physical geography of latin/mesoamerica. map of latin america (central and south america)

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Physical Geography of Latin/Mesoamerica

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Physical Geography of Latin/Mesoamerica

Physical Geography of Latin/Mesoamerica

Map of Latin America (Central and South America)

Mountains and HighlandsThe Andes MountainsPart of a Mountain Range that runs through the western portion of North, Central, and South America (Rockies in the U.S./Sierra Madre in Mexico)Many active volcanosHome to the Inca in PeruHighlandsMade up of mountainous or hilly sections (Guiana Highlands)Includes Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, Guiana, and Brazil)

Plains Grain and Livestock

Llanos of Columbia and VenezuelaVast plains in Columbia and VenezuelaGrassy, treeless area used for livestock and farmingSimilar to Great Plains in U.S.Plains of Amazon River BasinExpansive plains in Brazil called CerradoFlat terrain with moderate rainfallGood for farming, but much of it is undevelopedPampas of Argentina and UruguayAreas of grassland and rich soil in northern Argentina and UruguayMain product is cattle and wheatRiversOrinoco RiverMainly in VenezuelaFlows more than 1,500 miles along the Columbia-Venezuela border to the AtlanticAmazon RiverFlows 4,000 miles from East to WestStarts in Andes and ends in the AtlanticFed by 1,000 tributariesCarries more water to the ocean than any other river in the worldParana RiverFlows 3,000 miles from Brazilian Highlands Ends up as an estuary

Major Islands of the Caribbean

BahamasHundreds of islands between Cuba and FloridaNassau is the capitalGreater AntillesLarger islands including Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico.Served as a base of operations for Spanish ConquestLesser AntillesSmaller islands southeast of Puerto Rico

Resources of Latin AmericaMineral ResourcesGold, silver, iron, copper, bauxite, tin, lead, and nickel all abundantAlso mine gem stones, titanium and tungstenOne of worlds leading miners of raw materialEnergy ResourcesOil, coal, natural gas, uranium and hydroelectric power all plentiful