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  • 7/28/2019 States of India (Gnv64)


  • 7/28/2019 States of India (Gnv64)


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  • 7/28/2019 States of India (Gnv64)


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    V: :S I

    hen a uted ndependet dawas bor it was ot without pains. Before the Brtsh let our great ountrywas divided nto a large nuber ofprovines any of the under the

    rule of loa pres. he Halayantask ofjoiig al l the dverse regios ofInda to for a strong uted aton fe lupon Sardar Va l labha Patel who wasknown as the 'ro an of Ida Hewas asssted by V.P. Meno seretaryof the Mnstry of States. hers was n-deed a task rdde wth hallegesbeause deret provna kgdosreated dferetly to the appealhough ohi oed the union easly Hyderabad the Ida Ary had totakle the Nas ary before reevg a yes'.

    Later the aton was divded to a

    uber of states based on ther lan-guages. hrough all these brth pangsa great naton was beg bor ready toake ts presee fet n the oderworld and reate history his ssue ofel Me Why tel ls about our states.

    The sketches of places given in tis issue are not dawn

    to scae, and not maps drawn according to cartogapcnorms. Te bondares ae not to scae and may not eaccurate.


    Fo 5bsUpOn equires: Please ca our tofee nme - 180042 002ewee o o workng days)To SCrIe o e Me Wh onne, ogo o

  • 7/28/2019 States of India (Gnv64)


    Why do we say that Indi ais a un io n of states?

    You know that ndia is aunon of twentyeght statesand seven union teitoresbut do you know why andwhen they were fomed? Ind ia won ndependence fomthe Brtsh on August 5 947 and the Brtish systemof provinces and princeystates was abo shed in 1 956New states wee then createdon the bass of ethn c ty and

    language.Snce some of the states

    that were fomed in 1 956 weevery bg they were sp lit i ntosma ler states late. BombayState was dvided into thestates of Gujaat and Mahar-

    ashtra n 960 In 1 962 theformer Pouguese and Fenchcolones were ncorporatednto the Indan Republic asthe Un ion Tetores of Pon-dcherry Dadra and NagaHave, and Daman and Du

    Nagaland became a state n1 963 whie Punjab was spitup and the new Hndi speak

    Tell Me Why

  • 7/28/2019 States of India (Gnv64)


    ing state of Haryana wasfomed n 966.

    he yea 97 saw HimachaPadesh ecome a state whi eManp Meghalaya andrpa ecame states the nextyear he ingdom of ikkimjoined the India Union n 1975while Anachal Pradesh andMzoam ecame states n 987 foowed y oa.

    he yea 2000 saw the creation of thee new states Chattsgah Uttarancha and


    Oh, ou aefom United States of

    Ameca? I am fomUnted States of


    States f India

  • 7/28/2019 States of India (Gnv64)


  • 7/28/2019 States of India (Gnv64)


    Wy is a-y Aaas ia?

    ndhra Pradesh islocated n outh Inda, ounded yamil Nadu n thesouth, Maharashtra nthe north and northwest, MadhyaPradesh and Orissa inthe northeast, arna-taka in the west, andy the ay of engalin the east It s situated on the Deccan plateau, and s one of the

    an agtaton in 953,eleven dstrcts of theMadras state wee takento form a new Andhrastate wth urnool as itscaptal. Nne distrctsunder the Nzam were

    later added to form theenlarged state of And-hra Pradesh n 956.

    tates India

    Vkpm epo

    oldest geologcal formations of thecountry. he odavar and rshnarivers cut through the state, formnglarge deltas efore join ing the ay ofengal.

    he state can e d ivded i nto threeimportant regons ased on its geography the coastal region, the n-teror reg ion, known as Rayalseema,

    and the elengana regon, and nneadoinng distrcts. Andhra Pradeshhas a wde varety of wildlife andhas natural eauty he state s hometo India's la rgest tger reserve, n theNa llamala forest.

  • 7/28/2019 States of India (Gnv64)


    H/s aHich man woking

    n HITECH ciy!

    Wy s Kucpud cnsddAnda ads's f wld?

    uchpud s a classical danceform from Andhra Pradesh. t isknown for its g racefu l movementsstrong narrative and dramaticcharacter. he credt for the exstng dance form of uchpud goesto iddhendra Yogi he style s alend offolk and classica dance.

    uchipud dance drama has aperfect lend of rhythm mime andpure dance. hs art form has somevery comp icated tems of origna lfootwork such as tracng out anoutne ofa lon or an elephant withthe feet on the foor or dancng

    wth the feet on the edges of a c ircular rass tray or with a water pot

    HE HIEC sands f Hyda

    bad Infan cnly Ennn Cnsulancy Cy. I s las n-fan cnly pakn nda, and s wld

    class, safa I nfasucu und nf. s spad v 1 51

    delicately and precariousyalanced on the head.

    uch pudi flourished as a

    dramatc form of dance forKcp

  • 7/28/2019 States of India (Gnv64)



    aces land in te sububs Hydeabad. is tecnl-y twnsi as made Hy-deabad and Andaades ne te mst im

    ant centes te in-matin tecnly in-dusty in te wld.

    hdreds o years t was held ih igh esteem y the rlers o theDecca ad is today cosid-ered to e Adhra Pradeshs gitto the wo arts.

    Wow! Ths Guinnssbook s ddicad o

    Andha Padsh

    Wy is Anda ades

    called te state uinnessecds?dhra Pradesh has wo

    iess records i may iedsIt has dias largest ad Asiassecod largest road cm raiwayridge at Rajahmdry ad thestate owed Road rasport

    Corporatio is the argest soperator i the world I ciemait holds the record or the argestilm prodctio acility i theword while Dr rahmaadamholds the record or actig i themost mer oelg ms i

    the role o a comedia.D. Ramaaid is isted as themost prolic prodcer whie2800 chipdi dacers perormed chipdi to create a-otheriess record Recetya hge 7g 'Iadd prepared

    or the recet aesh estiva i Adhra Pradesh also eteredthe iess word records


  • 7/28/2019 States of India (Gnv64)


    Wy is Aacal

    as call a f Hialayaais?

    rnachal Padeshmeans land of thedawnlt montansn anskrt. Mch ofArnachal Padesh iscoveed y the Hmalayas Howeve partsof Loht Chang langand rap are coveredy the Patka hlls.angto Nyegi angsang the man

    aptal Iaaa

    Dstrcts 1 6fical Langage Elistate d a Hbil ltate Anmal ayal (Mi)tate Flower Fxai l Oci

    oichen peak and the Eastern ochen

    peak are some of the hghest peaks inths egon of the H malayasAt the lowest elevatons yo wi ll fnd

    semevergreen forests Mch of thestate conssts of Eastern Himalayanoadleafforests. owards the northernorderwth Ch ina wth increasng elevaton comes a mixtre of Eastern andNortheasten Himalayan salpneconfer forests followed y EasternHi malayan al pne sh and meadowsina l ly thee i s jst rock and ce on thehighest peaks.

    ucl Pes

    Te cpe

  • 7/28/2019 States of India (Gnv64)


    Ig pl fucl Pe

    y s sy

    aa as sa ys a s?

    he histoy o ArnachaPradesh is rich i n myths and leg-ends. he and is mentioned in theliteratre o Kalika Prana andMahaharata. his pace is the

    Prah Montains o Pranas Itwas herethatthesage Parash ramatoned or h i s sins and th