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www.cookiesetton.com Exploring Excel 1. Introduction to Microsoft Excel: What is a Spreadsheet? What else can Excel do? Excel is a spreadsheet program that allows you to store, organize, and analyze information Use Excel for Calculations, Inventory Lists, Scheduling Cost Analysis, Task list Database Financial plans & reports Charts & Graphs, and a tool for decision making Slide 2 www.cookiesetton.com2 Slide 3 3 Working with Your Excel Environment The Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar are where you will find the commands you need to do common tasks. This is the Excel 2010 Ribbon. Commands such as Open and Print are in Backstage view. Slide 4 www.cookiesetton.com4 Ribbon 2007 The office button has been replaced with the File Tab Slide 5 www.cookiesetton.com5 Once a chart is created, options within a command Slide 6 www.cookiesetton.com6 Excel Help | Page views Normal page layout Page break preview - Zoom + HELP ???? Slide 7 www.cookiesetton.com7 Objectives (1 of 2) Spreadsheet is a computerized ledger. A spreadsheet is generic term; worksheet is an Excel term Divided into Rows and Columns Cell References Constants--entries that do not change Spreadsheets Basics Active cell Cell name A B C D. 256 Columns 2007 16,384 1,2,3 - 65,000 Rows 2007 1 million Worksheets within the Workbook. Sheet tabs can be renamed by right clicking Numeric constant right aligned Text constant - Left aligned A workbook is the entire file and a worksheet is the individual page within the workbook Slide 8 www.cookiesetton.com8 Navigating a spreadsheet Arrows: One cell in the direction of the arrow Home: Beginning of current row Ctrl+Home: Beginning of the worksheet Ctrl+End: Bottommost, rightmost non- blank cell in sheet Page Down: Down one screenful Page Up: Up one screenful Alt+Page Down: Right one screenful Alt+Page Up: Left one screenful Enter: To beginning of next row (or beginning of data range in next row) Tab: One cell to the right Shift+Tab: One cell to the left Ctrl+Backspace You can press to bring the active cell into view if you lose track of it. To change which cell is active, use the arrow keys, click the desired cell, or use the keyboard shortcuts from the following table. Slide 9 www.cookiesetton.com9 Creating Formulas & Functions All formulas & functions begin with an equal = sign. Formula is an equation that performs a calculation. A function is a predefined formula. Addition: (formula) =A2+A3+A4+A5 (function)=SUM(A2:A5) Average (formula)=(A2+A3+A4+A5)/4 (function) =AVERAGE(A2:A5) Subtraction: (formula) =A2-A3 ________________________________________________________________________________ Range: A series of consecutive numbers. Eg. A2:A5 represents A2,A3,A4,A5 Hierarchy of Operations Order of precedence of the operators is as follows: ^ (caret)exponentiation *(asterisk)multiplication /(slash)division(Multi. & Div. are performed in order reading from left to right) +(plus)addition -(minus)subtraction (Also performed in order from left to right) When parentheses ( ) surround parts of a formula, however, the operation inside the parentheses takes precedence. Tip: this sentence is a helpful mnemonic device for remembering the order. Please parentheses Excuse exponents My multiplication Dear division Aunt addition Sally subtraction Slide 10 More Formulas & Functions Highest amount in a range=MAX(A2:A10) Lowest amount in a range....=MIN(A2:A10) Count of values in a range ..=COUNT(A2:A10) Count of any data in a range=COUNTA(A2:A10) IF FUNCTIONS enables you to build a logical formula. The IF function compares the value in a cell to a test that you specify, then makes a decision as to whether the value meets the test. True or false.= IF(logical_text,if_true,value_if_false) www.cookiesetton.com10


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