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The Geography of Latin America. Regions of Latin America. The Caribbean. Central America. South America. Topography. Satellite Image of Latin America. Bodies of Water. Gulf of Mexico. Caribbean Sea. Orinoco R. Amazon R. Pacific Ocean. Parana R. Lake Titicaca. Atlantic Ocean. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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The GeographyofLatin America


Central AmericaThe CaribbeanSouth AmericaTopographySatellite Image of Latin America

BodiesofWaterAtlantic OceanPacific OceanGulf of MexicoCaribbean SeaAmazon R.Orinoco R.Lake TiticacaParana R.

MountainsandPeaksAndes Mts.Sierra Madres Mts.Guiana HighlandsBrazilian HighlandsPatagonian PlateauAndes Mountains (Peru)

View from Santiago,Chile

Llamas in the Andes

The Sierra Madres, Mexico

Copper Canyon area of N. Mexico

Guianan Highlands, Venezuela

Angel Falls Worlds Largest

Brazilian Highlands

Patagonian Plateau (Chile)

ValleysPlainsandBasinsAmazon BasinPampasMato GrossoLlanosAmazon Rain Forest

Diverse Animals

Dense Forests

Mato Grosso

Mato Grosso

19922006Bright red is forested areas.

Gray is clear cut areas.Orinoco Lowlands, the Llanos

Cattle Ranching on the Pampas

DesertsAtacama DesertChihuahuan DesertAtacama Desert

Driest Desert Avg. of .04 inches/yearSome rain stations have NEVER measured any rain!

Chihuahuan Desert - Mexico

CitiesMexico CityHavannaPort-au-PrincePanama CitySantiagoLimaBuenos AiresBrasiliaRio De JanieroCaracasBogota

OthersFalkland IslandsCape HornPanama CanalThe Falkland Islands or Islas Malvinas

Cape Horn

The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal

Going Through the Panama Canal

Earthquake Zones

Active Volcanoes

ClimateThe Tropical Hemisphere

LatinAmericanClimaticZonesVery Varied Climate Zones




Altitudinal Zonation:Vertical Climate

VegetationAmazon Rain Forest

On the Ground Floor of the Rain Forest

Three-Tiered Canopy

Native Indians of the Amazon

Jungle Fauna

Minerals of the Amazon Region

DiamondsAmethystQuartzBauxiteDeforestation in the Amazon

Agriculture and Fishing

Banana Plantation

Harvesting Sugar Cane

Growing Coffee

Rubber Industry

OtherResourcesOil Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico


Drug Trafiking Routes

DemographicsPopulation and Projections

LatinAmericasPopulationDistributionMexico City, Mexico

Rio De Janiero

Sao Paolo, Brazil

Overcrowding in Sao Paolo, Brazil

Squatter Settlementsin Major Latin American Cities



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