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  1. 1. Why Calls Are Better Than Clicks
  2. 2. About Speaker McKay Allen, Director of Content and Communications Former News Anchor and Reporter Speaker at ClickZ Live, SES, LeadsCon, Content Marketing Conference, etc.
  3. 3. About Convirza Changed name from LogMyCalls to Convirza in May 2015 Recently acquired call tracking division of CallSource Headquartered in Salt Lake City Call Marketing Optimization Attribution (call tracking) Analytics (Conversation Analysis) Automation (rules-based automation and integrations)
  4. 4. The Dashboard
  5. 5. Importance of Calls
  6. 6. More Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan. This presents a tremendous opportunity for marketers to reach people throughout all the new touch points of a consumers path to purchase.
  7. 7. Calls Have a Higher Revenue Value Our data shows that people call when they make larger revenue decisions. People who spend money--- big money-- make phone calls.
  8. 8. Calls are lower in the sales funnel than web leads.
  9. 9. The Path to a Purchase When it comes to mobile leads, the time between the initial awareness stage and the action stage is significantly shortened. Instead of weeks or months, from the time of discovery to making a purchase, calls are often made within minutes of viewing an ad or landing page. Phone calls are one of the fastest and straightforward paths toward a conversion.
  10. 10. Conversions 31% of calls convert to revenue within 3 months, compared to only 2% of web leads. So, obviously you need far fewer phone calls converting at 31% to produce the revenue equal to form-fills converting at 2%. A lower volume of calls will produce the same revenue as far more web leads.
  11. 11. 86% of businesses say calls are the best leads they receive.
  12. 12. Data from Calls
  13. 13. The Call Tracking Advantage With call tracking, you can pinpoint the precise campaigns, ad groups and keywords that are generating phone calls. This type of information can transform marketing results.
  14. 14. Call tracking tells us what happened BEFORE the phone rings. Conversation Analytics fills in the gaps.
  15. 15. Tapping Into the Conversation With Conversation Analytics, you can access an even deeper layer of data that is extracted during the actual phone call. This data offers critical insight into lead quality and sales performance. By implementing this feature businesses can analyze the content of their inbound phone calls in near real-time.
  16. 16. Calls with a Lead Quality Score over 80 convert to revenue 98% of the time. In an analysis of 116,000 calls across all clients in the month of April 2015, we saw the following correlation:
  17. 17. Conversion: Appointment Set, Sale Made, Reservation Made, Commitment to Buy
  18. 18. Auditing and Service
  19. 19. Ex: Home Services Customization All Conversions Identify Billable Calls Continuing process People determine accuracy of our algorithms Customization (All Conversions) 30 Conversions (Humans) - 23 Accurately Labeled - 7 Inaccurately Labeled 77% Accuracy
  20. 20. Ex: Home Services Customization All Conversions - 23 Accurately Labeled - 7 Inaccurately Labeled - 4 Simple Objective Algorithm Changes (Strong) - For your safety we do send picture of the | your technician - We will call you thirty minutes ahead of time - We will give you a courtesy call when the technician will become available - We'll give you a courtesy calls for so you know we're on our way - 3 More Subjective Algorithm Changes (Weak) Will test in the system. - So I just need to be here between three and five yes sir (Do you consider this Converted) - Someone needs to be at the home (same as above) - We'll give you a call when he becomes available (If the Customer's not available, would this mean it didn't convert) 90%+ Accuracy
  21. 21. Ex: Home Services Customization Missed Opportunity Call-back campaign Continuing process People determine accuracy of our algorithms Customization (Missed Opportunities) - 32 Calls (Humans) - 20 Accurately Labeled - 12 Inaccurately Labeled 63% Accuracy
  22. 22. Ex: Home Services Customization Missed Opportunity - 10 inaccurately labeled - 2 fixed in an audit of another client - 5 algorithm changes made that would have correctly IDed the call - 3 unable to fix anything that would have changed the outcome (i.e. transcription errors due to speech, accent, or garbled voice, etc) 19282310 = I can get any plans triggered instead of Yeah i can do eight to ten 20254273 = We can get somebody else they're between nine hours before to fix triggered instead of We can get somebody out there between the hours of four to six 19921890 = We can't get somebody out to you this afternoon triggered instead of We can get somebody out to you this afternoon Updated Results - 28 Accurately Labeled - 3 Inaccurately Labeled 92% Accuracy
  23. 23. Some of your best customers will connect through a phone call. Get ready to meet them when they do
  24. 24. Thanks! Call me at (385) 695-3249 or email me at