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  • 1. Earths Atmosphere
    Chapter 1: Section 1

2. Importance of the Atmosphere
Earths atmosphere is a thin layer of air that forms a protective covering around the planet.
If Earth had no atmosphere, then days would be extremely hot and nights would be extremely cold.
3. Importance of the Atmosphere
Earths atmosphere maintains a balance between the amount of heat absorbed from the Sun and the amount of heat that escapes back into space.
Heat absorbed from Sun
Heat escaped from Earth
4. Importance of the Atmosphere
Earths atmosphere also protects us from the Suns harmful rays.
5. Makeup of the Atmosphere
Earths atmosphere is a mixture of gases, solids, and liquids that surrounds the planet.
It extends from Earths surface into outer space.
Gases Nitrogen (78%), Oxygen (21%), Other Gases (1%)
Solids Dust (wind picks up from ground), Salt (ocean spray), Pollen (plants)
Liquid Droplets (water and volcanic materials)
6. Layers of the Atmosphere
There are five layers of the atmosphere.
The lower layers include the troposphere and stratosphere.
The upper atmospheric layers include the mesosphere, thermosphere, and exosphere.
7. The Lower Layers - Troposphere
We live within the troposphere.It is the lowest layer of the atmosphere.
It contains 99% of the water vapor and 75% of the atmospheric gases.
Rain, snow, and clouds occur in the troposphere.
8. The Lower Layers - Stratosphere
The stratosphere extends from about 10km above the Earths surface to 50 km.
Contains the ozone layer, which protects us from the Suns harmful rays.
9. The Upper Layers - Mesosphere
Extends from the top of the stratosphere to 85km above Earth.
Shooting stars are meteors in the mesosphere.
The frigid temperatures in the upper mesosphere create noctilucent clouds clouds of ice crystals.
10. The Upper Layers - Thermosphere
Named for its high temperatures.
Its the thickest atmospheric layer and is found between 85km and 500km above Earths surface.
Auroras occur in the thermosphere.
11. The Upper Layers - Ionosphere
Within the mesosphere and thermosphere is a layer of electronically charged particles called the ionosphere.
It allows radio waves to travel across the country to another city.
12. The Upper Layers - Exosphere
The outer most layer of the atmosphere.
Space shuttles and satellites orbit the Earth in the exosphere.
13. 14. Gravity
15. Temperature in Atmospheric Layers
16. 17. The Ozone Layer
18. Ozone Destruction