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  • Because of the trend of individual travel and

    backpacking travel, tourists are now more willing to

    travel to second-tier and third-tier cities, and Tainan is

    emerging as one of their choices. However, the biggest

    obstacle when traveling in this kind of cities is the

    public transport. Taxi, therefore is one of best solutions

    for foreigners traveling alone in Tainan. In order to

    make Tainan become more international-friendly, Tainan make Tainan become more international-friendly, Tainan

    city government has trained 27 taxi drivers who can

    provide fluent English or

    Japanese service.

    In order to enhance

    the quality of Tainan

    transport service, Tainan

    city government cultivated 32 taxi driver and 27 of them city government cultivated 32 taxi driver and 27 of them

    passed the final oral test. Those taxi drivers who pass the

    test can be issued a certificate which is valid from

    August of 2011 to July of 2012. If they want to renew

    their certificate, they have to pass another test the

    following year.

    Currently, there are around 30% of taxi drivers who can Currently, there are around 30% of taxi drivers who can

    provide fluent English or Japanese services. And because

    of this skill, they have priority to take foreign


  • TaijiangBlue Highway

    Tainan City Government is planning to build

    the Taijiang Blue Highway, aiming to make

    the appearance of the rst canal in Taiwan.

    The initial idea is to connect the waterway

    between Anping Port and Nankunshen (

    ) and will rst nish the construction

    between Anping Port and Cigu Lagoon. The

    locals are optimistic about the project.locals are optimistic about the project.

    An interdepartmental group has been set up,

    led by Deputy Mayor Lin. Lin designated

    Bureau of Tourism to take charge of building

    the cooperation platform and asked Taijiang

    National Park and Southwest Coast National

    Scenic Area to join the project.

    It is a tough construction though. Experts in

    water resources will rst start creating a data-

    base with the investigation of the waterway

    system. The group will assess if the construc-

    tion is nancially feasible, besides, they will

    also authorize a technical consulting corpora-

    tion to undertake professional assessment.

    The three-jiao (, similar to business associa-

    tion nowadays) used to carry the cargo by

    bamboo rafts from Anping to Cigu through

    the old canal. The open of the canal has not

    only values in tourism but also of historical


    Three major temples in Taijiang area are all in

    favor of the project and willing to cooperate.

    The Director of the Tainan Cultural Property

    Association, Fan, is happy with the project.

    "Taijiang, with its intertwining waterways, is

    the Venice of Taiwan. The canal will be

    potential in the preservation of culture and

    history as well as in tourism. history as well as in tourism.

    The open of the canal has not only values in tourism but also of his-torical importance.

  • Photos contributed by Facebook.

    Organized by N DD Design, Dian Shin Design

    Refreshment had its grand opening on August 12th.

    M ayor Lai has attended to the opening and acknowledged

    designers who have contributed to the aesthetics of

    Tainan by designing the innovative and meaningful gift


    50 designers from all over Asia came to observe the

    city with their own way, and then blending the civil

    culture with the imagination and the creation in order to

    produce a unique and irreplaceable gift token. These

    designers successfully present to Tainan citizens the

    completely different perspective of Tainan through their

    modern designs, and most importantly, they reintroduce

    people the beauty of Tainan that has been overlooked.people the beauty of Tainan that has been overlooked.

    Combing with elements of Tainan, each designer

    creates an innovative gift token to show his/her feelings

    toward the lifestyle and the aesthetics of the modern

    Tainan. Thus, the theme of this year is called "50

    M anners."

    Dian Shin Design Refreshment

    has been inviting 50 passionate

    designers every year from various

    industries to make experimental





    [ / san bo]go for a walk

    [ ]: hiking

    [ / pao day]:drinking tea

    [ /pa (s)kew]:ball sports

    [ / kia ka da

    chia]:go cycling

    [ /siu zui4]: swimmming [ /siu zui4]: swimmming

    [/ zao]:running, jogging

    [ / chiung gua]: singing (karaoke)

    [ / tiao boo]: dancing


    Summer time! There are lots of sports we can do during the day time, and and even

    at night we shouldnt limit ourselves to the night markets only. How do you say the

    names of sports and activities in Taiwanese? We are about to find out.

  • This is not photoshop.


    CyanotypeGrab the chance!time: 1:00 p.m. ~ 4:00 p.m., August 27location: 2F., No. 83, Chenggong Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan City


    Tainan Foreigner

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