion. This

    peaker has no peer for high quality music

    an d mc

    s p e c i f i c a t i o n s

    Power Impedance Magnet Voice Coil Max. Cone m Dimensions WeightWeight Diam. Resonance Hor. Vert. Diam. Depth408A 15 watts 8 ohms .65 lb. 1 .7* 75 cycles 8 -1 /4" 3-7/16" 6 lbs.

    412A 20 watts 8 ohms 1.8 lb. 3" 50 cycles 12-1 /4- 5-5 /8" 15 lbs.

    415 A 25 watts 8 ohms 2.4 lb. 3 ' 45 cycles 15 -3 /16" r 25 lbs.

  • 7/22/2019 Altec - Catalog 1964


    802C driver and H - 3 1 1 ES horn




    N-800D network 803A speaker30 watts.16 ohms.30-800 cycles.2.4 lbs.3"45 cycles.Diam., 15-5 /16"; Depth. 7"$60.00

    In many homes the finest high fidelity installation can be

    made by building-in the components. For this reasonAltec Lansing Corporation makes these professional

    quality components available so that you may havethe finest in your custom home music system. Either

    of these speaker systems will provide perfect repro ducti onwhen mounted in a proper enclosure. To assist you

    in the construction of your cabinet Altec LansingCorporation has prepared a special brochure

    describing the proper methods of design and constructionand also provides a user assistance service to answer

    special questions and give advice so that you maybe sure to realize the full potential of

    your Altec home music system.

  • 7/22/2019 Altec - Catalog 1964


    Use the famous Altec 3000A high frequency speaker and N-3000A network with eitherthe 412A or 415A to achieve full 22,000 cycle pe rfo rma nce . Or if you already have asystem, the two units can be used to modernize it and achieve true Altec quality.Only Altec speakers provide a full 22,000 cycles range. This high frequency unit is idealto extend the frequency range of your present Altec 600B or 603B speaker or any othergood single cone speaker.

    300 0A high frequency spea ker




    20 watts.8 ohms.300022,000 cycles.Hon, 90"; vert.. 40'.2-5/8" H; 2-7/8" W; 3" D.$40.00



    hf attenuation:crossover:



    8 ohms.22 db steps.3000 cycles.3-1 IS" H:2-5/8" Square.$18.00

    See your dealer or write Altec forinformation regarding the designand construction of enclosures thatwill realize the full potential of thesewonderful speaker systems.

  • 7/22/2019 Altec - Catalog 1964


    The enclosure fo r your speaker is an important part of your system. A poorly engineeredcabinet may create false resonances, cause distortion, create holes in the mid-frequencyresponse, and even destroy tones; while a properly designed enclosure actually enhancesthe speaker's performance. These Altec enclosures have been designed and testedin Altec's acoustic laboratories to assure maximum performance from your Altecspeaker. They, like all other parts of your Altec home music system, have been designedwith but one thought: to give yo u matched components that will providethe finest quality.

    a period cabinet in mahogany, 35 " x 3 1 " x 17"$160.00


    a corner enclosure, always the best for extremebass, in mahogany or blond, 36-1 12" x 36" x 23-1 12" $138.00

    a compact phase computed enclosure for8" and 12" speakers, in mahogany or blond,

    28" x 19-1 12" x 16 "$81.00

    modern, can be used either vertically or horizontally,with or without legs; cabinet, 30" x 36" x 16-1 12"; legs, 5" high; in mahogany, matte walnut, or blond$143.00

    For IS ' speakers order 606A, 607A. or 608A.For 12* sneakers order 606B, 607B. 608B or 609B.For 8* speakers order 609C.

  • 7/22/2019 Altec - Catalog 1964


    304A AM-FM broadcast tuner 305A AM broadcast tuner

    The 304A belongs in the finest homes as part of a completeAltec home music system. It is without peer and will provide

    years of listening enjoyment of the finest broadcast quality.Requires a conlrol amplifier such as the A-440A or A-339.

    For areas where FM broadcasting is not available and fo rmore economical installations th e 305A provides flawless

    reception, utilizing fully the quality potentials of AM broadcasting. Requires a control amplifier such as the A-440Aor A-339.

    s p e c i f i c a t i o n s | s p e c i f i c a t i o n s

    controls: Tuninn; on-off, AM. FM. FM-AFC. | controls: Tuning. On-off.

    broadcast range: AM: 5401720 kilocycles.FM: 88108 megacycles. broadcast range: AM: 5401720 kilocycles.

    tm sensitivity: Absolute0.8 microvolt.Quieting6.0 microvolts. output: 1 volt cathode follower matched forA-440A 4 A-339.

    output : 1 volt cathode follower matched forA-440A 4 A-339. | power supply: 117 volts; 60 cycles: 20 watts.

    power supply: 117 volts; 60 cycles; 65 watts. | tubes: 2-6BA6. 1 each 63E6. 6AL5, 6AB4.lubes:

    4-6BA6, 2-6AL5, 2-6AB4, 1 each 6BE6,6U5/6G5, 6B07A. 6AU6, 12AT7. dimensions: 14-1 IT W; 8-1 IT D; 6-1 IT H.

    dimensions: 14-1 IT W; 8-1 IT D; 6-1 IT H.finish: Mahogany or blond.

    finish: Mahogany or blond.finish: Mahogany or blond.

    finish: Mahogany or blond.shipping weight: 12 pounds.

    shipping weight: 14 pounds.shipping weight: 12 pounds.

    price: $186.00 1 price: $99.00

    Outstanding engineering design, th e us e of the finest availablecompon ents with large safety factors, precision craftsmanship

    and intensive production testing make Altec tuners the choiceof the professional bro adcast industry. They are

    exceptional for their sensitivity, selectivity and aboveall their stability and freedom from drift even after

    hundreds of hours of use. They are housed inbeautiful hardwood cabinets designer-matched

    to blend with your entire Altec home musicsystem and to complement your finest furnishings.

  • 7/22/2019 Altec - Catalog 1964


    mic rop hon es ampl ifi ers control c onsol es loudspeakers - horns am-fm tuners scientific

    inst rumen ts thea tre s yste ms publi caddress syst ems high fid eli ty system s trans forme rs