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  2. 2. 1) Who are you?
  3. 3. A group of people who, in the form of association or Committee, pursue a goal, an ideal or the realization of an activity
  4. 4. 2) Why?
  5. 5. Because you share aspirations, values and projects
  6. 6. For your projects and your aspirations can be realized is necessary you to build networks of relationships with other subjects that will help you achieve your goal
  7. 7. And you always must KEEP IN MIND you are an actor of the society in which you live
  8. 8. Together with other subjects such as
  9. 9. Institutions Public Sector Business and Owners Religious groups Trade Unions Political Parties Etrerprises NGOs
  10. 10. in order to achieve your goal you have to be able to build the widest possible alliance with other parties that are part of the society
  11. 11. In other words dont forget you need partners and you are a potential partners for other subjects
  12. 12. Most Common mistakes in youth field activities
  13. 13. im just a youth ngo i am not interested in politics why press should care about what we do?
  15. 15. You are an active subject of the society where you live and must have an active role if you want to achive your goals
  16. 16. That means bulding a network with all the subjects potentially involved in the process you are carrying on
  17. 17. Never forget!
  19. 19. As a youth worker and youth leader you are an active member of your society entitled to deal, face to face, to members of institutions or other important subjects
  20. 20. At the same time, media plays a crucial role in our society and you must be linked to them in any activity you run trough, press releases, press conferences, unformal contacts.
  22. 22. Be always aware of what is happening in your community Who is ruling Who are the most important member of political scenes Who are the most influent people in the sector of culture In other words who is the trend setter
  23. 23. Be always informed: That means read on a daily bases news papers, surf in the internet, try to collect important infos trough not orthodox ways like mouth to mouth ones.
  24. 24. IN other words you always must know what is going on in your community
  25. 25. Beside this, you must have a clear idea of who is doing what. Who is taking care of that office, who is working in that departement, what are the functions and the powers of that person.
  26. 26. Like this you will know who to talk to about what and will make your process faster.
  27. 27. Dont make some silly mistakes: Politics means nothing: there are politicians who hold governamental responsabilities and others who are part of minority. Be always sure you are facing those who can help you in your process
  28. 28. Other important element!
  29. 29. Political sector is different from public administration! They work together in the mamanagement of the community but have different roles And you mus keep contacts with both of them
  30. 30. Some important tips
  31. 31. Collect all the info you can get about potential stakeholders including hobbies, personal life and details. Create your own database with all the contact infos you might need Attend confence and public meeting where you mighy hold new contacts
  32. 32. Once you have all these elements you can start your lobbying process Following 3 basic rules
  33. 33. Unless you are not Amnesty international or Green Peace, you need to create an alliance of organisation supporting your cause. Numbers are everything in politics. Be always aware of what you want and of what your objectives are Be sure you are running a process with the right people in terms of powers or skills
  34. 34. Lobbying and advocacy is not only drinking a martini with a politician in the bad a of a 5 star hotel but its a long process with several intermediate steps. You dont win or lose just with a battle but you need to go trough the whole war. Be smart, be creative, be involving!
  35. 35. Be also cooperative but, if that is not reciprocal, be ready to use taugher means. I.E. Your politician refuse to keep his promises. Hold a press conference and tell everybody you are ready to go into battle to defende your rights.
  36. 36. michele.demontis@tdm2000.org