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<ul><li> 1. 10 Latest Trends in Mobile Technology<br /></li> <li> 2. Social Jitney Inc. is an Award Winning Mobile Application Development Company with over 1000 mobile applications on iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry and Android Tablets such as Story Home, Say No to Police, Alphabets in the Zoo and many Fortune 500 companies.<br />We have a qualified team of over 250 professionals spread over 5 countries.<br /></li> <li> 3. Mobile Technology &amp; Social Media<br />Mobile-social-location combinations.<br />Businesses bridge the gap for smartphone consumers.<br />More potential of true marketing via social and mobile combos. <br /></li> <li> 4. Smartphones have less Smarter Future<br />No vast improvements in functionality and options.<br />Lower barrier to entry for non-smartphone users.<br />Minimum access to mobile media.<br /></li> <li> 5. Vendor Fragmentation Continues <br />Apps will be specific for Android or iOS.<br />Android Marketplace will grow.<br />Apple App Store to continue its dominance.<br /></li> <li> 6. Choice b/w Apps &amp; Mobile Internet<br />Apps will allow users more efficient working.<br />Mobile internet will be utilized more than ever.<br />Carriers will charge less for 3G &amp; 4G services.<br />Mobile marketplace tappers will invest in both.<br /></li> <li> 7. More $ Spent on Mobile Marketing<br />$ 1 Billion spent in US to reach mobile users.<br />Billions of $ expected via mobile channels.<br /></li> <li> 8. Mobile Devices &amp; Environment<br />QR Codes<br />NFC (Near Field Communications) <br />Bridging gap b/w virtual &amp; physical world<br /></li> <li> 9. Convenience and Acquisition<br />Convenience<br />Generation of Revenue<br />Significant Savings in Cost<br />Customer Acquisition<br />Direct Purchases via Mobile Technology<br /></li> <li> 10. More to Mobile<br />Wi-Fi<br />3G iterations of tablet devices<br />Splitting off into tablets and pocket devices<br />Always-available connectivity<br /></li> <li> 11. Underutilized 4G Networks<br />Carriers moving to faster 4G Network<br />Device compatibility and utilization growing<br />Advantage of higher connectivity<br />More 4G users in 24 months<br /></li> <li> 12. Casual Mobile Gaming Lead the Pack<br />Subscription<br />Microtransaction<br />In-App Billing<br />Expanding into other types of content, from music to news and more<br /></li> <li> 13. Addendum: About Socialjitney Inc.<br /><ul><li>10 Latest Trends in Mobile Technology was commissioned as a free resource for mobile consumers by Socialjitney. </li> <li> 14. Socialjitneys team helps countless business start and expand their social media presence through custom mobile application development, media buying and campaign management.</li></ul></li></ul>