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<ol><li> 1. How to Tweet Your Way to a Job By </li><li> 2. Twitter Advantages Twitter is the only social media network that can be used: Via the web As an app on your smart phone On a cell phone with texting capability </li><li> 3. How to Create a Twitter Account Go to Full name Email Password Username Photograph Bio Header Background </li><li> 4. Twitter Basics Twitter is Marketing in 140 characters are less. It's like a text message the whole world can read. Bio section: Allows you to explain in 160 characters or less Who you are </li><li> 5. Using Twitter for Job Search Most jobseekers know about using Linked to to network with potential employers and gain information regarding companies they desire to work for. Little do they know that Twitter is a great social media tool for job searching. </li><li> 6. Twitter History Twitter is a social network created by St. Louis native Jack Dorsey. Hip hop artist Nelly claims to have put St. Louis on the map but Jack Dorsey made St. Louis global through Twitter. </li><li> 7. Ways to use Twitter Personal Expression Brand awareness Employment RecruitingSales tool EXPRESSION Sales Tool </li><li> 8. JOB SEARCH &amp; TWITTER HR experts share advice on topics such as Resume writing Interviewing Job search techniques Companies provide information about job openings. Some companies create accounts just to share information. </li><li> 9. HASHTAGS KEY WORDS YOU CAN USE Jobsearch Hiring Interviewtips Career Advice Resume More than half of recruiters (54%) now use Twitter as part of their talent search. From Time Magazine </li><li> 10. KEYWORDS=HASHTAGS Hashtags can help increase your targeted followers and increase your reach (number of views). You can use hashtags to add value to your tweets. Hashtags make your tweets more searchable within twitter. Only use 1-3 hashtags per post </li><li> 11. CHATS FOR CAREER ADVICE AND EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES #Linkedinchat Tuesdays at 8pm #Jobhuntchat Monday at 9pm #hfchat Friday at 11am #careerchat Tuesday at 12pm #careersuccess Monday at 7pm </li><li> 12. Who to Follow on Twitter SparkJTRadio SLATE Tweet Jobs Indeed Scottrade SimplyHired Career Builder @SparkJTRadio @SLATE_MCC @TweetMyJobs @Indeed @WorkATScottrade @SimplyHired @CareerBuilder </li><li> 13. Tune in to Sparkmans Job Talk Radio Show on KXEN 1010 am every Tuesday featuring companies that are hiring in the STL. Sparkman Magazine is your connection to exciting employment opportunities. In your job and career search, use Sparkman, Your Christian Classified Publication. </li></ol>