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Technology Trends for librarians - presented to Flathead County Libraries staff - Nov. 2011


  • 1. Technology TrendsSuzanne Reymer Montana State Library Fall 2011

2. Smart Phones 3. Smart Phones

  • 35% of Americans now own a smart phone according to a Pew Internet study from May 2011
  • Expect those numbers to continue to grow
  • Apple iPhone
  • Google Android multiple models & manufacturers
  • Windows Phone 7 multiple models & manufacturers
  • Blackberry

4. How smart phone owners describe their phones Pew Internet Study May 2011 5. Voice Control 6. Video Calling 7. Near Field Communication

  • Contactless Payment
  • Transportation
  • Health Care
  • Ease of Use
  • Smart Objects
  • Social Media

8. Cloud Services 9. Tablets 10. E-Reader Tablets NookColor Kindle Fire 11. E-Ink Readers

  • Smaller & lighter
  • Prices dropping dramatically - $79 Kindle
  • Touch interfaces
  • Sony Reader wifi and Kindle wifi models allow OverDrive download w/o Adobe Digital Editions

12. Its All About Content! 13. Everything is Social! 14. New Social Networks 15. Sharing Highlights 16. E-Book Subscription Services 17. Self-Publishing and Distribution 18. Location-Based Services 19. Users Rate Content & Services 20. Homework

  • Search for some common information via a smart phone library hours, how to get a library card, etc.?How easy or difficult was it?
  • If you have a friend with an iPhone 4S, try the same searches using Siri.Try to find a book in your library using Siri.
  • Go to Best Buy and take a look at their current E-Readers/tablets. Play with a few.