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Twitter for job Search. How to use the Twitter platform to set up your profile and learn how to use the toll for job search. Whether you are a job seeker or a passive candidate this will show you how to search Twitter for jobs.


<ul><li>1.Twitter For Job Search St. Ednas 2014 BRUCE BIXLER </li></ul> <p>2. TWITTER 3. Social Media Video Name Title Name Title Name Title Name Title Name Title 4. Whos on Twitter: Those that are important to your job search Twitter 500,000,000 users All Fortune 500 companies are listed Your Target companies Recruiters Head Hunters Career Coaches Resume Writers There are 1000s of jobs posted 5. TWITTER Biography Who you are, What you do, How you add value, Something personal, Marriage, Kids, Sports, Interests, Hobbies Filling in your profile information will help people find you on Twitter. For example, you'll be more likely to turn up in a Twitter search if you've added your location or your real name. Your Twitter profile picture helps instantly identify you to those following you -- and tells those who aren't more about you. 6. 5 Reasons Job Seekers Should use Twitter 1. Recruiting firms and job boards are great resources but with Twitter you can contact the employer directly 2. Twitter isnt saturated with job seekers just yet, if used correctly it can be another resource for jobs 3. Twitter is another channel for getting in touch with the right people at the right time. 4. Create a Twitter network because if you have been ignoring this platform you can no longer afford to do so 5. Lastly go with what works and Twitter is giving results. 7. Tweets 1. Tweet about your specialty (frequently) Social Media Workshop today at Gray Hair Mgmt 2. Tweet about your expertise (frequently) Twitter Workshop Instruction at Gray Hair Mgmt 3. Tweet about job search (infrequently) Using Twitter for Job search seeking new Marketing position Chicago (Frequently means 1 a day) 8. Twitter Hash Tags ######s Use hash tags for job searches (#)jobs Use hash tags for company searches (#)Sears Use hash tags for recruiters (#)HR Use hash tags for locations (#)Chicago Use hash tags for industries (#)Marketing 9. Twitter Hash Tags Job Search Hash tags or the # sign on Twitter is used to search ANY tweet that has the hashtag or # sign in it 1. Job Search: #Hiring Results for all tweets with the word hiring 10. Twitter Hash Tags Job Search 2. Next search: #hiring #Chicago Results for all tweets with the words hiring and Chicago Leave a space and add another hashtag or # sign So in the search above will be ALL tweets with the words hiring and Chicago in the tweet 11. Twitter Hash Tags Job Search 3. Next search: #hiring #Chicago #retail Results for all tweets with the words hiring, Chicago &amp; retail Add the third search term by adding the hashtag or # sign for your specialty Sometimes there wont be ant results so you will have to refine your search 12. Twitter Hash Tags Job Search 13. To uncover companies using Twitter, visit, select Find People, and input one or more of the following keywords Careers Recruiting HR Manager (or, human resources manager) Talent Recruiter Staffing Jobs Hiring Opportunitys 14. To uncover recruiters using Twitter Search results show recruiting groups or companies Type in the hashtag or # sign for recruiter, then the Hashtag or # sign for your specialty Example: Sales, IR, retail, marketing, or HR. 15. Save Advanced Search results 16. Advanced searches Search results 17. Search Phrases I used search phrase: need web developer Search of several job aggregators showed this position wasnt listed elsewhere at least not without a time consuming search. What does this mean to the job seeker? It means Twitter just might be the new underground for jobs and with growing competition, uncovering unadvertised jobs would make job search easier. 18. Add Twitter to LinkedIn Add your Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile You can send LinkedIn updates to Twitter You can send messages from LinkedIn to your Twitter followers by checking the tweet box on your updates 19. Add Twitter to LinkedIn 20. THANK YOU Contact Information Bruce Bixler </p>