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Spill Containment & Storage

Spill Containment & Storage

Drum Spill Pallets


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Spill Containment & Storage Introduction

Spill Containment & Storage Spill Containment & Storage Introduction30

Protect our Environment Containment and Storage SolutionsBenefits to you Improves your working environment and helps to keep your workplace clean, tidy and efficient Fulfil your environmental responsibility and comply with Pollution Prevention Guidelines Safe storage of drums and IBCs Protect the environment More and more companies throughout the UK are increasingly concerned with minimising their impact on the environment and demonstrating legal and regulatory compliance

Pollution Facts from The Environment Agency

Oil is a particularly harmful pollutant. A small amount of oil causes a large problem. 5L of oil can cover an area of water the size of two football pitches Just 1L of solvent is enough to contaminate 100,000,000L of drinking water

A spill on site could lead to huge costs for your company, if the correct measures are not taken Can you afford for your corporate image to be damaged by embarrassing fines and press headlines if a spill caused environmental damage? Is your site fully covered and protected from the risk of spills?

Important Regulations & Pollution Prevention Guidelines

The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) Regulations 2001 and The Water Environment (Oil Storage) Regulations 2006, require that secondary containment, such as a bund or drip tray must be provided to catch any leaks and spillages from drums, IBCs and storage tanks. These apply to all premises storing more than 200L on site As set out by the Environment Agency for England and Wales, the Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG 26) for storing and handling of drums and IBCs, defines the requirements that secondary containment must achieve: The secondary containment must be sufficient to contain at least 110% of the maximum contents of an oil tank, mobile bowser, IBC or drum greater than 200L. Drip trays must be able to hold at least 25% of the drum volume Where more than one container is stored, the secondary containment should have the capacity of storing 110% of the largest container or 25% of the total volume of the containers being stored, whichever is greater The Environment Agency is responsible for enforcing these regulations. Refer to the PPG regulations for full details

Poor storage of oils, chemicals and other materials represents a major risk to the environment A wide variety of potentially polluting liquids are routinely distributed, stored or collected in 210L drums and 1,000L IBC's Accidental leakage or spillages can lead to the pollution of the ground (soil) and the waterways (streams, rivers, lakes, canals, docks etc). In most cases, such incidents can be prevented if appropriate measures are taken at an early stage

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Bunded Drum Storage Workfloors

Spill Containment & Storage Spill Containment & Storage


Bunded Drum Storage Workfloors

Bunded Poly Workfloorsfeatures: Moulded polyethylene workfloors for internal storage of 210L drums Ideal for use as a static spill containment area or as an internal liquid dispensing area Use as a quarantine area for leaking containers or a machine part cleaning area Units can be joined together using joining strips and connectors to provide workfloors as large as required Strong and durable platform, which is removable for easy cleaning Slip resistant surface on ramp and platforms for safe use Heavy duty access ramp locks onto workfloor with integrated locating pins and user friendly gradient for easy loading Simple and easy to connect and join together to create a large workfloorcode PB7630 PB7631 PB7632 PB7633 PB7634 PB7635 PB7636 description 2 x 205L Drum Workfloor 4 x 205L Drum Workfloor 4 x 205L Drum (In-Line) Workfloor Ramp for Poly Workfloor Workfloor Connector Strip Long Workfloor Connector Strip Short Workfloor Connector Cross Piece size (w x d x h) mm 1600 x 800 x 150 1600 x 1600 x 150 2490 x 860 x 150 810 x 1290 x 180 1557 (Length) 757 (Length) 80mm Dia capacity 120L 240L 300L n/a n/a n/a n/a

PB7630 2-Drum PB7631 4-Drum

PB7633 Ramp PB7632 4-Drum In-Line

Is this your current method of drum storage...?

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Poly Drum Spill Pallets

Spill Containment & Storage Poly Drum Spill Pallets32

210L Drum Spill Palletsfeatures: Approved for storage of 210L drums to help your company comply with current storage regulations Help to improve your housekeeping on site Wide range available; spill pallets for 1 to 8 drum capacity Very tough and durable products made of polyethylene Corrosion free, suitable for use with most liquids Compatible with most forklifts and pallet trucks; easy to move around site Removable grating for easy cleaning and inspection of sumpscode PB7620 PB7621 PB7622 PB7623 PB7624 description 1 x 210L Drum Spill Pallet 2 x 210L Drum Spill Pallet 4 x 210L Drum Spill Pallet 4 x 210L Drum Spill Pallet 8 x 210L Drum Spill Pallet size (w x d x h) mm 900 x 700 x 525 1300 x 7500 x 440 1380 x 1290 x 280 1380 x 1290 x 480 2560 x 1350 x 510 capacity 225L 250L 250L 485L 1100L


All Weather Coverfeatures: Keep your drums dry and protected outdoors Helps prevent bunds from filling with water Strong steel frame and waterproof polythene cover Quick and simple to erect Easy to keep cleancode PB7626 description 4 x 210L Drum Spill Pallet c/w All Weather Cover & Frame size (w x d x h) mm 1415 x 1310 x 2070 capacity 410L


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Drum Bunding

Spill Containment & Storage Drum Bunding

Bunded Hardcover Drum Storage Unitfeatures: Rigid, double walled, chemical resistant and weather-tight polyethylene hardcover Ideal for outdoor storage of 210L chemical and oil drums Tall headspace easily accommodates rotary pump equipment and conical funnels Roll-top door design allows for use in limited space or next to buildings where swing doors would be a problem Can be padlocked shut to secure goods Forkliftable from both sides, whilst empty Large internal record/data storage pockets 2-drum and 4-drum options

Drum Dispensing Bund and Stacking Rackfeatures: Ideal for easy and safe storage of 210L drums Maximise floor space by stacking 4 steel drums horizontally Dispense from all four drums at any time simple and convenient Any leak or drips will be fully contained in the large integral sump Made from strong and durable polyethylene Easy to position with forklift truck

code PB7661

description 4 Drum Hardcover Unit

size (w x d x h) mm capacity 1565 x 995 x 2110 1565 x 1620 x 2110 250L 250L

code PB7651

description Poly Cradle Stacker

size (w x d x h) mm capacity 1375 x 1350 x 635 1375 x 940 x 390 450L n/a

PB7660 2 Drum Hardcover Unit

PB7650 Poly Dispensing Bund

Simple & Safe Three Stage Operation


Spill Prevention Pallet Convertorfeatures: Quickly transforms a standard wooden pallet into a safely bunded pallet Simply place the pallet convertor over an existing pallet and it is ready to use With a unique, compressible front which allows drums on a pallet to be lowered in by a forklift Lightweight and easy to clean and handle. Resistant to most chemicals Made from strong and durable polyethylene 2 and 4 drum versions availablecode PB7640 PB7641 description 2 x 210L Drum Pallet Convertor 4 x 210L Drum Pallet Convertor size (w x d x h) mm 1500 x 1100 x 440 1500 x 1300 x 440 capacity 270L 330L



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Portable Spill Pallets

Spill Containment & Storage Portable Spill Pallets34

Portable Snap-up Spill Palletfeatures: Lightweight, portable spill pallet to help prevent spills in temporary or remote locations Unique snap-up support stays, create a sturdy sidewall when opened Made of yellow vinyl-coated polyester high durability and visibility Resistant to fuels, chemicals and corrosive liquids Folds up for compact storage and easy transport Snap-up foam version also available. Snap-up, end sidewalls made of foam, allow for continual drive-in and drive-out of vehicles quickly and easily. Ideal for maintenance of vehicles, machinery and tankers. POAcode PB7711 description size (w x d x h) mm capacity

Portable Spill Deckingfeatures: A very cost effective solution for temporary storage of hazardous materials Provides


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