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<p>Use Twitter to Land Your Next Job</p> <p>Use Twitter to Land Your Next JobCarrie Smith</p> <p>Maybe talk about how I personally have landed 80% of my freelance jobs on twitter. Give a personal side a bit. 1</p> <p>Love That #Hashtag! Use # sign like a regular search engine to:Locate job openings Increase your chances of being hiredFind jobs posted on social media before theyre on job boardscarefulcents.com2</p> <p>Jump Into Twitter ChatsA Tweetchat can help you:Connect with your online communityGet noticed and show your expertiseShare ideas and tips</p> <p>#jobhuntchat </p> <p>#careerchat </p> <p>#internchat </p> <p>carefulcents.comGive a quick rundown on what a tweet chat is: A Tweet chat is a live Q&amp;A session that typically discusses specific niche or industry issues, and can cover everything from career advice to project management3Start Taking ActionScheming and dreaming will fill your mind. But taking action will fill your life. - Betsy Talbot,</p> <p>Build your networkBuild a supportive networkFollow people who share expert advice and tipsGet a job (its all about who you know)Leverage your network, who can keep an eye outcarefulcents.comJob hunting can be overwhelming, use Twitter to:</p> <p>Become the Go-To ResourceOnce you land a job DONT QUIT NETWORKINGUse Twitter to stay in the knowKeep tabs on your favorite companies, products, services Expand your network and become an industry leader#resume </p> <p>#employment </p> <p>#freelancing</p> <p>#smallbizcarefulcents.com6Carrie</p> <p></p>