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Trends in Technology. Trends in Technology. Cost-performance ratio of chips keeps improving. Moores Law , his prediction was that the processing power of silicon chips would double every 18 months. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Trends in Technology1Trends in Technology2Cost-performance ratio of chips keeps improving. Moores Law, his prediction was that the processing power of silicon chips would double every 18 months.According to McGarvey &, states that the performance of optical communication networks is growing by a factor of 10 every three yearsSeveral new devices and methods to increase storage capacity performanceObject technology enables the development of self-contained units of software that can be shared Networked and distributed computing is emerging rapidly Metcalfes Law. Factor of 10 means multiplied by 10. Object technology -An umbrella term for object-oriented programming, object-oriented databases and object-oriented design methodologies. Object technology differs from traditional system design which separates the data from the processing. 2Trends in Technology (continued)3InternetMobile Computing and M-CommerceWireless networksPervasive ComputingSmart Devices

Trends in Technology (continued)The Network ComputerOptical NetworksStorage Area NetworksIntranets & ExtranetsThe Internet4The Networked Enterprise

General Developments and Trends5The cost-performance advantage of computers over manual labor will increase.Graphical and other user-friendly interfaces will dominate PCs.Storage capacity will increase dramatically.Data warehouses will store ever-increasing amounts of information.

6Multimedia use, including virtual reality, will increase significantly.Intelligent system, especially artificial neural computing and expert systems, will increase in importance and be embedded in other systems.The use of intelligent agents will make computer smarter.There is a push for open architecture (e.g., the use of Web Services and Linux)


Futuristic glass scanner, Freehand Wrist Storage, Digital placemat, six-sense 78Object-oriented programming and document management will be widely accepted.Artificial intelligence systems are moving to learning-management systems.Computers will be increasingly compact and more portable.There is proliferation of embedded technologies (especially intelligent ones).The use of plug-and-play software will increase.

proliferation of embedded technologies pembiakan teknologi yg specific in function8Networked Computing Developments and Trends9Optical computing will increase network capacity and speed, facilitating the use of the Internet.Storage networks will become popular.Mobile and wireless applications will become a major component of IT.Home computing will be integrated with the telephone, television, and other electronic services to create smart appliances.

10The use of the Internet will grow, and it will change the way we live, work and learn.Cooperate portals will connects companies with their employees, business partners and the public.Intranet will be dominating network systems in most organizations.E-commerce over the intranet will grow rapidly, changing the manner in which business is conducted.

11Intelligent software agents will roam through database and networks, conducting time-consuming tasks for their masters.Interpersonal transmission will grow (one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many).More transactions among organizations will be major contributors toward improved national security and counter-terrorism efforts.

Other technology trend in education?12RFID (radio frequency identification) - trackingGRID - combination of computer resources from multiple administrative domains for a common goal of large taskQR Code

What about the old stuff? 13Thin-client server recycle old PCs in the school

Are we ready to cope?14Generation Gap15Traditionalists born prior to 1946loyalGone through warBaby Boomers born 1946-1964Older-Workaholics and economic achievers, younger value family Hoping for change Train them too much and they will leave Generation X born 1965-1981Like to be educated and informed, no major enduring hard economical times Technologically savvy Resourceful and hardworking, but life after 5 p.m.Generation Y/Net-Generations/Millennials born 1982-2000 (11-29)Live, breath, shop, link up on the web. Well informed

The Net Generation16Highly devicedHighly networkedHighly interactiveHighly social

I dont believe that you can do todays job with yesterdays methods and be in business tomorrowNelson Jackson17