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<ul><li><p>A TurningPoint for student feedback</p><p>Dr Sara MarshamSchool of Marine Science and </p><p>Technologysara.marsham@ncl.ac.uk </p></li><li><p>Have you used TurningPoint in one of your sessions?</p><p>1. Yes</p><p>2. No</p></li><li><p>Just One Thing</p><p> Trialled TurningPoint to collect student feedback</p><p> Three modules one from each Level</p><p> MST1001; MST2012; MST3019/3095/3096/3099</p></li><li><p>Or via Blackboard</p></li><li><p>Disadvantages</p><p> Low response from students</p><p> Lack of dialogue between students and staff</p><p> Time consuming for Module Leader</p><p> Students not clear if/how feedback used</p><p>CLOSE THE FEEDBACK LOOP</p></li><li><p>MST1001 Biodiversity of Marine Animals</p></li><li><p>MST3019/3095/3096/3099 Research Project modules</p><p> Oral feedback from students noted during session and discussed at that time</p><p> Formal written response generated by teaching team</p><p> All feedback put on Blackboard and in Module Boxes</p></li><li><p>How do you rate using TurningPoint for collecting module feedback? </p><p> Not quicker</p><p> Good method but used at wrong time</p><p> Good to see response - shows that staff look at and respond to answers/comments</p><p>12.5%3.1% 6.2%</p><p>3.1%</p><p>75%</p><p>Poor Average High</p><p>Level 4 - 32 responses47 registered students - 68% return</p><p>0% 4.8% 4.8% 9.5%</p><p>81%</p><p>Poor Average High</p><p>Level 5 - 21 responses48 registered students - 44% return</p><p>37.5%</p><p>12.5%30%</p><p>10%10%</p><p>Poor Average High</p><p>Level 6 - 40 responses43 registered students - 93% return</p></li><li><p>Do you prefer the paper form or this interactive method?</p><p>Level 4 - 33 responses47 registered students</p><p>Level 5 - 21 responses48 registered students</p><p>Level 6 - 39 responses43 registered students</p><p>9.1%</p><p>90.9%</p><p>Paper form TurningPoint</p><p>14.3%</p><p>85.7%</p><p>Paper form TurningPoint</p><p>61.5%</p><p>38.5%</p><p>Paper form TurningPoint</p><p> Prefer not to see responses as bar chart uncomfortable that answers were visible to everyone</p></li><li><p>Evaluation</p><p>Problems Timing of feedback sessions</p><p> Testing handsets at start of session</p><p> Students submitting the wrong response</p><p> Not all students answered every question</p><p>Improvements Longer, dedicated feedback session</p><p> Fully explain benefits of using TurningPoint to students</p><p> Amend/reduce questions asked</p></li><li><p> Overall positive response from students</p><p> Staff believe trials were successful</p><p>20.4%</p><p>7.5%</p><p>16.1%</p><p>7.5%</p><p>48.4%</p><p>Poor Average High32.3%</p><p>67.7%</p><p>Paper form TurningPoint</p><p>How do you rate using TurningPoint for collecting module feedback? </p><p>Do you prefer the paper form or this interactive method?</p></li><li><p>Acknowledgments</p><p> QuILT for providing funding through their Just One Thing project</p><p> Dr Ben Wigham (Module Leader for MST2012)</p><p> Prof Matt Bentley (Module Leader for MST3019/3095/3096/3099)</p><p>Thank you for listening</p><p>Any questions?</p></li></ul>


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