latin america. latin america includes.... mexico central america caribbean islands south america

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Latin America

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  • LatinAmerica

  • Latin America includes. . . .MexicoCentral AmericaCaribbean IslandsSouth America

  • Why do we call it Latin America? We call it LATIN America because most of the European countries that colonized this region spoke Spanish or Portuguese. Both of these languages are derived (or come from) the ancient Latin language. Thus we call this region Latin America.

    This picture of a chicken serves no purpose. Its there to illustrate a point. I just dont know what the point is! Maybe it speaks Latin.FYI: Latin was the language of the Romans and much of the ancient world. Almost every modern languagehas its roots in Latin. Some of the earliest copies of the Bible werewritten in Latin. You use Latin words every day and probably dontknow it. Ex: quiet, village, & school allcome directly from Latin.

  • What were those four regions of Latin America again?MexicoCentral AmericaCaribbean IslandsSouth America

  • Lets look briefly at each region . . .

  • MexicoWhat type of map is this?What are the two major mountain ranges of Mexico?

  • Mexico Fast FactsFarthest north of the Latin American countriesHas two mountain ranges: Sierra Madre Occidental & the Sierra Madre OrientalBetween the mountain ranges is the central plain Has had recent earthquake & volcanic activityIts capital, Mexico City, is the second most populous city in the world and suffers from air pollution

  • Central AmericaHow many countries make up this area ofLatin America?What geographicalfeature makes up most of this region?

  • Central America Fast FactsCentral America is the landmass that forms a bridge between Mexico and South America About 80% of Central America is hilly or mountainousSeven countries make up Central America: Guatemala Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica & PanamaCentral America is home to one of the worlds great manmade wonders: theFertile soil from weathered volcanic lavas have made agriculture a productive way of life for the many people who live in Central America.

  • Caribbean IslandsRecognize any of these islands?Notice the islands are divided into two groups.Can you spot them?

  • Caribbean Island Fast FactsThe Caribbean region is a chain of islands around the Caribbean SeaSome of these islands are the peaks of volcanic mountains that rise from the ocean floor. Others began as coral reefs, often encircling a volcanic island and then growing over it.The climate of the region is tropical with consistent warm, moist trade winds blowing from the east.Making up the principal hurricane belt, this region has long been battered by their fury.Just to the north of the island of Puerto Rico is the deepest point in all of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Caribbean ClimateMuch of Latin America lies in the Tropical Zone where temperatures are generally high and all elevations are warmer than they are elsewhere.The waters of the Caribbean stay warm most of the year and heat the air over them. This creates warm winds that keep the Caribbean Islands balmy even in the winter.This warm climate attracts tourist from all over the world who come to enjoy the balmy winds and beaches and play an important role in the economy of the area.

  • South America

  • South America Fast FactsThe continent of South America is linked to North America by the Isthmus of Panama.The longest mountain range on earth (over 5,000 miles long) stretch down the west coast of South AmericaThe largest (although not the longest) river on earth, the Amazon, begins in the Andes and flows east into the Atlantic carrying millions of gallons of water per second.South America is also the site of the largest rain forest where more than half of all the animal species in the world live.

  • QuestionsTextbook pp. 153 - 1571. What are the four regions of Latin America?2. Why is it called Latin America?3. What are the two mountain ranges of Mexico?4. What is the worlds second most populous city?5. What causes volcanic and earthquakes throughout LA?6. Where is central America located?7. How many countries make up Central America?8. Describe two ways islands in the Caribbean are formed.9. What links South America to North America?10. Name two physical features found in South America.