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<ol><li> 1. TOP TECHNOLOGY TRENDS 2014 PRESENTER: DIANA SILVEIRA NOVARE LIBRARY SERVICES </li><li> 2. CLASS RESOURCES </li><li> 3. AGENDA Highlight the top technology trends of 2013. Discuss what is just over the horizon. Have fun! </li><li> 4. TABLET WARS </li><li> 5. EBOOKS Continued Growth of Ebooks Rise of Independent AuthorsImage from and </li><li> 6. PRIVACY, DATA AND SECURITY </li><li> 7. HACKERS: DATA THEFT/SPYING WILL GET WORSE BEFORE IT GETS ANY BETTER! Image from </li><li> 8. NSA AND DATA COLLECTION </li><li> 9. SELLING METADATAImage from </li><li> 10. Now that you are completely freaked out </li><li> 11. Digital Natives </li><li> 12. RISE OF SOCIAL MEDIA ALTERNATIVES &amp; COLLABORATION TOOLS Image from </li><li> 13. </li><li> 14. Google+ HangoutsGoogle Hangouts Facebook Messenger FaceTime </li><li> 15. MOBILE PAYMENTS Image from </li><li> 16. MOBILE PAYMENT OPTIONS BitcoinNear Field Communication Person-to-person payments Mobile donations Virtual currencyCoin Google WalletLibrary card future? </li><li> 17. INTEGRATION OF VIRTUAL AND REAL WORLDS </li><li> 18. WEARABLE TECH </li><li> 19. INTERNET OF THINGSImage from </li><li> 20. Text and Email Alerts for Doors and WindowsControl Your LightsWIRED HOMESThermostat Controlled by Smart PhonesTalk to your appliances </li><li> 21. MAKERSPACESImage from , </li><li> 22. WHAT IS A MAKERSPACE? 3D Printers Physical Computing (Robotics) Programming Creation Space </li><li> 23. 3D PRINTERS </li><li> 24. WHAT CAN YOU PRINT?Images from - ,, </li><li> 25. Image: Video: </li><li> 26. Sources for templates: Smithsonian **Free Design Software:** = cheap not freeImage from </li><li> 27. CODE-INS &amp; HACKSPACES GOOGLE SUMMER OF CODE: HTTP://GOO.GL/NXHPGAHACKERSPACES.ORG, HTTP://GOO.GL/BJWL8D </li><li> 28. CODE FOR AMERICA Bringing together local governments and technologists to make better cities for everyone </li><li> 29. Entry Level Robotics is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments. is a credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard. Its a capable little PC It also plays high-definition video. bits are an open source library of electronic modules that snap together with tiny magnets for prototyping, learning, and fun. </li><li> 30. MAKERSPACES IN ACTIONOCLC: Detroit: More examples: </li><li> 31. </li><li> 32. THE COOL THING ABOUT MAKERSPACES IS THAT YOU WILL HAVE A SPACE TO INCLUDE INTERESTING TECHNOLOGIES THAT ARE NOT EVEN INVENTED YET! </li><li> 33. WEB DESIGN TRENDS </li><li> 34. WEB DESIGN TRENDS TO WATCH Focus on mobile! Large hero areas quickly killing sliders Videos in place of text Long scrolling sites Fonts with personality Flat design Simple color schemes Simplified content Dropping the sidebar Manipulated imagery Extras (e.g., parallax scrolling, HTML5 timed animation etc.) Source: </li><li> 35. CONTEXTUAL SEARCHFor instance, a normal search for sushi might turn up a Wikipedia page or various websites about sushi. If one were to look up sushi from a phone through a contextualized mobile search, it could conceivably return nearby sushi restaurants with review, advertisements and coupons. Mashable </li><li> 36. GAMIFICATION FourSquare bought by Microsoft Yelp, Facebook Check-in Location-based searching Gamifying your website (Captain Up) Library game Image from </li><li> 37. Passport A learning system that demonstrates academic achievement through customized badges. </li><li> 38. SERIOUSLY EXPLORESource/Access/Learnin g </li><li> 39. GREAT OPEN SOURCE PROJECTS EduOnGo Koha and VuFind Calibre WordPress ProjectLibre Firefox Android GitHub Code Academy </li><li> 40. Crowdsourcing Image from </li><li> 41. CROWDSOURCING 101 Kickstarter, Indiegogo On Kickstarter, 44% of projects are funded Great way to bring library projects to life Most successfully funded projects raise less than $10,000but that is changingImage from </li><li> 42. NET NEUTRALITY &amp; MERGERS Comcast and Time Warner Merger. A monopoly? Net Neutrality could change the fundamental way the web worksAnxiety over ISPs slowing or blocking access to Netflix and other bandwidth gluttons has surged since a federal court gutted FCC net neutrality rules last month. In the wake of the ruling, there appears to be nothing stopping Verizon, for example, from charging Netflix a toll to transmit data. Verizon, the plaintiff in the case, recently told The Washington Post: We treat all traffic equally, and that has not changed. But legally, it seems, the telecom giant is free to change its mind. - Wired 02.12.14, </li><li> 43. WHAT SHOULD NOT BE ON THIS LIST? WHAT SHOULD BE ON THIS LIST? </li><li> 44. WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING IN 2014? </li><li> 45. Contact Information Diana Silveira 877-816-9638</li></ol>