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  1. 1. TFACVOL. 115
  2. 2. TFAC Newsletter Vol. 115New Scenic Spots in Tainan Travelling Translated by Polin Kuo Tainan is a place full of ancient and historical ambiance. The popular colorfully painted villages recently has also swept into Tainan; one of the most attractive places belongs to Fuxing Painting of Military Community () in Yongkang district (). Walking through the Military Community, except the most striking gigantic thousand dollar banknote that has been drawn on the wall, there are also other animal paintings, such as pandas and rabbits. The residents work together to finish those painting in order to make the Military Community more diversified. In addition to the Yongkang district, the 321 Alley Art Village, located in downtown Tainan on Gongyuan Road () has now became a small community for artists. One of the unique art workshops uses its wooden building to install numerous wooden furniture and carvings; another workshop named Blue Dragon Art Company ( ) displays ceramic sculptures with the theme of extraterrestrial, of which come into sight right after entering the store. Walking into the Anping district (), a demon rabbit with a wicked smile could be seen on the Anping road. It is DOGAs figure, an ice cream shop that sells special salty flavored ice cream, and its background consists of three lovely fairytale cottages side by side with bright colors. These beautiful scenes make people think of streets of Europe. Furthermore, there is a large Dutch windmill on the Tongping Road () which is a decorative art of Taiwan Cafe Museum (). In the evening, it is suggested to stroll along the Tainan Canal and go toward the Xin Linan Bridge () which is nearby the cross of the Anping Road and the Minsheng Road (). It is truly romantic to appreciate the beauty of sunset as well as the Rainbow Sculpture () at night.
  3. 3. TFAC Newsletter Vol. 115Event Southwest Coast Route Dress Up as Christmas Sunset Bus Translated by Jeffery Kao The 2013 white Christmas & Sunset activity host by Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration is going to take place in Beimen District in Tainan from Dec. 13th, 2013 to Dec. 31st, 2013. In order to create holiday atmosphere, Southwest Coast Route Jingzaijiao Tile-paved Salt Fields will be decorated as Sunset Christmas with series of goodies. Zheng Rongfeng, Director of Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration, says, besides enjoying the 11 attractions, the bus driver will dress up as Santa Claus giving away presents on the bus. Zheng Rongfeng says, Southwest Coast Route -Jingzaijiao Tile-paved Salt Fields Sunset Christmas runs from Dec. 13th, 2013 to Dec. 31st, 2013. Tourists with receipts get 20% off on the ticket at Taiwan Salt Museum, a salt coffee or salt milk tea tasting coupon, and a stamp collection book. Buy one get one free at Qigu salt mountain.
  4. 4. TFAC Newsletter Vol. 115Tainan to Hold the Pineapple Cake ContestTranslated by Heng-Jui Chang Pineapple plantation is a common sight in Tainan. Of the pineapples harvested each year, those produced in Guan-miao, Tainan are the favorite of Taiwans pineapple cake manufacturers. Tainan City Government is launching its pineapple cake contest, broadcasting the contests call to war to manufacturers nationwide. On mentioning pineapple, said the citys tourism bureau, Guan-miao, Tainan comes to mind. In recent years, pineapple cakes flavored with an authentic Taiwanese taste has become international tourists top-picked gift. For these reasons, the bureau plans to hold the 2014 Taiwan Pineapple Cake Contest in the hometown of Taiwanese pineapple, Tainan. According to Chen Jun-an, director of the tourism bureau, fine food and snacks are the main source of Tainans appeal. The pineapple pulp used in the filling of the pineapple cake comes mostly from the pineapples grown in areas of Tainan that include Shan-shang, Guan-miao, Hsin-hua, Yu-jing, and Nan-xi, spanning 1400 hectares. This qualifies Tainan as the most suited location for the national pineapple cake contest. In light of the recent food safety scandals, which make choice ingredients a central concern in peoples food consumption, the tourism bureau recommends authentic Tainan pineapple cakes as the optimal pick for gift. Detailed information about the contest can be found on the following websites:
  5. 5. TFAC Newsletter Vol. 115New Year's Eve Celebrations will kick off in ten Taiwan National Scenic Areas to welcome the first light of 2014Translated by Ching Chun Lin 2013 is coming to an end. Ten Taiwan National Scenic Areas will host and celebrate various exciting New Year's Eve events such as Farewell to the Last Sunset of 2013, New Year's Eve Concerts and Welcome the First Light of 2014 in their parks. Visitors can take advantage of the New Year's Day holiday to attend a series of amazing New Year's Day celebrations and shows. Either dancing in the sunset, viewing sunrise on the beach or witnessing the spectacular sight of crepuscular rays radiating from the sky at the crack of dawn, every event is a truly must-have once-in-a-lifetime experience. Siraya National Scenic Area in Tainan will host '2014 Siraya Erliao Sunrise Welcoming Party' on the last day of the year and the celebration will take place in Erliao, Zuojhen District, Tainan. The town Erliao, only 193 meters above sea level, has the lowest altitude for sunrise viewing in Taiwan. Because of the low altitude, the physical requirement is minimal for travelers visiting the site. In addition, the distance between Tainan City and Erliao is relatively close (about 40 minutes drive from the City) making it easily accessible destination for everyone to partake in the Siraya Erliao Sunrise celebration.
  6. 6. Merry ChristmasTainan Foreigner Assistance Centre 2F, No. 6, Younghua Rd., Anping Dist, Tainan City Http:// 0800-024-111 or 06-299-1111 #8244 TainanFAC on Facebook