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2014 Slide 2 Office of Continuing Education (OCET)is your and the communitys partner in lifelong learning OCET provides non-credit courses OCET provides courses in areas of professional development and personal enrichment Slide 3 Computer and Technology Business Development Agriculture / Horticulture Horticulture Safety Training / Certifications Industry / Trades FitnessFitness Basic Education SustainabilitySustainability Language / Communication Slide 4 OCET works to make students more career and college ready through the ICAN and ICAREER skills programs OCET works with students to determine career pathways OCET Partners with community organization to provide youth programs OCET provides customized contract training to different industries and companies island wide Slide 5 Bruce Getzan, Director OCET X 355 Tony Kilbert, Theater Events Manager X 352 Kent Tanigawa, Theater Technician x362 Kyoko Ikeda, International Education x368 Jennifer Defuntorum, Secretary x209 Crystal Bethal, Clerical Asst IV x375 Marisa Yotsuda, Clerical Asst. III x318 Peggy Lake, Training Coordinator x319 Eric Anderson ICAN Coordinator Ho`owaiwai Educational Specialist x354 Cheryl Stiglmeier, Training Coordinator x351 Lynn McNutt Grant Writer x109 Slide 6 Over 2400 Kauai people were able to take advantage of free health services at three sites around the island. KCC was one of the three locations. Nearly 300 medical professionals serving in the nations military reserves provided free medical care. People were able to obtain physical examinations, vision checks and glasses, dental care and more at three sites around Kauai. Slide 7 U.S. Members assist local residents waiting for care with correctly filling out the required paperwork to receive care during Tropic Care 14, at Kaua'i Community College, Lihue, HI, June 16, 2014. Tropic Care 2014, an Innovative Readiness Training exercise, provides real-world training in a joint civil-military environment while delivering world class medical care to the people of Kaua'i. (U.S. Army photo by Sergeant First Class Sean A. Foley)(Released) Slide 8 Held once every four years, Ka `Aha Hula `O Hlauaola was first presented in 2001 in Hilo, Hawai`I where 100 Kumu Hula, Cultural Practitioner presenters and 926 conference participants attended from around the world. The world conference on hula was again presented in 2005 in Kahului, Maui Then 2009 at Kaplama, O`ahu where a total of 1483 people participated. Delegates came from the islands of Hawai`i, 21 continental states, and 11 countries including: Japan, Mexico, Canada, French Polynesia, Poland, Switzerland and others. And, most recently, in July 2014, Kaua`i Island hosted over 1000 participants at the 4th World Conference on Hula. Slide 9 kahili paalima making hula Lauhala weaving Haku lei making ohe kapala Slide 10 Learning at college is a thrilling adventure filled with exciting discoveries--even in summer. The 5th annual Kids College Program held through OCET. Kids College is supported by Kaua`i Economic Development Board (KEDB) with US DOE grant funding The courses were taught by Kaua`i CC staff and teachers from schools on island. Slide 11 Rocket launch Rocketry Bottle Rockets- Myth Busters Paper Carts- The Great Egg Race Re-potting plants- Simple Ag Gearing up for the Demo- Robotics The kids had loads of fun!!! Our college incorporated math, science, agriculture, computer programming, and designing in this years Kids College The kids had loads of fun!!! Our college incorporated math, science, agriculture, computer programming, and designing in this years Kids College. Slide 12 Slide 13 Pictured here is Kyoko in her new office (2 nd fl. Student Services bldg.) and her new student intern from Japan Slide 14 For our International community, goals are : To provide English language instruction and an understanding of American culture to international students. To collect and disseminate information on study abroad opportunities for KCC students. To serve as a center for cross-cultural events for the island of Kauai. To support the internationalization of course curriculum. To develop, promote, and conduct international exchange programs for students, faculty, and staff. To serve as a resource for the college in its international endeavors. Slide 15 They will be visiting from: Okinawa Prefectural College of Nursing National Institute of Technology, Toyama National Institute of Technology, Oshima College Japan Maritime College, Professional Development Today, we have new international student orientation at Student Center. And 4 new international students (F-1 visa) joining our credit side full-time. Slide 16 Slide 17 Increase the number of custom contract classes Green Energy Team, REC Solar, KIUC are a few of the businesses we provided training for this past year Increase number of classes to different business industries We have had Ag, Industry specific, sustainability, OSHA and computer classes to name a few Increase night classes Develop courses in sustainability Ag, PV, Biomass, Hydro and Wind Energy Increase energy efficiency Slide 18 ****Save the date**** OCET & SBDC are partnering Small Business mini conference 10/31/2014 Topics to include: Employer Training Fund, HR Issues, Social Media Marketing, Traditional Marketing, Starting a Small Business. Every Wednesday in November & December, OCET will host FREE Brown Bag Sessions for businesses. Topics to include: WDD, Liquor Laws, Unemployment, ETF, Food Safety, OSHA topics, Recycling electronics, Cyber Safety, ADA laws Slide 19 Slide 20 Check out our onsite courses Check out our online training courses Join our mailing list Get our new instructor handbook Have a class youd love to teach? Funding options Slide 21 Clicking a specific highlighted class, will take you to the class details. Slide 22 Clicking takes you to our NEW on-line registration system! Slide 23 Adding to the Cart will take you to the check out. Slide 24 To continue to check out, you will have to create a user profile. Slide 25 Slide 26 Slide 27 We look forward to our new and continued partnerships with you and our Kauai community. See you around campus!