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  • 7/27/2019 Chess Sets (Gnv64)




  • 7/27/2019 Chess Sets (Gnv64)


    he Set

    N n ch hitory che; more h been witten o it thnny othe gme Curiouy, howeve, ttleh been witen bot chepece hipouely trted volme expore theevolto evelopmet o the "tool ohe gret gme rom the h thgh thewenteth centy F Lne Ghm, A-itnt Curto, Deprent o rchite

    te nd Deign o he Mueum o MoernAt, povde hoy o che through hcion o he egn d meg o thepece n hu peet ctng u-ject om new vntge poit O pt-r ieret the ection on the more impont mdern et, whch peent Mr.Grhm' vew ht coempoy degnoe ew eiy o the ncien nd re

    vered gme

    Seleced chepeceby M Ernt rom e deigned n Clockwie Kgh Bihop w Quee

    Colleon Wllim N Copey

  • 7/27/2019 Chess Sets (Gnv64)


  • 7/27/2019 Chess Sets (Gnv64)


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  • 7/27/2019 Chess Sets (Gnv64)


  • 7/27/2019 Chess Sets (Gnv64)


    JJwd Stunton (?;'.Dig fo "The Suto Cm

    1839 , la a llo aolo n Repdud by kind p'rmis-io oqs S Ltd doPg 6: Arbic bd o

    Idi mod Kig Shah , hcnury. Ivory, i ig btd Mdll Pi

    rt B b Graam

    A h vd a o h bookm b rrdd ramttd

    n om o m, o omhnil nln t

    odi o y y omtio t

    d m ihou o

    i it m he blih

    b o Cg Cog Cd Num

    b 68-427

    Publihed mo n Cd b

    h on P ooto

    te ted o m

  • 7/27/2019 Chess Sets (Gnv64)


    T histy w an imeaurable ot th wrk fH.J. R I1uay h numtal Histo fChej of 193 ean a

    hriaie study. F a thugh xamnat I pc h, pubih 960) am Hans and Sgd \Vicm. F dcungpaia hitril quis "-ih , I am gatehl t Viia Cpl, Duchap Ho\vz A. E Jun L adhl \Vilkn th xn tat I hav d t pa h dpmC set hin bd p f: \ a spca t Po C Va K nd y Shpi

    hp nating aeia this bk w k t tn Afrd H.Har J., By J Ky L 1cShc Dhy :lle, Ldwg(a 'iia S. Rui, and Jams Thrall b nd h \ dt ma b tudd nd rdd b Dnn Tctrpia !uun A) oral us d ur Riai } Tm ai at f t [u C RrdT Th m d d J Uivy v pricarlyelu

    ] ud hak Ge C, J -a ad pcilly Stan Rs for eir phtg patnce, andp B D g h k und d rte.

    a, I od lik xp y gtd to ldrd Cati d he bk Vs .vh irle etl sssanc a made bk ssibe Jh K p h :ertary, ad Finb m secetayr tr u d gd piit, Rbr fur his na ncuag am, ad Rsy drtand \f

    l T N isais h ng dmnn highth l i i t pcu all Kin. The dna pi he ndd rv Ki (K) uen (Q) Bh BKng (Kt) Castl Rk ) Paw P . he a i ud rathrhan Rk ba;e h eng Rk s uceai t as

    unn t a and ag s nn t t as , mld edal Epa

    F. L. Jun '968

  • 7/27/2019 Chess Sets (Gnv64)


  • 7/27/2019 Chess Sets (Gnv64)




    P Orgn of the Game

    Pers Ab

    I AR

    Nurlim and Abstaction

    r rpe:

    9 P V

    Romnque turaim

    ohic /urlm


    Lt rpe:

    Q "

    ensne eolution

    Rooo Dolutio

    }eo-Caic etoration

    ee CnuyDd ad Hedy Ojc

    Surelm ad rration mge

    Bauhu ad Funtionl orm HAR Coeee Bblogphy

  • 7/27/2019 Chess Sets (Gnv64)


  • 7/27/2019 Chess Sets (Gnv64)


    S S A A T I a o p For re than a thusand as isunqu quliti hae b r

    ully atati t mnd ht enjy h

    plau ofabstrc ougt.No ot s o long and ic T fh" l bid

    th m nie Asia Th pie-' Arban the tadu frm h bo he Surrls-cld l lby llminaed arp ri and ainti tht h uhs as a m uld ll a mseu In on rm or anoth i laydi eve couy n erth

    : a n 'tn abou all ohe as Ho"'-ever r ltl en h s

  • 7/27/2019 Chess Sets (Gnv64)


    K K Q C, 8 B n g GaeN Nr

  • 7/27/2019 Chess Sets (Gnv64)


    Or(g f

    A ldr han d hi 'r h huandyear ag, )eJithc cultres plyed gms n a surac dlned y qre A h urd amin oads nd ece ptian mbsa l s dyi prod ( H,C.) Th fms t ancenpling piece a rikng rcsmul Lo actul cspiccc tha dcveed many nr lat. One fo te Eighnh Dnty tomb

    Que Hapsu 5'75 udes ot oly sipl astatece i ern Pawn, pi

  • 7/27/2019 Chess Sets (Gnv64)



    f h th h h cuy Awg ugh h ha p, y s h o h ug h p h h

    p h h cuy

    Persian (Nhapu): To , K ; Mddl C B m Q Q. Ealy 9 cu Iv tad g gh h 1etpa e f A Nw Yk xavat he u 937-8 Rge Fu

  • 7/27/2019 Chess Sets (Gnv64)


    / N dg th n f King Kusau 1537). By t ly snth cntuy, \h h Prin rmanc aswritt) he gm hd becme s ppl nd hl gded tat te authcld list ss s on of t ccomplsment of rdsh, th rd-enuryfond Sasnin !onarcy.

    csspics sure from e rs tW or thr f t gme.

    et, p-fsli l lerry desctins ad ptuslm formal caracts dic ht th ey Indn d n st r ptrial t

    t ge pentn n th pic. O kIo\vn pie,n dbly v y Kg (Fg 1 2) ur sugg w a m k T cha I B o Aab ISpJ h csed sr cnv as t nt oJd dae. s mdern utoitie l it ben t gth nd hs cncn ld, in my e he lde piece in stenc.

    h Ab did nt play ss n te m fMammd e Propet (5706:2. Hut aftr t uslm cnqest f eri 86 J ches pd quckly.Vitn a undd ears Aa ere ply ptcl :Jo" f clh r lt thoght thir odnary mpi

    xn from he es: COer Spn t t souts conr o te

    Inus lley. thncl d pe er e, \ m Eope "s

    ) vlope drng" the hight of slm uure-te led Goden Abc c s 0 m m c jo (786-89), rtayed as a e pye i n T Rardss

    th amn of peti distoon tt dvlpd tn t nnt entury ade tnth, we he bk' pesn d it s know hat plye In R02 Empr Ncpu seded mps Irn t Bzntn rone and o to Harun; . th Emprs o wh I ha

  • 7/27/2019 Chess Sets (Gnv64)



    dd ma yo of e rank ofthe Ro, d tid slf of t rnk f h a\ . "

    T sls d p he d Eat dned cosly h te gm.Kely h imilait b d l, hi s

    gu mn fm gne ym T throgh OSl mo pa i iu ces-Fzd' ri uaa [ro e Khyam (d. 123):

    ' a Chquad oKghts Dysv Dey ih f' Pie ply

    Hthr d thhr mvs ad mat ad slys,

    A b oe bck n C ay.\"hl e As r vlping e f he g h asw

    dvloping he dg f . T dg te ihid f Pes dInd in e th nur 'cr turalitc. T Ml relig,hwvr prhid makg t g. Th 1an, igxe fn e, dvld a alraiv. Thy sgd thirhpce bt

    ga n a h ve u f li o p that eain n ugio i. O o the eals hi quasa l a i Grm Naialmm Nuremberg (i T Chari (o Cate) h a rctangulruli splad pnnal A aalzd y a Vma hrm dvd fa pro vc nui ar h paclta h pmi pt a pr vc-h had d ad e o. Te H nw K n j ne outl uls pe Elhat ow Bip a ded petin-s rd i t ht hy aml hup

    Bu h Epn uarthd y Cha K \V aN5ap Fg

    ),ad hr ooary pic po o a \ukd protp.h m omplx m ohe Shah n Kig ad th Vzir (now Qun)

    ar p h tp o pie lad i Fus ad O opof th d h mC pt d th mcce rmr hod h i a bnk di oh rnal dr

    h h t Arai he dsn i dv f nurlm. Comtl

    rd o lah e o c h Occdn hav dic

  • 7/27/2019 Chess Sets (Gnv64)


    falyn; C, Kt B Q ! C 19th hg. FHrbeso, -Phidlp.

    dstinguhgo oaoth The priipls wch atnignaly Na ba ale nknow. Dnl . Lddll ued at theigh o h pic my ha n te lng f k f animal r'snd. Hwvr, his th!'y n bn stan Th rvng xamp of th yp n n he uslim i r ie foih m e o h ry evh -

    y (F 6) ee ie a agnd ha y e no b dd.e n t t\:o ALc yl xtly vipad So

    r th dvd, bt sty amnal d Eean dh hgh e eed g I tt

    Ih uic \ kn y Ee. Kh-u

    lpl cd b rnd n l l a apa a n g 7)Pm (g 8 an lay F

  • 7/27/2019 Chess Sets (Gnv64)


  • 7/27/2019 Chess Sets (Gnv64)


  • 7/27/2019 Chess Sets (Gnv64)



    Page L 9 Nirjan

    ru rovc):

    \P, Kt C, B. Eary

    20th ury. \Viled mba wood, on sid gd, 7 hgh pl1um [ A Nw York G f t Pfeir, I941 Th bor otd t ht be ted down.A'c: 'fla (Sl J{um of Ah

  • 7/27/2019 Chess Sets (Gnv64)



    T ibsr s s rk r s aditi its s istg ii b s i riit siisi sk. Th jis t t-y g

    s g Qu g 9 xsis i is i r is gs 4). Csirg i-p ris sgs P ariual Kig r ls rigi

    t t si r s xrir srtis r t r

    b Kgs r Yk sks r Lik rs \ rrr si g si

    turs Fig s sks ig xr ri li f t quaiasat ih i. Ti sis f is r xssiss s q b

    sisi bsr sgrs.


  • 7/27/2019 Chess Sets (Gnv64)


  • 7/27/2019 Chess Sets (Gnv64)


    E E

    M RM QR In rt quarter o theigt cenury, tey pesumably boh s it te Smetim latr,trn Euopens tk u h gme, ing Aab omtuTc, ul pblem bok What s not knon \v "Vt Cem adpths hahn

    e pts f th l Mde e w qite cet tha Caege(742-814 playd s Ti ,pics ac ll ViUI i A mr cis ln as taCalmag fe Kng Pepi e 7568J don ayal et .e abe fIus yea 6 Su lnd e timpbabl paticulay vn n cidr tha Cm' nterpatin h E Eper N.pu { } "a famli ith t gae; wel ve slted s t ot Perasho. m te la san

    nniins b Crmane d Han aRahid.Vy lte liatu ofay k .res om h ihth in and tenh

    ntuie te 'Dk As" of Epe J. R Mua, tig o e exes evee md ful o this pd coludedhat:

    h ed r m oecae chcf te gam n i tehicalitebn ninl a alie ta and oay eie ha as

    The vig. of t pillgial re n t csd riusly habis hee ma hv bn fo te matc tae f h lt medieal peh were su ht hes was payd in th me o Cgn.

    r s e p ed the ben a s pyer f rcg d pay t eems iey [htEinhad {. 840) s etary nd igah d e sted such ae mpmet t d o fc.

  • 7/27/2019 Chess Sets (Gnv64)



    hoeve, does not pelude the possbiy o f chess bing nown i played

    by ohes at the tme Moeover, the is he pssility o"ae and wondoshess sets smply avng as gifs ura, or one, beeved ha the extraor