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Trends Of Technology. By : Andrew Nicholson. A nimation. Graphic. Charts a nd Graphs. Info on Blackberries. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Trends Of Technology

Trends Of TechnologyBy : Andrew NicholsonAnimation


Charts and Graphs

Info on BlackberriesToday the BlackBerry has become almost a generic term for any handheld mobile device that has a host of functions, but when it was first released in 2002, it was definitely a unique invention. There was only one point on the agenda of the developers of the BlackBerry, the Canadian company Research in Motion (RIM) to make a single device that would fulfill all mobile needs of the user. And toward that end, the BlackBerry has succeeded, and how!First and foremost, to say that the BlackBerry is just a phone will be a gross understatement. Having said that, it is necessary to add that the BlackBerry is the first device to make communication really mobile. The technology of the BlackBerry is such that it allows to people to communicate with each other wherever and whenever they want, other cell phones can do that too, but the BlackBerry is definitely much more powerful at global communication. The service providers for cell phones also provide for the BlackBerry. Additionally, the BlackBerry can use all the three major technologies that are used for cell phone communication, GPRS, CDMA and GSM. Citation Disabled World News (2009-07-20) - Today the BlackBerry cell phone has become almost a generic term for any handheld mobile device that has a host of functionsMore InfoThere are many types of blackberries there are: BlackBerry Bold, Compare BlackBerry Smartphones, BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Bold 9000, BlackBerry Torch 9800,BlackBerry Curve 9380, BlackBerry Curve 9360, BlackBerry Curve 3G, BlackBerry Curve 8520, BlackBerry Curve 8300, BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry 8800 Series, Porsche Design, BlackBerry Curve and they all have the ability to do so much for our modern world.