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A TurningPoint for student feedback. Dr Sara Marsham School of Marine Science and Technology sara.marsham@ncl.ac.uk. Have you used TurningPoint in one of your sessions?. Yes No. 0 of 30. Just One Thing. Trialled TurningPoint to collect student feedback - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>A TurningPoint for student feedbackDr Sara MarshamSchool of Marine Science and Technologysara.marsham@ncl.ac.uk Have you used TurningPoint in one of your sessions?</p> <p>YesNo0 of 30Just One ThingTrialled TurningPoint to collect student feedback</p> <p>Three modules one from each LevelMST1001; MST2012; MST3019/3095/3096/3099</p> <p>Or via Blackboard</p> <p>DisadvantagesLow response from students</p> <p>Lack of dialogue between students and staff</p> <p>Time consuming for Module Leader</p> <p>Students not clear if/how feedback used</p> <p>CLOSE THE FEEDBACK LOOP</p> <p>MST1001 Biodiversity of Marine Animals</p> <p>MST3019/3095/3096/3099 Research Project modulesOral feedback from students noted during session and discussed at that timeFormal written response generated by teaching teamAll feedback put on Blackboard and in Module BoxesHow do you rate using TurningPoint for collecting module feedback? Not quickerGood method but used at wrong timeGood to see response - shows that staff look at and respond to answers/commentsLevel 4 - 32 responses47 registered students - 68% returnLevel 5 - 21 responses48 registered students - 44% returnLevel 6 - 40 responses43 registered students - 87% returnDo you prefer the paper form or this interactive method?Level 4 - 33 responses47 registered studentsLevel 5 - 21 responses48 registered studentsLevel 6 - 39 responses43 registered studentsPrefer not to see responses as bar chart uncomfortable that answers were visible to everyoneEvaluationProblemsTiming of feedback sessionsTesting handsets at start of sessionStudents submitting the wrong responseNot all students answered every question</p> <p>ImprovementsLonger, dedicated feedback sessionFully explain benefits of using TurningPoint to studentsAmend/reduce questions askedOverall positive response from studentsStaff believe trials were successfulHow do you rate using TurningPoint for collecting module feedback? Do you prefer the paper form or this interactive method?AcknowledgmentsQuILT for providing funding through their Just One Thing projectDr Ben Wigham (Module Leader for MST2012)Prof Matt Bentley (Module Leader for MST3019/3095/3096/3099)</p> <p>Thank you for listeningAny questions?</p>