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Twitter: Next Steps presentation on October 22, 2013 for faculty & staff at the School of Environmental & Biological Sciences at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.


  • 1.Twitter: Next Steps School of Environmental and Biological Sciences October 22, 2013 Andy Campbell - @ac_andycampbell SEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS

2. Getting Started with TwitterWhat Is Twitter? twitter / twitr/ Verb - (of a bird) Give a call consisting of repeated light tremulous sounds. Noun - A series of short, high-pitched calls or sounds. Synonyms verb: chirp - tweet - chirrup - chatter warble noun: chirp - tweet - chirrup - warble chatter Twitter ( Information network made up of 140-character posts called Tweets Social (friends/connections) Media (news/information) Personal Learning Network Networking, Marketing, Information ExchangeSEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS 3. Getting Started with TwitterWhy Twitter?SEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS 4. Getting Started with TwitterTerminology & Culture Tweet a post of up to 140 characters Followers accounts that follow you publicly Following accounts that you follow publicly Handle your Twitter Username (@ac_andycampbell) #Hashtag an index/keyword feature using the # symbol Trending the most popular topics being discussed RT Retweet, like an email forward MT Modified Tweet, forward with modifications DM Direct Message, private message @Reply to respond to a Tweet Favorite to mark a Tweet as a favorite Mentions/Interactions list of activity for interaction with your account Lists a means to organize information & accounts Search powerful tool to locate information in TwitterSEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS 5. Getting Started with TwitterInformation OverloadSEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS 6. Getting Started with TwitterEngagement is Key Send a tweet Follow some accounts Reply to messages, ask questions, favorite items, retweet Search for hashtags & keywords, add them to your tweets or use them to discover new accounts, new conversations Look for scheduled, topical chats great way to engage with others and learn the community norms The line between professional & personal lives blurring Safety & security Be yourselfSEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS 7. Getting Started with TwitterCompose a TweetStart HereSEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS 8. Getting Started with TwitterOur first Tweets!SEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS 9. Getting Started with TwitterEngagement & InteractionsSEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS 10. Getting Started with TwitterReply Retweet using RTBasic RetweetSEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS 11. Getting Started with TwitterSEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS 12. Getting Started with Twitter#Hashtags & Keywords Search for information via # Hashtag or keyword Tag Your Tweets with Hashtags Helpful to organize, analyze & collect data Anything goes #icanmakeupanythingiwanthere Create unique hashtags for events, presentations, etc.- search for them first to avoid cross-conversations Include Hashtags on promotional materials to get people talking & searching SEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS 13. Getting Started with TwitterSEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS 14. Getting Started with TwitterUsing Lists in Twitter Lists help organize & filter information You can add Twitter accounts to multiple lists Dont need to follow the account to add to a lists Lists can be Public or Private Make your personal news/information network SEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS 15. Getting Started with TwitterSEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS 16. Getting Started with TwitterSEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS 17. Getting Started with TwitterChange Your Search Mindest Twitter vs. Google Real-Time Information Valid vs. Invalid Sources Trending Topics Use Your Lists SEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS 18. Getting Started with TwitterSEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS 19. Getting Started with TwitterSEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS 20. Getting Started with Twitter Why the 140 Limit: Twitter Glossary: 25 Tips to Tweet Like a Pro: Twitter for Beginners: Visual Guide for Beginners: Top 10 Tips for Beginners:,2817,2341095,00.asp Twitter 101: Beginners Guide: Hashtags: Proper Use of Hashtags Rant: Hashtags Guide: ITS: Andy Campbell: Getting Started with Twitter: SEBS & NJAES Social Media Channels: Rutgers Guide to Social Media: ITS - @SEBS_ITS 21. Getting Started with TwitterThank you! SEBS ITS - @SEBS_ITS