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  • 1. Wearable Technology Genny Cabral & Rosemarie Legge

2. HISTORY 1998 2000 Every Year After 3. MEDICAL Innovative BUT Is It User Friendly 4. SENSUS Pain Management System Lightweight Easy control Comfortable Concealable MEDICAL 5. MEDICAL Sign Language Rings tracks signing & translates bracelet storage 6. MEDICAL Nuubos nECG continuous cardiac monitoring system BlendFix sensor 7. ATHLETIC Been Around for Years BUT Evolving 8. ATHLETIC Withings Pulse synchronizes data in perspective captures all 9. ATHLETIC LG Lifeband Bluetooth workout tracker heart rate headphones 10. ATHLETIC Nike+ FuelBand SE score competition synchronizes only Apple products 11. RECREATIONAL In Demand BUT Pricey 12. RECREATIONAL Google Glass wearable computing eyewear first person view 13. RECREATIONAL Bluetooth Wi-Fi GPS Speakers Camera Microphone Touchpad iPhones too 14. RECREATIONAL Navigational Helmet uses light to tell directions manual coordinates safer 15. FASHION Growing Industry BUT Lack of Popularity & Practicality 16. FASHION Wearable Solar clothing that contain solar cells lightweight garments 17. FASHION resembles human cells convert to energy one hour minimum 18. FASHION Morph Dress motion sensor dress triggers wing image 19. HELPFUL OR USELESS 20. CONCLUSION QUESTIONS?