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Celeb Cook-inDeepika PadukoneActorMY FAVOURITE DISH I "I can't resist South Indian cuisine, particularly what is prepared at home. My mom is my favourite cook. She can cook a variety of cuisines. I savour her cooking at home and she's undoubtedly the best." I LIKE TO EAT AT I "I love to eat at CTR in Bangalore; I like their butter masala dosa, meddu vada and Mangalore bhajji." M Y FAVOURED CUISINE I 'Thai and South Indian." M Y NON-FOOD PASSIONS I "My latest passion is skydiving. I was in Mauritius, shooting for Break Ke Baad, and I went for skydiving. It was a life-changing experience. Travelling, dancing and reading are my other pastimes." BEST MEAL I'VE EVER HAD I "All the meals I have with my family, I love to sit with my dad Prakash Padukone and enjoy my meal." MY FAVOURITE RECIPE I "Tomato rasam."(As told to Richa Barua)

Deepika Padukone's Tomato rasamINGREDIENTS I Vegetable oil: 30ml I Mustard seeds: 1 tsp I Curry leaves: 25 I Chopped tomato: 500gm I Green chillis: 2 I Red chillis (whole): 2 I /m//water: 60 ml I Salt: to taste DRY POWDER I Jeera: 25gm I Black pepper: 20 gm I Garlic: 25gm I Drinking water: 1 litre 1 Lemon wedges: 11 Jaggery: 5gm METHOD I Mix jeera, black pepper and dry garlic together and make fine powder in a blender. I Heat oil, add mustard seeds, red chilli (whole) and curry leaves and saute till mustard seeds crackle. I Add chopped tomato and saute till tomatoes are soft. Then add sliced green chillis and add water. Boil for five minutes. I Then add imli water, salt, dry powder and jaggery. Boil for two more minutes. Finish with lemon juice. Strain and serve with papadum. Chief Rakesh Sethi of Ramada Plaza, New Del serves Deepika Padukone's Tomato rasam)

Celeb Cook-inPrachi Desai ActorMY FAVOURITE DISH I "My mom is the best cook in the world and I love all the dishes prepared by her, especially paneer tikka." I LIKE TO EAT AT I "I enjoy eating at Bukhara. Its ambience is too good and the food is awesome. Whenever I visit Delhi, I make it a point to eat here. There's nothing like having comfort food it's tasty and easy to digest."M Y FAVOURED CUISINE

Angoori paneer tikkaIngredients i Cottage cheese: 300 gm I Green grapes: 100 gm i Black grapes: 100 gm i Red grapes: 100 gm I Hung curd: 50 gm i Ginger paste: Vi tsp i Garlic paste: Vi tsp I Gram flour: 30 gm I Butter: 2 tbsp i Turmeric powder: 'A tsp I Yellow chilly powder: tsp I Dhariiya powder: Vt tsp i Cream: 2 tbsp I Salt: to taste Grape chutney Grapes green, black, red: 200 gm each I Ghee: Vi tbsp I Onion seeds: Vi tsp i Lemon juice: 10 ml I Chat masala: to taste. Method Grape chutney: i Heat oil in a pan and add onion seeds and saute i Add diced grapes and cook till consistency is thick i Remove from flame and add lemon juice and chat masala. Angoori paneer tikka. I Heat butter in a pan and roast gram flour in it till light brown i Add roasted gram flour in hung curd and add all the remaining spices and cream together making a smooth mixture I Cut the cottage cheese in cylindrical shape and put slits in it i Fill the slits with prepared grape chutney and marinate in the prepared marinade I Place the paneer tikka on a skewer and roast in tanctoortill light brown from outside I Serve with "mom grape chutney and crunchy salad on the side. (Tarun Kapoor, executive sous chef, The Metropolitan Hotel, New Prachi Desai's Angoori paneer tikka)

Prachi Desai's

I "I love eating homemade food, especially Indian, because it's extremely varied. I love Gujarati food the best."M Y NON-FOOD PASSIONS

I "I enjoy dancing, travelling, singing and reading, whenever possible. I want to learn classical music."BEST MEAL I'VE EVER HAD

I "With my sister Esha and my family in Sydney. We had a blast. I also enjoy eating out in Hong Kong, my favourite destination."M Y FAVOURITE RECIPE

I "It's Angoori paneer tikka, the way my mother makes it. It's very spicy, creamy and yummy. This dish is served with grape chutney and crunchy salad." (.As told to Richa Barua) Celeb Cook-in introduces you to the lesser-known foodie hidden in our better-known faces

Celeb Cook-inGeetaniali KirloskarM Y FAVOURITE DISH I "I just can't resist Tofu Teriyaki. It's a Japanese dish." I LIKE TO EAT AT I "Harima in Bangalore and Wasabi at the Taj in Delhi, because the food is light, healthy, flavoured differently to Western and Italian food, with a sufficiently large vegetarian variety." M Y FAVOURED CUISINE I "Vegetarian Japanese food." MY NON-FOOD PASSIONS I "Mostly, outdoor sports rafting, driving expeditions, tennis and golf. I love theatre, acting and writing." BEST MEAL I'VE EVER HAD I "Japanese dinner with my husband Vikram and Kiran Majumdar Shaw. It was Diakon salad, Tempura, Soba noodles, served hot and garlic fried rice with vegetables." M Y FAVOURITE RECIPE I "Tofu Teriyaki." Celeb Cook-in introduces you to the lesser-known foodie hidden in our better-known faces

Geetanjali Kirloskar's Tofu TeriyakiINGREDIENTS I Tofu (bean curd): 100 gms I Bean sprout: 40 gms I Lettuce iceberg: 80 gms I White sesame: 2 gms. SOBA NOODLE SALAD I Soya Kikkoman: 20 ml I Plum sauce: 30 ml I Soba noodles: 60 gms I Carrot Julienne: 10 gms I Lime juice: 20 gms I Salt: 5 gms I Sesame oil: 10 ml I Chopped green onions: 5 gms TERIYAKI SAUCE I Brown sugar: 120 gms i Soya Kikkoman: 100 ml I Garlic (chopped): 5 gms I Mirin: 10 ml METHOD I Cut the stem of the iceberg lettuce. I Remove a leaf of the iceberg lettuce to form a cup. I Slice the tofu and marinate with teriyaki sauce and grill for 23 minutes. I Set aside for one minute. I Cut the tofu in small dices, place the beans sprout on the base of the lettuce cup and top it up with the tofu mix. I Serve the soba noodle salad with the lettuce wrap. TERIYAKI SAUCE I On a sauce pan, put brown sugar, Kikkoman soy sauce, Mirin and garlic, l Cook this over medium heat, stir continuously, allow the sugar to dissolve. I Do this until it forms a sauce-like consistency. SOBA NOODLE SALAD I In a pan, bring 3 quarter water to a boil. I Add soba noodles and cook for 5 to 6 minutes. I Drain noodles and rinse under cold running water. I To prepare dressing, add Kikkoman soy sauce, sesame oil, lime juice, plum sauce and salt and blend until it emulsifies. I Dress the soba noodles and blend with half the dressin. I Refrigerate the noodles for 15 minutes. I Before serving, add reserved dressing to the noodles, mix well. I Sprinkle salad with chop green onions and julienne carrots. " >

(Chef Jai Ram of The Westin Mumbai Garden City, serves Geetanjali Kirloskar's Tofu Teriya,

Celeb Cook-inActor/TV presenterM Y FAVOURITE DISH "Dimsum. I love Chinese cuisine and the dimsum is an ideal healthy, tasty dish that I can have anytime." I LIKE TO EAT AT " I love eating at Royal China, Cellinis and Pali Village Cafe."M Y FAVOURED CUISINE "I

Roshini Chopra'sIngredients I Burrito roti (Well cooked): 60 gms I Capsicum (sliced): 15 gms I Mexican rice (from Baine Marie): 60 gms I Pepper red (sliced): 15 gms I Pepper yellow (sliced): 15 gms I Zuccini (half moon): 20 gms I Squash (half moon): 20 gms I Garlic (chopped): 3 gms I Onion (sliced): 20 gms I Cottage cheese (in rectangles): 100 gms I Fajita seasoning: 3 gms I Oil: 50 gms I Monterey Jack cheese (shredded): 30 gms I Enchilada sauce: 50 ml I Queso sauce: 50 ml I Chipotle base: 30 ml. Method ! Heat oil. Add onion and cook until translucent. I Season with garlic, cumin, salt and pepper. I Stir in the chilies and black beans until well blended. Turn off heat, but keep warm. I In a saucepan, combine the chili, salsa and enchilada sauce. I Mix well and cook over medium heat until heated through. Turn off heat and keep warm. I Place a warmed tortilla on a plate and spoon a generous portion of the sour cream, Mexican rice, dices of cottage cheese and bean mixture onto the centre. Top with lettuce and tomato. I Roll up tortilla over the filling. Repeat for remaining tortillas and filling. I Spoon a generous amount of Queso cheese sauce and enchillada sauce over the wrap.

Roshini Chopra


like Chinese and Mexican. I'm fond of spicy food and therefore love all SouthEast Asian cuisines too."M Y NON-FOOD PASSIONS

"Cinema, travel and definitely fashion."BEST MEAL I ' V E EVER HAD 1 "I h a d

my best meal in New York at a restaurant called Buddakan with my friends. The decor was sublime and the food was to die for."M Y FAVOURITE RECIPE

"A Mexican dish called (As told to Ravneet Kaur)


Celeb Cook-in introduces you to the lesser-known foodie hidden in our better-known faces

Celeb Cook-inTanushree DuttaMY FAVOURITE DISH I "I can't resist spicy chilly chicken. I enjoy it with both fried rice and noodles. But when I'm very hungry, I relish it as a starter too." I LIKE TO EAT AT I "I hardly get disappointed with Chinese restaurants, I love China Gate in Bandra. I'm rather choosy about other cuisines as I have to be careful about the spices they use." BEST MEAL I'VE EVER HAD I "It would have to be the fusion Japanese sushi I had on a recent trip to the US. It was splendid 1 and since I am a Bengali, I anyway love / fish, but this was really done well." j M Y FAVOURED CUISINE I "Currently, it's I Chinese, because it's light, unlike Indian j food which makes you feel stuffed." MY NON-FOOD PASSIONS I "I can't stop shopping. I really feel good after a shopping spree. But mostly I love shopping in London or New York." f M Y FAVOURITE RECIPE I "Fish curry. (As told to Ravneet Kaur)

Tanushree's Fish CurryINGREDIENTS I Fish (washed and sliced): 250 gms I Coriander leaves (chopped): 1 cup I Tomatoes (finely chopped): 2 I Garlic: 8 cloves I Green chillies (chopped): 2 I Methi seeds: 1 tsp I Coriander powder: 1 tsp I Turmeric powder: a pinch I Salt to taste I Oil as required. METHOD I Marinate the fish in salt and turmeric powder for 15 minutes. I Shallow fry the