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  • 1. study ancient history! 06/11/11

2. 06/11/11 3.

  • Have you ever wanted to learn more about Egypts ancient pyramids?
  • Do you know how Cleopatra really died?
  • Are you intrigued by the mysteries of Ancient Greece and Rome, or is the mystique of the far East more your style?

06/11/11 4. Who are these people, and what is their place in history? 06/11/11 5. Preliminary and HSC Ancient History

  • The study of ancient history is an enquiry into past experience that helps make the present more intelligible.
  • Through the study of ancient history, students learn both about the interaction of societies and the impact of individuals and groups on ancient events and ways of life.
  • Ancient history draws on a variety of disciplines and sources, such as archaeology, coins, art, human remains, inscriptions and literary works to allow students to piece together the past.
  • Ancient history will allow you to develop and apply research skills and methodologies of the historian and archaeologist.
  • The skills, knowledge and understanding that you acquire through studying Ancient History are a great introduction to the world of work and informed citizenship.

06/11/11 6. The Preliminary Course

  • Investigating the Past the skills of the archaeologist
  • Ancient sites, societies and sources
  • A Historical Investigation you choose a topic to investigate that you are most interested in

06/11/11 7. The HSC Course

  • Core study The cities of Vesuvius Pompeii and Herculaneum
  • Ancient Societies
  • Personalities in their times
  • Historical Periods

06/11/11 8. Examples of topics in the Preliminary Course

  • Ancient human remains
  • Entombed warriors of Xian
  • Homer and the Trojan war
  • Queen Boudicca of the Celts
  • Tutankhamens tomb
  • Babylonia
  • Aztec Cities
  • Deir-el-Medina
  • The Celts in Europe
  • Persepolis

06/11/11 9. 06/11/11 10. Examples of topics in the HSC course

  • The legend of Pompeii, victim of Vesuvius
  • Old and New Kingdom Egypt
  • Persian Society
  • The Bronze Age Minoa and Crete
  • Ancient Sparta
  • Ancient Athens
  • Hapshetsut
  • Alexander the Great
  • Cleopatra
  • Julius Caesar
  • Hannibal
  • And many more you get to choose what you are most interested in!

06/11/11 11. 06/11/11 12. 06/11/11 13. Assessment

  • Ancient History assesses by a mixture of exams and investigations.
  • Your teacher will fully prepare you for exam success in the HSC watch your essay writing skills evolve as you investigate each fascinating topic!

06/11/11 14. Post-school Opportunities

  • The study of Ancient History will provide you with the knowledge, understanding and skills you need to succeed at university, whatever the course
  • Other job opportunities include:
  • Tour guide/travel consultant
  • Photographer
  • Film producer
  • Criminologist
  • Museum curator
  • Author
  • And many, many more