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From a session at OMEP's Manufacturing the Future Summit, January 14, 2014. By: Douglas K. Woods, President of AMT (The Association for Manufacturing Technology)


  • 1.MT Trends Douglas K. Woods President

2. AMT represents and promotes the U.S. manufacturing technology industry. Our members are continuously innovating and improving productivity for manufacturing. 3. What is manufacturing technology? 4. MT as an Economic Driver 2013 2012 2011 5. Segue:[Elements that will keep us growing] 6. Energy AdvantageSource: Oxford Economics 7. Labor Costs Unit labor costs in manufacturing in US$ 2000 Q1 = 100Index ValueChinaU.S. Source: Oxford Economics 8. Innovation Ecosystem The U.S. ranks #1 inGross Expenditures on R&DAccess to Funding and Entrepreneurship CultureMillions of U.S.$429,143.0in Ernst & Youngs 2013 Annual G20 Entrepreneurship Barometer. Source: Inc. online208,171.8 146,537.3 93,055.559,890.0 Source: National Science FoundationTop Engineering Schools 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)MIT Stanford University of California, Berkeley Georgia Institute of Technology Harvard University Imperial College (U.K.) Nanyang Technology University (Singapore) National University of Singapore Northwestern University Technical University of Denmark Source: United Nations University 9. Reshoring/FDI 10. U.S. Manufacturing Market SizeSource: World Bank 11. Segue:[Whats holding us back?] 12. White HouseCongress 13. Doolittle imageIf one place is as good as any other, its high time we decided. Otherwise when we get there we wont know we have arrived! 14. Global Competitiveness Smartforce R&D/Innovation 15. Increase Global Competitiveness Regulatory Reform Comprehensive Tax Reform Open Global Markets/Level Field 16. Build a Smartforce Community College & Career Training Program National Skills Certification Immigration Reform 17. Spur R&D/Innovation National Network for Manufacturing Innovation Advanced Manufacturing Partnership 2.0 America COMPETES Act Reauthorization 18. Taking the Good, Leaving the BadManufacturings pushmi-pullyu! 19. MEP Map 20. Segue:[The audience needs to wake up now. Lets talk technology!] 21. U.S. Technology Leads the WayAdditive Manufacturing Automation Big Data 22. Bringing Manufacturing to the Masses 23. Not Just 3D Printing 24. Business in 3D shares tripled since company went public (February 2013)shares jumped 73% in last yearshares have doubled from a year ago 25. First Innovation Institute 26. 100 Years of Automation 27. 100 Years Later . . . .Northrop Grumman Palmdale, California 28. Robotics: The Real Story on JobsNumber of RobotsUnemployment Source: International Federation of Robotics 29. Automation Growth & ImpactSource: ASME Advanced Manufacturing Environmental Scan, July 2013 30. Big Data CollectConnectStore1 Exabyte which is . . .1024 Petabytes 1,048,576 Terabytes 1,073,741,824 Gigabytes 1,099,511,627,776 MegabytesThats lots of space.AnalyzeUtilize 31. Sensors >> Big DataSource: ASME Advanced Manufacturing Environmental Scan, July 2013 32. Sensors: Most Advanced Yet Accessible 33. Advanced Robotics & Automation 34. Biomimicry 35. Datacentricity 36. Nano-Manufacturing 37. AMTonline.orgAdvancing Data-Driven Mfg Manufacturing.April 8 10, 2014 | Orlando FloridaMay 14 15, 2014 Rosemont, IL


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