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  • For nearly thirty years, SPC has helped businesses guard

    against the leaks, drips and spills that create safety and

    environmental hazards in the workplace. By developing

    and offering spill containment solutions, SPC now delivers a greater level of protection

    continuing to keep your employees safe while making

    the world a cleaner place.

    Spill Containmentsolutions from spc

    Standard lip and grate heights allowing uninhibited movement between units.

    interchangeable grates with large openings for reaching your hand through the grate, easy leak detection and liquid removal.

    Use your forklift or pallet jack to easily re-locate your decks and pallets.

    SPCs first generation of spill containment products are designed with your efficiency in mind keeping your employees and work environment safe from unexpected drum spills or leaks.

    Solid, injection-molded construction for exceptional durability and

    consistent specifications

    Grate pins prevent the walls from bulging prolonging the life of the spill deck or pallet

    nestable for more efficient storage and shipping

  • spill DeCkS

    spill palletS

    With their 21-gallon capacity, these low profile, two-drum spill decks are a cost effective means for containing potentially hazardous leaks in your drum storage and dispensing areas. Each modular deck has built in clips to easily and safely connect multiple decks to create a customized drum storage platform.

    Built-in clips to increase the length or width of your spill

    decks no tools or additional purchases required!

    Minimize stock space and increase your transportation efficiency with Nestable decks.

    Whether you are looking to comply with governmental secondary containment regulations or just want the security of knowing your facility is protected, SPC spill pallets offer ample capacity. Available in both a two-drum and four-drum configuration, the pallets offer up to 128 gallons of containment double the capacity of most four-drum spill pallets on the market!

    Optional ramp works with both the two-drum and four

    drum spill pallets.

    Item # Size Sump Load

    SC-SD2 26 wide x 52 long x 6 high 21.2 Gal. 2,500 lbs.

    SC-DK Sump Drain Kit - Shares capacity across multiple units Item # Size Sump Load

    SC-DP2 26 wide x 52 long x 17 high 68.7 Gal. 2,500 lbs.

    SC-DP4 52 wide x 52 long x 17 high 128.9 Gal. 5,000 lbs.

    SC-DPR Spill Pallet Ramp


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