5 career suicide mistakes to avoid at all costs

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Do you know that you could be sabotaging your career advancement right now without knowing it? Find out how to avoid these little-known career suicide mistakes and use the strategies I show you here to propel your career forward.


  • 5 Career Suicide Mistakes AND HOW TO AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS Farnoosh Brock President & Founder at Prolific Living Inc.
  • By the end of this training, you will Know the 5 career suicide mistakes. Understand solution for each mistake. Apply 1-3 powerful tips to get unstuck. Learn how to get promoted & get the money you deserve.
  • My corporate career story 11 year career in a Fortune 100. Recovered from her career suicide mistakes. Result: 2x salary, 3x bonus $, workload, global travel + flexibility. Passionate to help you to build your career, not sabotage it.
  • Mistake #1: Neglect your relationship with your boss
  • Develop your relationship with your boss 1. Hold regular open 1:1 conversations 2. Know whats important to the boss & support his agenda. 3. Always speak highly of the boss.
  • Mistake #2: Let your hard work speak for itself
  • Stand up and speak for your hard work 1. Know the difference: arrogance vs. confidence. 2. Regularly share on-going list of your top 5 accomplishments 3. Speak more to what you achieved, not what you did.
  • Mistake #3: Mis-manage your reputation
  • Own and protect your reputation 1. Never, ever, engage in gossip. 2. Be a cheerleader for your company. 3. Set any rumors straight ASAP.
  • Mistake #4: Have a small or no circle of influence
  • Grow your circle of influence daily 1. Network with people outside your immediate circle. 2. Secure a leader as your mentor or better yet, godfather 3. Seek & ask for high-visibility projects.
  • Mistake #5: Resist investing in your own education
  • Willingly and gladly invest in yourself 1. Take one training per month. 2. Learn the skill that pays & transfers. 3. Make the investment pay for itself.
  • Recap: The mistakes again please? 1. Neglect your relationship with your boss 2. Let your hard work speak for itself. 3. Mis-manage your reputation. 4. Have a small or no circle of influence. 5. Resist investing in your own education.
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