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Review by Lufii

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Product Features and Technical DetailsProduct Features Powerful, crystal-clear soundCharges your iPad while dockedDocking stand pivots to portrait or landscape orientationMultiple viewing angles for optimal comfortConvenient, full-featured remote control

Technical Details Technical Details Brand Name: Altec LansingModel: MP450Width: 8.7 inchesDepth: 6.1 inchesHeight: 4.3 inchesRemote Control Description: remote_controlColor Name: Black

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If you are looking for the mid price IPad dock speaker, Philips Fidelio DS8550 & Luv iMM747 Hi-Fidelity is too expensive.

How about Altec Lansing MP450 Octive Stage ? The good

Another IPad dock speaker, Altec Lansing MP450 Octive Stage the interest choice for the mid price range

How about Altec Lansing MP450 Octive Stage ? The good quality mid price IPad dock speaker.

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What our customers saying?

From Baltimore, MD USA,

The Altec Lansing MP450 Octive Stage is a great device...

It is basically a charger and speaker dock that you can dock your iPad/iPhone/iPod in, and still be able to use the device while it plays iPad/iPhone/iPod in, and still be able to use the device while it plays music from your iTunes account. My Mother-In-Law uses it with her iPad - it fits on her counter with minimal required room, has good sound, and the remote is convenient for skipping songs and turning it on and off.

All in all, nothing not to like. Very user friendly and useful, with decent sound.

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From Under the rock,

I have never heard of this brand before, but thought I would give it a try. The Altec Lansing MP450 Octive Stageis pretty lightweight & will fit in just about any room. The sound quality is pretty good for the size of it. I used it in the kitchen while cooking, bathroom while getting ready for work & even in the laundry room while folding clothes & it works great.

From New York,

I found the Octiv Stage last month ago and I found that it was amazing!The sound was great and function was easy.

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From LA,

It was amazing and my wife love it. We had the great time together on our Anniversary .

From Some where in England,

I was looking for something to enhance the experience of I was looking for something to enhance the experience of watching shows and movies on my iPad. This Octiv Stage more than filled the bill. It’s able to the screen to Landscape totally improves the video, and the sound is great. It also folds up and fits easily in a drawer, thereby not encroaching on my desk real estate.All of this Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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� It’s easy to use� The sound is very good� Flipping from vertical to horizontal views

was easywas easy� Power On/Off and volume controls are

easily accessible� Auxiliary input jack

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