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<ul><li><p>Using TurningPoint with Study IslandAdmin and Teacher Guide</p></li><li><p>Login to Study Island as an administrator</p></li><li><p>From the Admin page select TurningPoint at the bottom center of the page.</p></li><li><p>Login to Study Island as a teacher</p></li><li><p>Select your Grade Level and Subject</p></li><li><p>Select the Topic</p></li><li><p>Set the Session Type to Classroom Response System</p></li><li><p>Click to select TurningPoint Student Response System </p></li><li><p>Select your class</p></li><li><p>From this screen:</p><p>Add the Clicker IDsSelect New SessionSelect a Previous SessionClick Next</p></li><li><p>Click Teacher Led to launch the whole class test questions</p></li><li><p>Click Start Polling to allow students to begin submitting their answers</p></li><li><p>Optional: Click Question Results during or after polling to view answer graph</p></li><li><p>Optional: Click Detail Results during or after polling to view individual student answers</p></li><li><p>Both Question Results and Detailed Results can be viewed simultaneously. Show Correct Answer will reveal a star next to the correct answer.</p></li><li><p>Click Stop Polling to end the question.Click Next to go to the next question or Click End Session to end the test.</p></li><li><p>Click Yes to save your session</p></li><li><p>Click Display Results to view results</p></li><li><p>By default the results will be displayed in collapsed view.</p></li><li><p>Click Expand All to view individual student details</p></li><li><p>If you need further assistance contact:Turning Technologies 1-866-746-3015</p><p>*********************</p></li></ul>