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Validating link sources

SEMrush & links Simple idea: Google ranks a website = links have value.

Google doesn't rank a site = no value to those links. SEMrush = qualifier for rankings.

Link analysis tools dont track rankings (typically), therefore their metrics can be misleading.



Correlations between Majestic & SEMrush are there, but loose


There is a huge disparity between the number of keywords a site ranks for and its majestic trust flow.

Majestic/ (link)

SEMrush/ (Link)

Best backlink analysis: DataGrabber

Referring domains over keywords

Outcome: identify sites worth approaching (Link)Source file

Import into Buzzstream: custom mapping (link)

Buzzstream (link)

Insight & Analysis

Casino. Ref Domain < TF15 / Maj TF / Organic cost of traffic.

Key: Blue is Referring Domains with a TF above 15 / Grey is trustflow / Black line is No. of keywords ranked.Source Data (excel 14mb)

Majestic Million / iGaming Correlation tables.

SEMrush. No. of keywords

SEMrush. Value/Cost of keywordsSEMrush. Traffic from keywords Core insights My main take: When Google trusts a domain, they will rank it across anything the site is optimised for, almost irrespective of topic. Links seem to be a driver, but not as much as I had previously thought.Casino seems to be a links game with 71.1% Maj TF and 70.9% Maj CF correlation on number of keywords rankedThe more money in a sector, the better the link correlations. For the rest of the internet, correlations with links is far lower for value and traffic volumes, but not for number of keywords.

But...what about sites which aren't getting expected volumes/ quality of links and rank really well?

Do social shares get rankings?

Correlation tables on social shares. (Excel Link)Based on this data, it seems links get you rankings and a social shares are indicative of the link-ability of a page. So if you're writing content, you could say that a great KPI for linkable content is getting more shares. Once you have those shares, you can get out and acquire links for those pages.

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Who is my competition?

Competition Analysis (Excel Link)

Being able to analyse competition for a particular keyword landscape quickly

Who is spending?

Mortgages (Excel Link)90 DataGrabber also queries SEMrush pay per click data. It behaves much like organic research data acquisition.For this table :picked some key phrasesidentified top ranking domainslooked at the top paid key phrases per domainfiltered out everything except keyword mortgagessorted by cost per click

Wrapping upData science: key is to understand what questions to ask and have the data you need, organised in the right way, to give you actionable answers.