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    Model description dimensions (mm) Capacity (l)

    1561024 Splash tray 830W x 830D x 100 H 49

    Model description dimensions (mm) Capacity (l)

    1561027 Drum bib 580W x 560D x 380H 28

    dRUM BIB Catches dispensing spills when

    clipped onto the Drum Cradle

    Accepts up to 20 litre square or round drums

    100% Polyethylene construction

    Handy drain plug allows draining or recovery of spilt liquid

    SplASh TRAy A low profile, economical

    work tray to contain occasional drips and splashes

    Tough 100% polyethylene construction really stands up to rough usage

    Splash tray

    dRUMS Up Incidental spill protection,

    temporary protection from incidental barrel spill

    Takes drums up to 205 litres

    Reduces risk of injury due to slippery floor

    dRUMS Up JUnIOR Economical containment

    for 60 litre drums

    Catches liquid before it reaches the floor

    Model 3321018 Specifications

    height (mm) 180

    diameter (mm) 860

    Sump capacity (l) 74.1

    Weight (kg) 5.4

    Model 3321017 Specifications

    height (mm) 190

    diameter (mm) 540

    Sump capacity (l) 28.5

    Weight (kg) 1.8

    Drums Up Junior shown with Poly-Pail Funnel and Poly-Pail cover. Sold separately.

    See page 268 for Safepour details.

    dRUM CRAdlE 100% Polyethylene - ideal

    for corrosives

    Sloped for maximum utilisation of drum contents

    Designed to accommodate most steel or plastic 205L drums

    Rackable - locks onto standard pallet racking (850mm beam spacings)

    Clip on the DRUM BIB to create a versatile dispensing station

    Model description dimensions (mm)

    1561005 Front entry 910 x 580 x 300H

    Front entry

    Model dimensions (mm)

    A 1561022 820 x 520 x 100H

    B 6041116 Powder coated with stand

    SAFEpOUR BUnd Complements the Safepour


    Will contain the entire contents of a 25 litre drum



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    SpIll-gUARdHeavy duty fully moulded, one piece spill containment unit. Two way fork lift entry, stacks with 4 x 205 litre drums or stacked empty. Anti-tip bars moulded in.

    Available in two and four drum capacity.

    dRUM COvERSThe drum protection lid fits neatly over a standard 205 litre (44 gallon) drum, protecting top from weather corrosion. Protect raw materials in open head drums or finished chemical goods. Reusable, tough, semi-rigid polyethylene.

    Model Rim (mm) height (mm)

    6201557 600 100

    Model Type dimensions (mm) Capacity (l)

    A 8841047 4 drum 1240 x 1240 x 285H 225 L

    B 8841123 2 drum 1240 x 750 x 285H 143 L

    C 8841122 4 drum cover for outdoor use

    SpIll TRAyS And SUMpS

    Model descriptionSump



    h x W x d (mm)

    A 6521004 Spill trays - counter top spill collection 10 3 102 553 432

    B 6521009 Containment trays - for small drums and packages 52 16 89 1372 756

    C 6521002 Drum trays - catch incidental spills 80 10 206 813 813

    d 6521001 Utility trays - keep spills off the floor 5 120 1220 600

    Spill-Guard shown with optional cover for outdoor use: Model 8841122






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    SpIll COnTAInMEnT CAddyA single solution for drum handling safety, mobile dispensing capability, and in-built containment.

    Big 250 litre sump capacity with exclusive, new open view makes spill detection and clean-up easy

    Polyethylene construction provides exceptional durability and chemical resistance. One piece body eliminates leaks

    Transport 273Kg loads safely, minimising back injuries. Back kickplate makes drum tipping easy, and big rounded handles accommodate heavy work gloves for comfortable handling

    dRUM RACkSThese racking systems provide a cleaner environment and a safer working area by protecting against costly and dangerous spills. The racking system consists of the bolt together drum rack, and the spill containment tray which it stands over. In the event of a spill, the tray can easily be removed without disturbing the drum rack. Each spill tray is fitted with a removable plug for emptying.

    Model description

    A 3001249 Drum rack - 2 drum capacity

    B 3001250 Drum rack - 3 drum capacity

    C 3001251 Drum rack - 4 drum capacity

    d 3001252 Drum rack - 6 drum capacity

    Model descriptiondimensions

    W x d x h (mm)Sump

    Capacity (l)Capacity


    A 6201167 Drum management system base module 1250 x 1500 x 660 250 1364

    B 6201168 Drum management system stack module 1250 x 1170 x 310 N/A 680

    C 6201169 Dispensing shelf 500 x 480 x 420 N/A 27

    dRUM MAnAgEMEnT SySTEMModular system combines efficient drum storage, positive spill control and safe liquid dispensing.

    New double-duty design permits combination storage of 205 litre drums

    Base Module with moulded-in ribs supports loads up to a total of 1365 Kg








    Specification 6201172

    description Spill containment caddy

    dimensions W x d x h (mm) 810 x 1840 x 690

    Sump Capacity (l) 250

    Capacity (kg) 273

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    SpIll COnTROl pAllETSThese spill control pallets are moulded from UV protected polyethylene making them impervious to chemical attack from hazardous acids, caustics and solvents.

    ACCUMUlATIOn/WORk CEnTRESLow profile accumulation centres are an ideal solution to spill concerns during drum filling and dispensing operations. The 8 drum unit (Model 6201170) has a sump capacity that allows it to be used as a containment bund for storage of 205 litre drums, while the smaller units are ideal for storage of 20-60 litre containers.

    Model descriptiondimensions

    W x d x h (mm)Capacity (kg) Sump Capacity (l)

    A 6201160 2-Drum in-line pallet 1250 x 640 x 390 1134 250

    B 6201165 3-Drum in-line pallet 1850 x 640 x 290 1701 250

    C 6201166 4-Drum in-line pallet 2460 x 640 x 230 2268 250

    d 6201161 4-Drum square pallet 1250 x 1250 x 260 2268 250

    Model description dimensions W x d x h (mm) Sump Capacity (l)

    A 6201170 Hazmat accumulation centre - 8 drum 2460 x 1250 x 140 320

    B 6201171 Accumulation centre ramp 1220 x 840 x 160 N/A

    C 6201175 Accumulation centre - 6 drum 1850 x 1250 x 140 240

    d 6201174 Accumulation centre - 4 drum 1250 x 1250 x 140 162

    E 6201173 Accumulation centre - 2 drum 1250 x 640 x 140 83

    F 6201280 Accumulation centre - 1 drum 635 x 635 x 140 47








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    Model dimensions (mm)

    A 3321002 840 x 200H

    B 3321003 Metal T-handle

    SpIll SCOOTER Dispensing drums while transporting them around the plant is no longer a problem thanks to our Spill Scooter. The Spill Scooter provides secondary containment for incidental spills and drips which often occur during vertical dispensing applications. Optional TBar Handle available..

    pOly SpIllCART For transporting 205 litre drums, 20 litre pails and other materials. Poly-Spillcart eliminates the risk of spills during transport with its 240 litre maximum sump capacity. Tough polyethylene construction will not rust or corrode.

    Model dimensions (mm) Capacity (kg, l)

    3321001 1630L x 740W 220, 246

    pOlly-dOlly The Polly-Dolly transports 205 Litre drums, tilts to become an efficient self-dispensing station, and acts as its own secondary containment unit. Manufactured from long lasting polyethylene. A U-shaped barrel platform and double looped strap makes for easy loading

    Model dimensions (mm) Capacity (kg, l)

    3321005 1830 x 810 x 690H 270, 300

    Model description dimensions (mm) Capacity (kg, l)

    A 3321004 2 drum pallet 1370 x 740 x 430H 900, 220

    B 3321006 4 drum pallet 1370 x 1370 x 300H 2700, 254

    C 3321011 Drum stacker 1040 x 1240 x 510H 1090

    Poly-Slim-Line Spill Pallet

    Maintains a low profile.Protect employees and prevent costly cleanups by using secondary containment systems. Manufactured from 100% polyethylene.

    SpIll COnTROl pAllETS



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    pOly RACk SySTEM Safer dispensing and storage

    Poly-Racker forms the base and the stacker allows multiple rows for storage and dispensing

    Load using materials handling equipment

    Store up to 6 drums using this system

    SInglE pOly RACk SySTEM

    Model description dimensions (mm) Sump Capacity (l)

    A 3321012 Mini racker base module 790 x 740 x 380H 30

    B 3321013 Mini stacker module 800 x 495 x 460H -

    MInI RACkER STACkER SySTEM Ideal for storage and dispensing of small containers with built in spill protection and enclosed sump.

    Consists of the base Racker and the Stacker module

    The base Racker holds two 20-30 litre metal or plastic pails and saves liquids in enclosed sump

    Mini stacker shown with 2 drum works


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