TurningPoint2008 - Nanyang Technological Countdown –add a countdown timer to your slide. ... Save from PowerPoint when saving your presentation; save from TurningPoint to save the session data

Download TurningPoint2008 - Nanyang Technological   Countdown –add a countdown timer to your slide. ... Save from PowerPoint when saving your presentation; save from TurningPoint to save the session data

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    TurningPoint2008 Version


    INSTALLING TURNINGPOINT 2008 SOFTWARE ............................................. 2


    SETTING CORRECT ANSWERS ...................................................................... 5

    ADJUSTING TURNINGPOINT SETTINGS .......................................................... 5

    SETTING UP YOUR HARDWARE ...................................................................... 6

    CHOOSING YOUR PARTICIPANT OPTIONS .................................................... 9

    RUNNING A TURNINGPOINT PRESENTATION ............................................... 10

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    TurningPoint 2008 version 4.5 can be installed by downloading the latest version from the Clickers website. 1. Before you start the installation you must ensure that you are logged onto your computer as a local

    computer administrator. 2. You could download TurningPoint 2008 by going to the Clickers website,

    http://www.ntu.edu.sg/cits/lsa/clickers/Pages/default.aspx 3. Click on the link to start downloading TurningPoint 2008. 4. A File Download window will appear, click on Save, then browse to a suitable location on your computer and

    click Save to start the download. 5. When the download is complete, double-click the Setup icon to start the installation. 6. Select Run to start the InstallShield wizard. 7. A welcome screen will appear on the InstallShield wizard. 8. Click Next to continue with the installation. 9. If you accept the terms of the License Agreement, select the button labelled I accept the terms in the

    license agreement. 10. Enter your User Name and Organisation in the customer information window and then click Next to

    continue. 11. Click Install, TurningPoint will now begin installing. 12. Once TurningPoint has installed the required files, select Launch TurningPoint if you would like to

    immediately open the program. To open TurningPoint at a later time, you will need to double-click on the TurningPoint icon on your desktop or open the program through your Start Menu.

    13. Click Finish when the process is complete. 14. During the installation process, if you were prompted to install necessary components (i.e. Microsoft .NET

    Framework), you will need to restart your computer.


    1. Open TurningPoint 2008 from the icon on your desktop or the Start Menu.

    2. To access TurningPoint, open the TurningPoint 2008 Ribbon which is located on the far right of your Ribbon

    menu (In the latest version, Office will switch to the TurningPoint tab automatically and appear as the first


    Reset Data

    Save Session Data

    Convert to Picture Slide

    Generate Reports, Import questions from Word and

    Adjust TurningPoint Settings. Import pre-set MCQs from MS Word to TurningPoint Help

    Display TurningPoint Licensing Information

    Open an Existing Session

    Insert a Question


    Insert Chart, Response Counters, Answer Now

    Indicators and Countdown

    Displays Selected

    Input Device

    Manage Participant



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    3. To add a TurningPoint slide to your presentation, select Insert Slide from the TurningPoint Ribbon.

    4. Choose a slide from the menu that appears.

    Your choices include:

    Creating a basic question slide by choosing a chart


    Creating a competition by adding Leader Boards or a Team

    Assignment slide

    Pre-formatted questions and answers.

    Using a TurningPoint Special Purpose slide to enhance a


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    5. To create a basic presentation, start by choosing one of the chart slides (in the top section of the menu.) This will insert the chosen slide into the presentation. You may now add a question and answer choices, accordingly.

    6. You may enter up to 10 possible

    answers. 7. You can add objects into your slide by using the Insert Object button on the TurningPoint Ribbon.

    The Insert Object menu gives you the ability to add the following objects: o Charts select this option to change the chart type on your slide.

    o Animated 2D/3D Charts change your chart to an animated chart.

    o Countdown add a countdown timer to your slide.

    o Grid add a table that will illustrate individual incoming responses.

    o Answer Now add an answer now indicator to your slide.

    o Response Counter add a counter that will count your incoming

    responses to your slide.

    o Correct Answer Indicator demonstrate to your audience which

    answer was correct before proceeding to the next slide.

    o Stats add statistical data to your slide.

    o Text Message this can be used with ResponseWare, to send a

    text message to the audience.

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    1. When entering answer choices, an Answer Values Task Pane displays a list of the answers and their

    current answer values on the right side of the screen.


    1. You can adjust your TurningPoint Settings to customise your

    presentation. Example: you can change chart colours, point

    values or whatever you feel necessary. (See below images.)

    2. Select a value from

    the drop down menu

    for each of the

    answer options.

    Your choices include:

    No Value




    If you choose correct or

    incorrect, TurningPoint

    will automatically assign

    it the point value chosen

    within the TurningPoint


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    2. Select the All Settings button from the bottom right of the Settings window if you want to view all the

    available settings.


    1. Plug in your TurningPoint 2008 Receiver.

    2. Open TurningPoint from the icon on the Desktop or the

    Start menu.

    3. Click on Tools.

    4. Select Settings.


    The receiver should always be connected

    BEFORE you open TurningPoint.

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    5. Select Response Device from the settings hierarchy in the left hand pane.

    6. Select your receiver channel from the dropdown menu next to your receiver. Set the channel to

    match the assigned venue channel. (Please do not change the venues assigned channel!)

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    7. Select the Polling Test tab.

    TurningPoint displays the Polling

    Test screen. Use this screen to

    verify that TurningPoint can

    receive responses from the


    8. Click Start Test button.

    TurningPoint is now ready to

    accept responses from the

    response devices.

    9. Press a key on each response

    device to be used. TurningPoint displays the Device ID, Channel and the key entry from each response device in the order in which they were tested.

    10. Select the End Test button. TurningPoint ends Polling Test.

    11. Select the Done button. The response device testing is now complete

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    Your Participant list must be loaded from the Participant list drop down menu in the Settings Pane before you run

    an interactive session.

    Anonymous - polling is anonymous.

    Auto - polling will record the device IDs, but the ID

    will not be assigned to an individuals name.

    Custom Lists - polling will observe the individual

    participant list selected. (These lists are created in

    advance through the Participant List Wizard).


    If the Settings Pane is hidden you

    can display it by selecting Tools

    from the TurningPoint ribbon then

    Enable Settings Pane.

    The Participants menu gives you several options:

    o Display Participant Monitor displays the Participant monitor for the current session.

    o Participant List wizard create a list. o Import a Participant List import a list in from another location. o Edit a Participant List open a list and make changes. o Delete a Participant List delete a list from your computer. o Real-Time Registration Tool registers participants names with a

    clicker device in real time o Participant List Display view the selected Participants List

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    1. Plug in your receiver.

    2. Launch TurningPoint and open your presentation.

    3. If using a participant list, click select the list from the TurningPoint Settings Pane on the right.

    4. Choose the type of responses you would like to receive. (See illustration above.)

    Choose Response Devices - if receiving live results from keypads.

    Choose Keyboard Keys 0-9 - if you would like to simulate response

    data manually on the keyboard.

    Choose Simulated Data - if you would like the computer to

    automatically simulate response data.

    5. Set the channel and the number of expected devices in the Response Device Settings.

    6. Run the Polling Test to verify that TurningPoint can receive responses from the devices.

    7. Select Reset Session from the Reset button on the TurningPoint Ribbon. This will prepare your slides to

    collect new information from the participants. (See illustration above.)

    8. Start your presentation from PowerPoint Slide Show options. (See illustration above.)

    9. When the presentation opens, advance through the slides by using traditional PowerPoint methods, such as

    mouse clicks or arrow keys. When you reach a TurningPoint slide, polling will automatically open with the

    showbar appearing in the top right corner. (See image below.)

    10. When finished with presentation, save your presentation and session data. It is important to note that you

    must save your TurningPoint presentations from both the PowerPoint Save icon and the TurningPoint Save

    icon. Though the icons look the same on the TurningPoint & PowerPoint tool- bars, they each save different

    files. Save from PowerPoint when saving your presentation; save from TurningPoint to save the session data

    you gathered from the audience.


    F9 Show/ Hide the Showbar. F3 Data


    F4 Repoll the current


    F5 Insert slide on the fly

    F2 Toggle between percentages and response counts

    F6 Display the original chart

    F7 Display Response Grid

    F8 Display the Non-Response


    Displays the response count

    Displays polling status

    Displays user feedback F11 Displays the Feedback Window

    Press to make the Showbar


    F12 Launch the Participant


    Show 2 D/3D

    animated chart

    Enable/ Disable ResponseWare

    Show/ hide Response, user feedback and polling status

    Anonymous polling

    Displays a countdown timer


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