latin america 1945-present. what/where is latin america?

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Latin America 1945-Present

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Latin America

Latin America1945-PresentWhat/Where is Latin America?

General Info - ProblemsEconomy since 1945In 22 of 26 countries by 1960, average person lived on less that $500/yrBad economies led to military regimes in the 1960s/70s (government by military) who encouraged multinational corporations Dependence on other countries led to massive debt, countries turned toward democracy in 1980s

General Info Problems, cont.Massive population growth1950 = 165 million; 1980s = 400 millionGap between rich and poorDrug tradeBolivia, Peru, Colombia (3/4 of worlds supply)

Replica of 2010 World Cup made from 24 lbs. (11 kilos) of cocaine seized by Colombian police July 2010US and Latin America1948 Organization of American States (OAS) no military action by one state in anotherU.S. continued to intervene (political musical chairs in 1960s CIA) look at chart p. 908Leads to shaky US-Latin America relations more on later

Identity CrisisLatin America has struggled to have artistic voice heardLiteratureMagic realismGabriel Garcia Marquez One Hundred Years of SolitudeAbstract artArchitecture Oscar Niemeyer

Central America

MexicoPRI Institutional Revolutionary Party = one-party systemMexican students protest one-party in 60sAfter death of hundreds, slow progress madeOil discovery in 1970s = $ boomOil prices drop in mid-80s = debt = privatization Vicente Fox defeated PRI for presidency in 2000

CubaGovt led by Fulgencio Batista since 1934Communist revolution led by Fidel Castro (1959)US-Cuba relationsTrade EmbargoBay of PigsCuban Missile CrisisPoor economics after decline of USSR

El Salvador, Nicaragua, PanamaEl SalvadorCommies vs. non-commiesReagan gives weapons and training to Salvadoran armyCivil War continues through 1992 (75,000 dead)NicaraguaSomoza Family (supported by US)Communist revolution led by SandinistasOpposed by Contras (supported by Reagan)PanamaLed by Manuel Noriega (supported by US)Noriega involved in drug trade Arrested by U.S. and put in prison

ArgentinaHistory of authoritarian regimesJuan PeronFalkland Islands vs. Great BritainBack towards democracy in 1980s

BrazilSevere economic problems after WWIIMilitary leadership in 1960sMassive foreign debt (up to 800%)Return to democracy in 1980s

Chile1970 Salvador Allende elected president (Marxist/Communist)Shot in military coup led by Augusto PinochetHuman rights violations by PinochetDefeated in 1989 more democratic govt took over

PeruMilitary takeover in 1968 by Juan Velasco AlvaradoSought to help peasants through cooperativesEconomic problems didnt let up military govt resignedShining Path (ties with communist China) sought to create classless society through terrorFreely elected Native President in 2001

Terms and NamesDefine the red terms and names and turn inAdditionally, on p. 908 answer the Chart Skills question you dont have to write out a problem solving process, just provide possible options and solutions that might avoid future military takeovers