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  • 1. T A I N A N Vol. 112 Tainan Forei gner As sist anc e C ent er
  • 2. TAINAN BIDS FAREWELL TO THE NATIONAL FOLK SPORTS GAME LAST SUNDAY Over 3000 athletes from different cities across Taiwan converged on Tainan for the National Folk Sports Game took place in University of Tainan on October 27th. Crowd of people gathered to enjoy these remarkable traditional folk sports competition. The game is considered to be the foremost traditional sports contest in Taiwan with several folk sports to compete at, including, Chinese yo-yo(), skipping rope, shuttlecock kicking ( , Jianzi), dragon dance, lion dance, devil stick ( ), brick juggling () and traditional parade( ) . Participants have been classified into three categories based on their level of education. According to research, sufficient exercise could increase the level of dopamine in brain to reinforce kids learning efficiency, minister of sports administration said, With many years promotion, we have drawn more students attention to traditional folk sports. Regularly participating in these sports not only could keep us fit and healthy but also pass down our tradition to next generation. The audience was overwhelmed by the unique sound of traditional Chinese trumpet () which was performed by the first prize winner team, the students from Jhong-jheng primary school. The harsh training program lasted for quite a long time, but nevertheless the students were pleased that all of the hard work had paid off. Jhuo-lan high school dragon dance society, the veteran team, presented their play in a novel combination of ballet music and folk-style dragon dance choreography.
  • 3. SMOKE-FREE STATION IS NOW UNVEILING Tainan Sin-Lau Hospital and Tainan train station hold an opening ceremony for smoke-free station in the morning on Oct. 24th to promote smoke-free environment, hoping that tourists in Tainan can enjoy fresh air. They also provide cleaning personnel with non-smoking vests to increase public awareness. There are over seven million passengers every year in Tainan train station according to the head of Tainan train station, Shangguan Huizhu. In order to create smoke-free environment, she alerts passengers to the harm of second-hand smoke. Volunteers patrol the station, persuading people not to smoke. Vice president of Tainan Sin-Lau Hospital, Mr. Wu, said it is going to benefit peoples health if non-smoking environment can be propagated. He also hopes that Tainan Sin-Lau Hospital can be the benchmark hospital. Publics are welcome to consult and ask for help if needed.
  • 4. WINTER-TOUR TICKET FOR WUSHANTOU RESERVOIR SCENIC AREA DISCOUNTED Wushantou Reservoir, established in 1920, has preserved many cultural & historical heritage, which were crucial to the national development of agriculture, and is a rich in ecosystem diversity. The scenic spots of Wushantou include a majestic dam, spillways, water supply stations, Sanjiaobi Park, a broad avenue, plazas, Tiantan, a suspension bridge, Jhongjheng Park, the statue of Yoichi Hatta, the Japanese engineer responsible for the construction of the reservoir, and a steam locomotive used for transporting materials during its construction. In winter, Wushantou Reservoir Scenic Area is a popular tourist destination and great place for a couple retreat. Visitors at the Scenic Area enjoy a serene and vivid green vista of the surrounding mountains and indulge themselves in the scene of the tranquil beauty of the Coral Lake as well. Guests can stroll around at Zhongzheng Park locating on top of a hill overlooking the lake while witnessing the surreal spectacle of the shimmering lake surface clouded by mist. To welcome winter's arrival, the administration of Wushantou Reservoir Scenic Area has decided to reduce the price of an entry ticket from NT $200 to NT$ 120 for a period of 4 months from 1st of Nov, 2013 to 28th of Feb, 2014 to promote Wushantou picturesque landscape. Anyone interested in paying Wushantou Reservoir Scenic Area a visit this winter should seize this precious opportunity to explore Wushantou thoroughly.
  • 5. TAINAN IS PROMOTING SIX ITINERARIES FOR LIGHT TRAVEL To tap the citys resources for cultural tourism, the Cultural Affairs Bureau is promoting Happy Light Travel, which charts six light-travel itineraries targeting themes such as community industries, bucolic excursion, literary appreciation, Community creative industries, and low-carbon life. Held on the two weekends in mid-November and featuring community joie de vivre, the activity aims at introducing the public to ways of traveling the city that acquaint them with the distinct characteristics of its communities. The city government is actively pushing integrated community developments in the hope to cultivate deeper civil consciousness, revive regional energy, and create diverse, healthy, high-quality and humane communities through institutions of learning and participation. To warm up for the first Meet HappinessThe 2013 Tainan Annual Community Development Meeting, the itineraries of Happy Light Travel will cover more than nine communities in Tainan.
  • 6. Tainan Foreigner Assistance Center 2F, 6, Sec.2, Younghua Rd, Anping Dist, Tainan .tw/en/ 06-299-1111 #8244